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 Ron Sully - Director of Marketing 

July 2013
OMNInewsOriginal  Ron 95x120Mobile health apps may face regulatory oversight. The term mHealth refers to that portion of healthcare access augmented by mobile devices - cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Mobile technologies are giving individuals in developing countries access to healthcare unheard of in the past, and in the U.S., every other person has a smartphone. From what is being reported, we are downloading health-related apps at a record pace. Read how this relatively new technology is allowing patients to actively engage with physicians for better healthcare and wellness, and what the FDA has to say about it. The FDA asks developers and users what they intend to do with that mHealth app. 
 The iDoctor can "e" you now  
    Dr. Eric Topol is a director and cardiologist at Scripps institute in La Jolla. He's a leading proponent of wireless medicine, remote office visits, and the notion that consumers can take ownership of their healthcare data with the use of smartphones and apps. He saves patients hundreds of dollars by using an FDA approved cardiogram device that attaches to an iPhone, and believes this is only one example of a imminent change in healthcare delivery. This is an enlightening interview with Dr. Topol, the person Modern Healthcare ranked as the most influential physician executive in the U.S. 


The medical device excise tax and your smartphone 
    Members of Mobile Future, one of the many groups of businesses, and organizations interested in the development of mobile wireless technologies breathed a sigh of relief on March 19th. The FDA will not regulate the sales of smartphones and tablets, so they will not be taxed as medical devices. Even though they have not clearly explained what they consider a medical device, some medical apps may not be exempt. The FDA plans to release the final guidance on mobile apps later this year.
                 OMNICA News and Announcements . . .   
mike castings S
Refined rapid prototyping at Omnica 
    We upgraded our additive rapid prototyping capabilities with an Objet Eden500V 3D printer. It replaces our older Eden330. This is a high resolution machine (0.0006" layer thickness) that creates models with minimal stair-steps on sloped surfaces, and it has a larger build envelope than our other five 3D rapid prototyping machines.
    According to Mike Ammerman, our modelshop manager, there are two other features that make this a great addition for our clients. The printer is capable of a quick-build mode that can cut time and materials costs, and unlike the other printers, this one can run unattended for 72 hours, eliminating botched restarts for large jobs. He adds by saying this machine is the best we've had for producing silicone mold patterns. Mike cast over 3000 parts last year, so he has a good idea what he's talking about.
Prosthetic ankle helps bombing victims 
    In late May, Freedom Innovations launched their newest prosthesis, the Kinterra Foot and Ankle System. We developed the adjustable hydraulic ankle (most prosthetic ankles are fixed), which features many new benefits, making this system the new state-of-the-art. It offers improved stability and comfort for low to moderate impact users while walking, exercising, golfing, or hiking.
    I spoke with Henry Hsu, our project leader for the program, who told me the ankle features internal temperature fluid compensation and the hydraulic mechanism was fitted with industrial-quality seals, rendering it virtually maintenance free. Henry's team developed the hydraulics, pivots, shafts, valves, assembly and fixtures. ID pros Andy March and Scott Conway provided the styling of the ankle.   
    We hustled to complete the project in six months, but none was aware of the significance of that time frame until two months after the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing. At least three of the women survivors who lost limbs have been fitted with the Kinterra system and they are doing well with Freedom products. It is not often we become aware of those who directly benefit from our work, and in this case it is moving to hear our development efforts are helping others.  

July Calendar Quiz  
     Which fighter airplane is screaming through the skies in the August calendar image? Email the right answer, and your reward will be a Starbucks coffee card. If you did not receive your 2013 Omnica calendar, contact me and I'll send it out pronto. You can still use it for 5 more months, offering two chances for free coffee.

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