Welcome to the archives page for Light Streamings, a monthly e-communique. This is a forum for sharing channeled messages from ascended masters, angelic beings, the fairy realms and the Guides for the purpose of helping my light brothers and sisters awaken to our true nature. 

The writings have evolved since I first began sharing messages in 2002. Please feel free to read and pass along to others.  Enjoy!
CAROLCAROL FITZPATRICK's path of service is to help individuals in their quest to exponentially transform their lives. By doing so, she serves as a seer, mentor and guide to new paradigm leaders, people working on the cutting edge of environmental, economic, social and educational fronts for creating a radical shift in global consciousness. She is the author of two books, Fear Not My Child and A Call to Remember: Follow Your Heart, Change the World.
Carol is also the founder of a world service organization: Center for Planetary Awakening. The Center uses energetic and sound healing to bring balance and stability to the human energy system, which brings about profound personal and global transformation.                  

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