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The lesser of two evils OR the better of two goods.

It's up to us.

The Republicans, via TARP, and other show-your- true-color behaviors during the waning moments of the George W. Bush Presidency, have proven that the Republican and Democratic Parties are an offer to the voter of "the lesser of two evils" with these two main Parties taking turns being lesser.

Consequently, we need a 4th Political Party in this Country right now.

This Party should be called The Capitalists and then along with the other 3rd Party, The Libertarians, voters can be offered "the better of two goods" with The Capitalists and The Libertarians taking turns being better.

Since neither humans nor gods are gods--humans are not because they are not omniscient, not omnipotent and not omnipresent and gods aren't either because they are not--no political party can guarantee they can eradicate evil. They can only do a better job of promoting the good and separating the good from the evil so that the evil does not have a (party) platform to cling to.

The Capitalists can be, and my prediction is, will be, made up of two main factions: The 100% lfc (laissez-faire capitalist) faction and the 100% ofc (objectivism-fair capitalist) faction, both of which will be for separation of economics and state but may still differ over smaller, less important political details.

The Libertarians on the other hand probably will be made up of only one faction--I'm guessing here--and that faction is: Capitalists without a conscious world view because The Libertarians think a political party's philosophy does not have to endorse one.

Since The Capitalists believe that a good party endorses all three philosophical elements, that is, a world-view (a metaphysic), a mind-view (an epistemology) and a proper-behavior view (an ethic) they will emerge over the long haul as the better party.

But who knows, The Libertarians after awhile could see their representatives taking a beating in the marketplace of ideas and hence not end up going to Washington as much as the "other" party and so may elect to change their stance and then give The Capitalists a run for their money.

Perhaps, for example, in some future election, say, after the Country has been on a 10% flat tax for some years these two new parties can compete over who is the better manager of taxpayer monies and so during the campaign they could promise us voters, "... if you elect us Libertarians we will cut this rate to 9% .. or 8 ... or some such ...". The Capitalists then, or more precisely the 100% ofc faction thereof could campaign on the idea that the Constitution has to be changed, updated to include an Amendment that states in essence, "Congress shall pass no law abridging the right of free production" or some such battle between two such goods.

If this sounds utopian to you that only means that you agree: either of two goods is better than either of two evils and so you should start the process of being for this kind of major change in our political system.

Perhaps we should try and get CNBC's Financial Commentator Celebrity Rick Santelli to be the first presidential candidate for The Capitalist Party and Representative Ron Paul (Texas) to be the candidate for the next 3rd party force that is sure to emerge in this Country after the Democrats screw up their time in office, albeit, after taking us too close to a permanently socialistic form of government.

Too dangerously close that is, but hopefully not over the 51% mark.

Talk about hope.

That is, it's never too late.

I hope.

Joshua Deer
Freelance Columnist
March 2, 2009

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