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June 2016

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend as now summer is officially here. Judy and I spent Saturday out on the lake, and it was beautiful! I'm always amazed at all the absolutely stupid stuff I see people doing out on the lake! It's incredible that more folks aren't hurt out there, but I guess everyone is not a boat freak like I am.

As always, we're keeping busy at the office. A few of the annuity companies are getting ready to "trim back" on some of their offered benefits, while others are pushing for new business by offering innovative strategies that look pretty impressive for those that want the potential for "safe growth" on their investable assets. Life insurance rates continue to drop (yes, I said drop), because of the new actuarial tables being put into use this year. That's a good thing folks, and any of you thinking about life insurance, legacy planning, or tax planning  should take advantage of this while in good health so you can hedge against the IRS ending up with most of your hard earned life's work instead of your heirs!

SPECIAL NOTE:  Fidelity & Guaranty Life & Annuity has just offered a limited time 3.15% guaranteed fixed annuity rate for 5 years. The offer starts June 6th and will probably run for a month or so. For additional information, just give us a call and we'll give you the particulars.

Kelly is heading off to Nashville, TN next week for another educational event with one of the nation's top retirement planners, so hopefully we'll pick up a few more strategies to help our clients. Learning never gets old. Enjoy this month's articles.


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Annuity Myths - Part 3
Lake Norman Magazine, June 2016
In April, I wrote an article about the different types of annuities and mentioned six common annuity myths that we hear on a fairly consistent basis. Last month we tackled the first three annuity myths, so this month we'll discuss the remaining three myths.

A)     "Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities are not regulated": Folks, this one is really very simple. This myth is simply not true, and you should run from anyone that says it is! They are either blatantly lying orwildly uninformed, period. Neither one of those options is good when it comes to someone giving financial advice, right? These types of annuities are not regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), but are strictly regulated by state insurance commissioners, as well as federal regulators. We work with both securities and insurance at our firm, and I can tell you that the annuity regulation is every bit as tough as the securities regulation, if not even more so. And, to be honest, I'm not so sure why people hold the SEC in such high regard, since they couldn't even catch Bernie Madoff, for goodness sake!

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The Fighting Irish of the Investment World
GFPC Thought for the Week (387)

* Gold is a lot like Notre Dame's football team - either you love them or you hate them, and there's no in between. 

* Although gold has proven to be a terrible investment over the long run, a small allocation can bring diversification to a portfolio. 

* There are several ways to invest/own gold, and the easiest and cheapest is through a handful of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
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Can The S&P 500 Predict Economic Cycles?
GFPC Thought for the Week (388)

* Anytime the S&P 500 sells off, as it did at the beginning of 2016, market pundits use the weakness to predict an imminent recession. 

* The problem is that the internal composition of the S&P 500 differs from the economy, which exposes it to risks that the economy does not face at the same time. 

* Use the S&P 500 as a gauge for largecap stocks, but to get any insight into the economy, it's best to dig deeper to assess the drivers of each.

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Annuity Myths - Part 3
The Fighting Irish of the Investment World
Can The S&P 500 Predict Economic Cycles?

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