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Smith Hartvigsen, PLLC distributes a quarterly newsletter, Water and the Law, explaining and reviewing water issues pertinent to Utah water users.  Copies of previous issues are available by clicking on the below links.  
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  • Water & The Law
  • Spring 2016 Issue
  • 2016 Legislative Review of Water Related Bills
  • Fall 2015 Issue
  • Update on General Adjudications
    Clean Water Act Rule Goes Into Effect in Utah
  • Summer 2015 Issue
  • Obama Administration Finalizes Clean Water Act Rule
  • Spring 2015 Issue
  • 2015 Legislative Summary
  • Winter 2015 Issue
  • 2015 Legislative Review
  • Fall 2014 Issue
  • New Forest Service Hydrology Rules
    Southam v. South Despain Ditch Co.
  • Summer 2014 Issue
  • 2014 Legislative Summary
    Central Utah Water Conservancy District v. Jensen
    Wyoming Law Review Article Authored by J. Craig Smith
  • Water Right Sales Issue--Spring 2014
  • Water Shares and Water Rights for Sale
  • Winter 2014 Issue
  • 2014 Legislative Preview
    New Court Ruling on Las Vegas Pipeline Project
  • Fall 2013 Issue
  • Water Calculation App
    Shareholder's Rights Legislation
    Supreme Court Dicision
  • Summer 2013 Issue
  • Water Calculation App
    Governor's Committee
    Supreme Court Decision
  • Spring 2013 Issue
  • News Flash on the Demise of Senate Bill 109
    2013 Legislative Update on Water Issues
  • Special Issue Winter 2013
  • Water Law and Regulation Seminar
    Upcoming Division of Water Rights Meeting
  • Winter 2013
  • 2013 Legislative Preview on Water Issues
  • Water Right Sales Issue--Winter 2012
  • Announcements from Smith Hartvigsen
    Water Shares and Water Righst for Sale
  • Fall 2012
  • Magna Water Co. v. Strawberry Water Users Association: The Next Chapter in Utah Return Flow Law
    Stern v. Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy
    Blue Stakes of Utah: Helping Operators of Underground Utilities (That's You Water Companies) Manage Liability
    Water for Sale
  • Summer 2012
  • Who Owns Your Water Rights?
    Utah Stream Access Coalition v. State of Utah
    Water Shares for Sale
    State Energy Loans
  • Water Right Sales Issue
  • Water Rights and Shares for Sale or Lease
  • Special Edition Spring 2012
  • Powerful New Research Tool
    EPA Funds Available
  • Spring 2012
  • 2012 Legislative Update on Water Issues
    Water Rights Title Committee
  • Winter 2012
  • 2012 Legislative Preview on Water Issues
    Are You Ready for the Canal Safety Plan Deadline?
  • Fall 2011
  • A New Tool to Avoid Water Rights Litigation
    Is It Time for Blue Stakes?
    Establishing Capital Reserve Accounts for Private Water Companies
  • Summer 2011
  • Jensen v. Jones
    Salt Lake City v. Big Ditch Irrigation Co.
    Haik v. Sandy City
    Montana v. Wyoming
    Lowry v. G & L Enterprises
  • Spring 2011
  • 2011 Legislative Report
  • Winter 2011
  • 2011 Legislative Preview
    Two New Rule Changes
  • Fall 2010
  • Keep Water Tax Free: Vote for Constitutional Amendment C
    How Does the Law Treat Lost Share Certificates in Water Companies?
    Introduction to Wetland Laws and Regulations
  • Summer 2010
  • The State Engineer's New Supplemental Water Rights Rule
    Case Law Update: Bingham v. Roosevelt City
  • Spring 2010
  • 2010 Legislative Summary on Water Issues
    Brown v. Division of Water Rights
  • Winter 2009
  • 2010 Legislative Preview on Water Issues
    Supplemental Water Rights and the Proposed Revision to the Sole Supply Rule
  • Autumn 2009
  • A Preference for Domestic Water Use in Utah: A Relic of the Past?
    Liability and the Mutual Irrigation Company
  • Summer 2009
  • Small Residential Water Rights
    New Filing Fee Schedule
    Supreme Court Ruling on Adverse Water Use
    Movie Clips
  • Spring Issue 2009
  • House Bill 187: Recreational Use of Public Waters
    The Ever Changing Definition of Waters Subject to the Clean Water Act: Rapanos Revisited
    Legislative Update
  • Announcement: Gov. Huntsman Nominates a New State Engineer
  • Autumn Issue 2008
  • Do Cities Need Districts to Manage Water?
    Elements of a Successful Water Dedication Program
    Case Law Update: Conatser v. Johnson
  • Announcement: State Engineer Retiring October 2008
  • Summer Issue 2008
  • Legislative Updates
    Case Law Update: Wester Water LLC v. Olds and Penta Creeks LLC v. Olds
  • Spring Issue 2008
  • Q & A on House Bill 51, Water Rights Amendments