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March 6, 2013
Wendell's Eyes
Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Most of you know that Wendell went blind two weeks ago on February 20th.
Well, I have great news...Wendell can see again! Yes, it is true, four days later, on my birthday, Wendell's sight returned - my Birthday Wish had come true!

We took Wendell to see Dr. Schirmer on Monday, February 25th to see what was happening to his eyes. Dr. Schirmer feels that either his blood pressure or glucose was elevated to the point of causing the blood vessels to constrict, which resulted in blindness.

Fortunately, they did not burst, which would have caused permanent blindness!Wendell coming out of cage

Wendell no longer needs to wear his bandages! His foot is much better. He has been out of his cage in the clinic every day re-learning how to walk. Watch this Video of Wendell walking.

I tested Wendell's urine yesterday and he tested negative for glucose, I was sure it was not correct, so I had Nicole re-test, and sure enough, NEGATIVE! We are now serving the diabetics their meals three times a day We also give them their  medications three times a day and added Metformin to the Glipizide - we really feel this is helping!

If Wendell continues to do well, we plan to reunite Wendell with his friends Chi Chi and Puchi in their new and improved Handicapped Habitat next week!

HandicappedHabitatWe are re-designing their home with special ramps with handrails to make it safer and easier for monkeys who are visually impaired. Wendell's sight is not the best, and Puchi's has never been very good and Chi Chi, well, Chi Chi is not getting any younger. We actually have quite a number of elderly monkeys, so a habitat build for the blind is a good thing.

Please keep Wendell in your thoughts and in your prayers for continued healing!

Please make a donation toward Wendell's medical bills. Thank you for caring about the monkeys as much as we do!
Lots of monkey love from Kari
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