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Jungle News: Wendell's Neuropathy & Birthdays. 

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Chichi and Wendell are
 such good friends, we hope they will be reunited soon!
The medical fund was set up in memory of the monkeys who have passed to help the monkeys with medical needs.
Zeke, Nicor, KC and Simon
are all in need of sponsors.
With every sponsorship you will receive original Monkey Art!

February is the Birthday Zone!
It is also Lulu and Dodger's Birthday month!
Lulu Dodger
February 21, 2012
Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Last Thursday Wendell was found with a bleeding foot! At closer inspection, it was determined that he was self-attacking, probably due to neuropathy. He is in our on-site clinic and we are changing his bandages frequently and trying to keep him from more self-injurious behaviors. Wendell is on special medications and seemed to be recovering when...

yesterday Kari noticed he had gone blind! Wendell's caregivers are heart-broken. Nicole is teaching him how to find food and water on his own. Jadie and Adam are completely renovating the habitats to be ready for Wendell's disability when he is reunited with his best friends Chi Chi and Puchi.

Wendell was diabetic when he arrived at the sanctuary. He was receiving insulin injections until he became hypoglycemic. Then he was taken off insulin and put on Glipizide. And then his glucose became elevated and another oral medication was added, which he takes three times a day.

Diabetes is an insidious disease and Wendell's caregivers are working very closely with Dr. Schirmer and our team of veterinarians. Wendell is such a brave monkey, and so very sweet. Please keep Wendell in your thoughts and in your prayers so he can rejoin Puchi and ChiChi very soon!

Watch the "Good Night Puchi" video and you will realize how much these friends are missing each other.
Please make a donation toward Wendell's medical bills. Thank you for caring about the monkeys as much as we do!

You have entered the Birthday Zone!
Kari's Birthday Wish!



One of the most celebrated events is nearly upon us! Yes, you guessed it...


Kari's Birthday!


This annual event is world renowned...or at least in the "Jungle Friends World"!




Time for Kari to turn a year older, and time for you to celebrate with us! Kari only dons her tiara once a year, so don't miss this legendary opportunity to cheer her on and support her life's work...it's all about the monkeys!


Kari spends her birthday the same way she spends the other 364 days of the year - working for the monkeys. The only thing she does differently (besides the tiara) is ask for you to send birthday gifts to help the monkeys.


What is the perfect gift for a girl with 158 monkeys on her back? Lowe's or Home Depot gift cards, of course!

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