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Jungle News:  April 4, 2013  
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Wendell is Healthy, Happy and reunited with his monkey friends!

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April 8 Max will be 26

Update on Lucy

Almost Wild
Life in captivity can never match life in the wild, but we provide monkeys a safe, forever home that is as natural as possible. It's Almost Wild!

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Good News for Wendell!
Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Lindsey comforts Wendell as he wakes from anesthesia.
After a toe amputation and a temporary blindness scare,  Wendell is back to his old self, running up and down his new ramps. You would never know he had been sick! Chi Chi and Puchi sure missed his company. They have groomed Wendell so much he is missing patches of hair. Thank you for all of your healing thoughts, your kind support and your donations for his medical care.
Justin Bieber's monkey confiscated in Munich!
Read National Geographic's Daily News about Mally.
Capuchins have been in the news lately. Justin Bieber's 'pet' monkey, Mally, was confiscated at the ariport in Munich last Thursday. Bieber didn't have the proper paperwork and now Mally is in quarantine. He was given four weeks to bring proof Mally was captive born to reclaim him. 


Monkers and Dylan
Monkers & Dylan - watch the Broken Bonds video.

Mally needs a sanctuary home, and we're lobbying to have him come to Jungle Friends. Not because we're Bieber groupies, but because we have a foster mom (Monkers) and a group of juveniles who can look after this 14-week old and raise him like a monkey, away from curiosity-seekers. Anyone have a private jet we can use to pick up baby Mally? Hmmm, I think Justin Bieber does!

It is very important that Mally be introduced to a family group to provide him with a surrogate mother and peer play. It took months the last time we got a monkey back to the US who was stuck in an airport and Mally needs a safe permanent home NOW!


 Monkers carries Dylan, a confiscated baby.


The very best place for Mally would be Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary, not only because we are in a better climate more suitable for a rainforest monkey, but because we have a ready-made family group of capuchin monkeys! Monkers, and three youngsters ranging in age of one year old to seven years old. Monkers nurtured each of the monkeys in her group - she even carried them on her back.





If Justin Bieber could get Mally's paperwork to the shelter in Munich after his April 6th concert in Germany, he could pick up Mally in his private jet and bring him to Jungle Friends before his concert in Helsinki on April 26th and then Bieber could come and visit Mally at the sanctuary, he has a concert in Jacksonville August 7th and Tampa August 8th. The world would see Justin Bieber as a hero and he could make a statement against owning monkeys as 'pets'. This would be best for all concerned, first of all for Mally to have a monkey family in sunny Florida, secondly to help stop the boom in capuchin monkeys sales that this could cause and third Bieber would know his baby monkey can live a "monkey life"!

Kari on Anderson Live: Tuesday April 30th!
I was shocked to find two white-faced capuchin monkeys on the Anderson Live set. Both monkeys were diapered, tethered and had their teeth extracted. The monkeys were obviously unhappy and threatening the audience - the two monkeys even got into a fight with each other during the show. A television studio is no place for monkeys!

My goal for appearing on the show was to educate people about 'pet' monkeys, how they are born to be wild and why should not and cannot be trained 'pets', but I fear my point was lost with monkeys crawling on top of Anderson Cooper's head. My concern and my worry now is that this program will promote the exotic pet trade and even more baby monkeys will be stolen from their mother's arms and sold!

The show airs April 30, please check listing for times in your area. Be sure to watch the show and respond on the Anderson Live Facebook Page.
Lots of monkey love from Kari

P.S. Please sign the petition to bring Justin Bieber's monkey to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.

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