Subject: An Open Letter to the Hypocrite Mr. John Stossel.
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September 2011
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Open Letter to the Hypocrite Mr. John Stossel
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Sexagenarians plus or minus a few decades Unite!

The Professional BM's (Bureaucratic Mentalities in our Government) are on the move to control you by their usual methods of fear and guilt.  That is, by the same methods that they learned from The Church which is the absolute best at using these methods to control people but which does not have a monopoly on or exclusive rights to the use thereof. 

Anybody can use guilt and fear to control others but not everybody has the Government's legalized use of force on their side to implement the fear part.

T.H.E.I.R Step 1 part is to make us retirees feel guilty about our retirement funds as being funded on the backs of the young.

Don't let T.H.E.M get away with it. 


Open Letter to the Hypocrite Mr. John Stossel


In his Town Hall forum column of September 14th, 2011 titled, Ponzi! Ponzi! Ponzi! Mr. Stossel asserted that Social Security and Medicare are Ponzi schemes.


To wit:


Ponzi! Ponzi! Ponzi! There, I [Mr. John Stossel] said it. To the extent people believe there are trust funds with their names on them, Social Security is absolutely a Ponzi scheme. So is Medicare.


Since Mr. John Stossel I am sure does not view himself as wrong in this assertion--why would he utter a known to him untruth or rather if he did so utter then we would be writing about him as a liar not a hypocrite.


Mr. Stossel is not a liar.


Hypocrite! Hypocrite! Hypocrite! There, I [Mr. Gary Deering believer in trust ... funds with my name on them] said it. To the extent that Mr. John Stossel believes he can use his power and influence to disarm victims rather than prosecute perpetrators--that is, every elected official in the Unites States Government who served at one time or another since Social Security's inception to the present--he is absolutely a hypocrite. So is every professional columnist who continues helping perpetrators get away with Ponzi Schemes rather than bringing the perps to justice while at the same time helping the victims get their money back.


These pundit publishing people probably prepare papers presenting their sound bite "ideas" thinking themselves above the fray, that is above the daily concerns of Ponzi Scheme victims and that besides, the victims weren't completely helpless victims were they(?), so they kinda get what they deserve anyway, (don't they?).


Or perhaps I am wrong here, maybe Mr. Stossel is not a hypocrite but a chicken s ... oops, I better stop here since I can feel a poem coming on and I don't have time to adequately develop it ...


                        Mr. Stossel is not a hip-oh-crit

                        But rather a chicken s ...



stop it.


If Mr. Stossel should change his hypocritical/cs ways and decide to use his power and influence to bring the perpetrators to justice then for models on how to treat those past elected Ponzi Scammer-Scheming politicians and their estates, Mr. Stossel can look at the treatment of legally prosecuted modern day Ponzi schemer types. For some of the modern day legally prosecuted types see, Bernie Madoff ... Tom Petters ... Denny Hecker (though technically not a Ponzi-Schemer Scammer as he was charged with and prosecuted for bankruptcy and wire fraud Denny is a local Minneapolis-St. Paul boy/car dealership mogul who had his expensive watches and other ill got assets confiscated by the Government's bankruptcy court and sold off to pay back his creditors).


To me Denny Hecker's treatment sounds like a pretty good model to follow.


That is, confiscate all Ponzi Scammer-Scheming Politician's ill got monies and assets and sell them off and then do the same with the United States Government's ill got monies and assets (start with the 10,000 tons of gold our Government has stashed in Fort Knox and its Federal Reserve bank vaults) and continue paying us back the measly 35˘ on the dollar that they are paying us retirees until ... well ... until and unless we can clean up the mess for all victims--not just us in retirement now, but all victims--even those young people today who are still being scammed today by the same Stossel identified Ponzi Schemer-Scamming Politicians running our Government today.


Don't let the scammers and schemers get away with it Mr. Stossel, let alone help them get away with it.


Actually, now that I think about it, as a helper to the schemers and scammers doesn't that make Mr. Stossel more of an accomplice than a hypocrite? Don't you think that today's Ponzi Scheming-Scamming politicians know very well there will be more "Stossels" around tomorrow's corner to help keep their sorry a.... off the hook?


Or should that be, their necks out of the n.....


Oops, be careful here Deering least you give Government Agents a reason to haul you in and put you away and silence your dumb ass voice.


But really, not to fear, they don't have to do that to me, "they" have the professional duper John Stossel to do it for them.


That is, it seems like they do but maybe not.


But maybe so too. After all it's been more than a year since our last criticism of Mr. Stossel and it seems as if nothing has changed since then.


So in signing off, just let me say this about Mr. Stossel, to Mr. Stossel:


Strike Two.


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