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The Charter Marketing Survival Bulletin Archives
Here are the most popular issues, based on our readers' responses, of the Charter Marketing Survival Bulletin. If you're new to the Bulletin, here's a place to catch up on past articles. For our loyal readers, this gives you a single source to find that nugget of information you need today! Keep reading. This is really good stuff!
  • Sales Survival Skills!
  • The Fear of Phoning!
  • Learn five steps to be more comfortable and confident making cold calls. We also tell you a secret that will boost your confidence, improve success, and help your staff overcome the Fear of Phoning!
  • Handling the Toghest Sales Objections
  • What do you say when a jet charter prospect tells you, "It's too expensive"? How do you answer someone who says, "The Board will never approve this"! We’ll give you answers and sales coaching for the six toughest (and most common) sales objections you're running into.
  • Turn More Retail Quotes Into Trips!
  • When retail quote requests come in, you need sales skills to convert your opportunities into charter trips. If your schedulers or charter coordinators need sales skills training, this Bulletin includes 5 sales skills and 5 tips to analyze your sales process.
  • Charter Marketing Survival Solutions
  • The Survival Skills Series Begins
  • We being our series on Charter Marketing Survival Skills with How to Work a Room.
  • Mixers, Events, and Trade Shows
  • Will you be working the room at mixers and luncheons to find new customers? Are you planning to host an open house at your FBO? Are booth or tabletop events in your plans? Learn the specific steps and processes you should follow to improve your results.
  • Give Your Customers Political Cover!
  • Future customers can feel pressure from inside and outside their company to not use business aviation. You need to educate them on the benefits of flying with you!
  • Focus on the Customers!
  • Consumer Decision Making
  • To get new customers who have never flown charter before, you must understand how customers make purchasing decisions. Learn the five stages of Consumer Decision Making and use that knowledge to convert more prospects to new charter customers.
  • The Most Important Fact About Your Customers
  • The most important marketing fact to have at your fingertips is the average lifetime value of your typical retail charter client. Learn what that is and how you calculate it.
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