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Hi. My name is Susan Fox. My only child graduated from high school and went to college in 2006. I had abandoned my career as a newspaper reporter when he was two years old so I could stay home with him full time. When he went to college, suddenly my second career as home-schooling mother came to an abrupt end. Then Watkins walked in the door in the form of my wonderful business partners, Londa Adams and Wayne & Laura Unruh. I'm very glad to have met the company and its people. I love cooking and telling people about great products! My newsletters are chock full of recipes and exciting ways to use Watkins products, plus the most recent one will give you an insight into the monthly specials. Don't forget!  www.SeasonItWithWatkins.com
  • About the Watkins Business Opportunity
  • About the Business Opportunity  (10/1/2008)
  • Why join Watkins? What will I get paid? How will my life change? Answers to many questions in this email.
  • Just in Time for Thanksgiving! New Turkey Stuffing Recipe from Watkins
  • November 2009 Newsletter  (11/6/2009)
  • Enjoy a diabetic snack with Watkins Organic Cinnamon, and try out our wonderful Spice Rack.
  • Protect Your Family from Colds & Flu with Watkins Rezist Plus
  • October 2009 Newsletter  (10/21/2009)
  • Plus a great recipe for Pumpkin Cream Puffs and try Watkins Turkey Rub on Pork!
  • They're Back! Watkins Seasonal Favorites
  • September 2009 Newsletter  (9/22/2009)
  • Get them before they are gone: Pumpkin Butter, Turkey Rub (good on chicken too), shortbread cookies to die for and Cider Brew (great on a cold morning).
  • Watkins Lemon Furniture Polish -- the best I've ever used
  • April 2009 Newsletter  (4/22/2009)
  • Check out our recipes for Rosemary & Thyme Egg Strata, plus more on our lip tints, organic window cleaner
  • Watkins Organic Dish Soap is unparalleled and economical too!
  • March 2009 newsletter  (3/17/2009)
  • In this edition, get fantastic recipes for Cumin and Oregano Penne plus Cinnamon & Spice and Everything Nice Cookies.
  • New Buttermilk Pie Recipe from Lousiana!
  • February 2009 newsletter  (2/17/2009)
  • Check out Susan Fox's Blue Ribbon Chili!
  • Feed Hungry Footbal Fans with Chipotle Chicken Wings
  • January 2009 newsletter  (1/22/2009)
  • In this edition of Gourmet News I have great recipes for throwing together a little party for your football fans. Don't like sports? Organize a home movie and serve Chipotle Chicken Wings and my "Fresh Apple Pie," really an ultra rich cake that is easy to throw together, but tastes so good you'll be licking the pan when it's all gone.
  • Simple Shortbreads and Delicious Lemon Squares
  • December 2008 Newsletter  (12/9/2008)
  • Watkins has what you need to make the holidays bright.
  • Luscious Treat Your Kids Will Love: Pumpkin Butter Cupcakes
  • October 2008 newsletter  (10/21/2008)
  • This issue is chock full of Christmas and Thanksgiving tips and good buys.
  • Love Last Minute Christmas Shopping?
  • Then Don't Wait! 'Tis the Season to Get Ready!
  • Sept. 13, 2008  (9/16/2008)
  • Watkins has unveiled its Fall 2008 Seasonal Favorites. You can get Pumpkin Butter, Raspberry Truffle Hot Cocoa, Snickerdoodles Cookie Mix, Turkey Rub (Just in Time for Thanksgiving), All Natural Pomegranate Hand Lotion, and more!
  • Let your skin go organic with Watkins new body creams in five gorgeous scents.
  • Aug 03 2008  (8/5/2008)
  • Check out recipes for for Irish Cream Caramels, Home Made Root Beer and Chocolate Truffles. It's a decadent issue. Plus it's the right time to stock up on root beer extract which is a summer-only phenomenon.
    Dreams of Raspberry Truffle Hot Cocoa and snicker doodles -- the 2008 Christmas Line is now available.
  • Why not go organic this summer?
  • Jul 05 2008  (7/13/2008)
  • Believe it or not, the natural method of mulching the soil used in growing organic herbs and spices produces a sharper and more distinct flavor. It's the flavor you remember from childhood before our farming practices became completely commercial. This issue features Watkins organic line of herbs & spices. Plus we have a fantastic recipe for Tex Mex Cabaret Beef Salad, Sassy Salsa Sour Cream Roll-ups, and a great summer snack for the kids.
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