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 Ron Sully - Director of Marketing 

May 2013
Have you ever wondered which type of bid you should request when hiring a contractor to develop a medical product?
    Should you pay them by the job or consider time and materials? In our opinion, when you hire a contractor to develop a complex device, or ask for an innovative re-imagining of a current product, the answer is easy. In these cases, there is one type of bid that gives you the best chance to achieve your goals. Earl Robinson, Omnica's president has penned a brief on what he has learned from over 40 years in the business.

The U.S. adopts the First-to-File Patent system
    The America Invents Act (AIA) went into effect March 16, 2013. After this date, patents will be awarded to inventors based on the first-to-file rather than first-to-invent. The system is similar to most other countries around the world and it is intended to solve issues of patent litigation, streamline the system, and bolster innovation. The new rules expand the scope of prior art, and post-grant review, which could increase patent challenges in the short term. For added protection, the USPTO advises to "file early and file often" with as much detail as possible. Many believe the advice benefits deep pockets of large companies by straining the financial resources of entrepreneurs and small, early-stage organizations.
    Inventors worry that the new law could affect the quality and quantity of medical devices by causing a rush to file patents quickly, before technologies are perfected. There are also concerns that early disclosures of proprietary information could cause fears when working with outside development organizations.
    Worrisome thoughts aside, the end result of the act should be more rapidly approved patents that are more secure and more easily defensible after they are granted. The AIA is the first major change in the patent law in sixty years. Read a more in-depth narrative here.

Earl small png Six Sigma and the creative process 
    In a recent OMNInews article, Earl Robinson discussed the reasons we develop medical devices, and how we innovate by using unique materials, methods, and new technologies. We perform the blue sky thinking, develop the concepts, design and engineer, then transfer the completed device to manufacturing. It's only after this final segment, the manufacturing phase, where process improvement tools like Six Sigma are useful. This article is an interesting POV about Six Sigma, and the effect it had on the innovation process at 3M.
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Stand for health  I must be getting older: my legs tingle while I'm working at the computer, and am frequently tired at the end of the day. It wasn't until I read this article about the benefits standing desks, I realized age is not the cause of my complaints. I sit too much. If I stand part of the day (not all day, or my feet tire), the tingling is gone, and I have more energy. My back feels better, too. Unfortunately, standing desks can be expensive, but there are less costly workarounds. I made a U-shaped acrylic stand, a benefit of working at Omnica, and bought an anti-fatigue floor mat. Here is a picture of my setup. Tell me what you think.
Ellipse small Looking at things realistically  Computer generated images (CGI) are becoming sophisticated so quickly, it's sometimes hard to determine what's real and what's not. We've invested in many 3D programs over the years, and each time our industrial designers amaze us with even more lifelike images. The latest is KeyShot rendering and animation software - the same program Microsoft used in their Surface tablet ad campaign. We expect to use KeyShot for concepts, internal presentations, and marketing images for our clients, their customers and investors. Here is a photorealistic example of a device we developed for Ellipse Technologies.

May Calendar  Quiz   Have you discovered the Omnica logo in the June image? Is it on the Goodyear blimp? Tell me the location of the logo in the June image and I'll reward you with a Starbucks coffee card. If you did not receive your 2013 Omnica calendar, it's not too late. You can still use it for 8 more months. Contact me and I'll send one to your address.

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