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Open Letter to John Stossel
Garisson Keillor is right,
things could be worse.
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An Open Letter to Mr. John Stossel
Dear Mr. Stossel:
I usually like your stuff but not what you are doing with your series on the Social Security "problem".
I think you should learn how to think-outside-the-square on this one just like you used to do on all your stuff.
I realize you have to sacrifice your ability to think outside the square to ratings--read, controversy--but in the long run you
and I both know this is wrong to do--to sacrifice in the true sense of the term.
If you would like some help on this one go here ( and read the article there titled, PR 2 022508: How do we solve the (looming) social security crisis? Ans: Sell the moon and give us back our money.
Or, I suppose, if I were saddled with the responsibility of being provocative like you are (I know it's relatively easy being a critic) I could have titled this Open Letter:
Seek and ye shall find, knock and the doorsigns shall be opened onto you.
But that's not the original reason I pegged my article archive to

That reason is an entirely different story.
Good luck with your relatively new, enjoyed by many - me included - TV series.
I don't mean to be mean here but while you are in my article archive maybe you should also read my BiO Spiritualism NewsLetter June 2009:  When the duped dupe the dupers ... as it could have relevance to you being a pawn of the bureaucrats who just love it I'm sure that they have others--especially famous cultural icons--doing their work for them.  The work, that is, of pitting individual against individual rather than focusing on the real culprit:  socialist BM's grabbing all the power they can, whenever they can and wherever they can because that is what socialist BM's (professional Democrats in our country's case) do.
Garrison Keillor is right:

Since I am of Scandinavian descent (pun not intended) it is easy for me to agree with Garrison Keillor when he says that the, "things could be worse" mentality of Scandinavian people is actually a biggie part of their "philosophy".
G.K. says it tongue-in-cheek of course but he knows it is a real Scandinavian sentiment so since it takes one to know one, allow me to agree with him:
 Things could be worse,
all the Christians in this country could be Muslims. 
Have a nice day. 
 T.A.I.N.T - ThatAreaInNeitherTerritory
That is, are we in a free country OR a dictatorship OR in an area that is neither but is in between the two?
Some say such a thing--freedom or dictatorship--is an either/or thing like being pregnant is and not a measureable continuum thing like the (slippery) slope of a hill.
But I don't completely agree.
I say its more like being a promiscuous woman who is cavalier about whether or not her partners wear condoms and hence she runs a measurable risk of becoming pregnant.
At this point in our culture's promiscuous playing around with socialism it's all about becoming a dictatorship.
What do you call the zone between a free country and a dictatorship?
Is there a zone, as in buffer zone or is it the proverbial abyss and we just go over the edge into oblivion?
Or, if there is a zone how do we measure where we are in relation to it?
This last is actually not as impossible as you'd think.
Enter (the genius) Ayn Rand who in her Collectivized rights article, p. 105 made the following observation:
There are four characteristics which brand a country unmistakably as a dictatorship: one-party rule--executions without trial or with a mock trial, for political offenses--the nationalization or expropriation of private property--and censorship. A country guilty of these outrages forfeits any moral prerogatives, any claim to national rights or sovereignty, and becomes an outlaw.
So allow me to isolate--with commentary--the 4 elements on the road to dictatorship and score them to see where we are on this road.
1.  one-party rule ... is there really that much difference between the Republican'ts and the Democans? that is, the Republicans can't protect my individual rights (to life, liberty, and the pursuit of [property and] happiness) and the Democrats can take them away.
2.  executions without trial or with a mock trial, for political offenses .. NOT ... (yet) here ..  and it seems highly highly unlikely to be here also ... so we are 'kinda safe for right now.
3. the nationalization or expropriation of private property - today this is too obviously happening.
4. and censorship ... political correctness is stepping stone, as is hate crimes, see Canada for hate crime examples.
Scoring on a 0 to1 scale for each with 1 = 100% over-the-line-there-already and 0, 0% not-even-close-yet with fractional amounts between these two endpoints based on a gut feel I have about them (you can have your own gut feel too and hopefully ... well, right now hope is beyond me): a score of 4 is full dictatorship.
1. 0.24
2. 0
3. 0.76
4. 0.24/2 = 0.12
Total score equals 1.12 or that is, we are 28% of the way (1.12/4) on our way to becoming a dictatorship.
And we notice that the 28% is not insignificant and could be viewed as an actual warning sign/danger level as it is greater than one of the magical numbers in BiO Spiritualism's Number'ology view of numbers where 24% represents a critical point (see Yes pages 8 and 9 for reference on this) and hence 28% of the way to a full dictatorship represents a threshold crossed.
And of course I mean, crossed in the wrong direction.
Inspite of what we eternally optimistic Americans might think, dictatorship isn't an impossible thing to happen to us.
A square circle is an impossible thing, but a crimpled, distorted one is not.
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