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April 2016

It looks like summer might finally be coming. Still a little cool for my taste (especially these past few days), and once we get rid of the pollen I can wash the car! I sure can't wait to get out on the boat and enjoy Lake Norman. Judy and I just got back last week from our first vacation at a Sandals resort. We've talked about it for a long time, but finally took the time to enjoy an all inclusive adult resort. Many of our clients have encouraged us to try it and not be such a couple of old "fuddy duds"! Boy, am I glad we did! We went to Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau, Bahamas, and we had a really good time. It's always nice to see the beautiful water in the Caribbean, and the Sandals private island was awesome! It reminded me of our time back in 1985 when Judy and I lived/cruised on our sailboat and got to see beautiful waters all the time. It sure brought back some great memories, to say the least.

But now it's back to business helping good folks plan for retirement. This month's Lake Norman Magazine article is part 1 of "Annuity Myths". Most of you already know that we discuss annuities quite a bit, because most people really don't understand them. Annuities always get a bad rap, sometimes rightfully so, but most times not. I thought I'd have a little fun and write a two part series in Lake Norman Magazine. It's a little tongue-in-cheek, since I find so many of the comments made about annuities to be really comical. So, have fun reading the first article and get prepared for part 2.

As always, remember that "applied knowledge is power" and "the purpose of the money dictates where you put it". 

Enjoy this month's articles and we'll see you next month,

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Annuity Myths - Part 1
Lake Norman Magazine, April 2016
Hi folks,

Quick, everyone run for the hills! Hide the women and children! I said that evil word again, ANNUITY! I'm sure most of you have heard that annuities are bad, right? But those of you that know me know that I speak highly of them when used for the right reasons (just like any other financial vehicle). Here's one thing I can tell you, annuities are both good and bad; again, just like any other financial vehicle.

Annuities are probably one of the most misunderstood products in the investment/insurance world, and it seems like everyone has either a good or bad opinion of them, with not much middle ground. How do I know this? Well, I'll admit that I'm a self-professed"annuity geek"! I've spent a good bit of my 20 year career learning about the pros & cons of proper annuity planning, especially when it comes to retirement strategies, which is what we focus on at JDS.

My firms help retirees with insurance planning, income planning, and we work with institutional wealth managers on the investment side. The bottom line is that a retirement plan needs a blend of all the above to be successful in any economy.

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"I'm Leaving The Country if 
Trump/Sanders/Clinton Wins"
GFPC Thought for the Week (380)

*The Presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most controversial and polarizing races in modern history. 
*Fears over policy changes can certainly impact financial markets, but these effects only last for a brief time period. 

*Emotions are viruses that threaten your financial future, and they provide no value when making investment decisions.

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An Undeniable Relationship
GFPC Thought for the Week (381)

*The daily price action in the U.S. stock market has been taken hostage by oil prices over the past several months. 

*The relationship between oil and the S&P 500 is so strong that they appear to be moving in lockstep each day. 

*Oil does not drive our economy, and its relationship to the stock market will not last. However, it's best to avoid the temptation to trade through this dislocation.

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Annuity Myths - Part 1
"I'm Leaving The Country if Trump/Sanders/Clinton Wins"
An Undeniable Relationship

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