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 Ron Sully - Director of Marketing 

January 2013
OMNInewsOriginal - A master designer reveals why medical products are getting better.
   During his 30 year career, Bob Mayercheck has seen many changes in the way products are developed. For one, industrial designers have a more expansive design toolbox than at any time in the past. And it's a good thing, since customers and the companies who green-light high-tech products are becoming more sophisticated and demanding.   
A comprehensive education and innate abilities are amplified by new technologies.

3D Printing Comes of Age - Wider availability, lower prices, and ease of use will transform this rapid prototyping method into a pivotal technology. 
   In this month's OMNInewsOriginal article, Bob stated that rapid prototyping is having a profound effect on the design process. Industry and the design community agree. The Consumer Electronics Association, a well-established influential standards and trade organization, states that 3D printing is a top emerging technology whose market will double by 2015.
   The machines have been available for two decades, but only recently have they approached affordability. The six 3D printers in daily use at Omnica are costly industrial models, but is it now possible to purchase a consumer version for less than the price of a good table saw.
   You can get started more reasonably by loading free 3D modeling software on your laptop and start designing. There are a number of service bureaus that can print plastic, ceramic, or metal models from your 3D files. If learning a new program sounds like too much work, use your smartphone as a handheld scanner.    

Advances in materials and applications speed 3D printing's promise to enrich our lives.   
   We are surrounded with 3D printed products - orthodontic braces, jewelry, and 3D-printed joints and bones to name a few. NASA is hoping to print parts while in orbit, and make tools for space travelers from lunar dust. Someday, we may be able to improve our health and perhaps extend longevity with manufactured internal organs from a company who currently prints human tissue.
                 OMNICA News and Announcements . . .   
Happy Anniversary Last September one of our most talented and dedicated Design Engineers, Bob Miller, celebrated 25 years as an Omnican. Of our 28 employees, he is one of the seventeen who have worked here 14 years or more.
   Employment longevity highlights one of our most important advantages. Access to an experienced and permanent team is a major benefit when working with Omnica. We rarely need outside consultants for any of our projects.
Omnica Calendar  Can you identify the structure on our February calendar page? Email the right answer, and I'll reward you with a Starbucks coffee card. If you did not receive your 2013 Omnica calendar, contact me and I'll send it to your address.  

Medical Design and Manufacturing Show  The most important show we attend is the MDM West in Anaheim. The dates this year are February 12 - 14, 2013. We will be in Booth 2582,
the same location as last year.
   Earl, Ron Sully, Paul, and others will be available to answer questions about our services and discuss your upcoming projects. Also, if you didn't receive your 2013 calendar, you can get one at the show. For free expo hall admission, you can register on site or online here. Use Promo Code: BZ  

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