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October 2015

We sure have been busy around the office! So busy, in fact, that I had to write this month's intro because Jim has his hands full with putting together plans. Not to complain, though, because when we're busy it means that we're doing our best to pass on helpful information to the families we've met. That's what we're here to do, so we'll gladly step up to the task no matter how many extra hours we have to put in. 

We hope everyone is enjoying the transition into fall. The past couple of weeks have been a little soggy (that's an understatement), but it feels like the beautiful fall we're used to is finally here. Let's cross our fingers that it stays that way for a while. All the rain was getting depressing, but at least it filled the lake back up. Now it's time for pumpkins, open windows, and the spectacular colors of changing leaves - which I absolutely love. To be honest, I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy autumn. 

We mentioned this month's Lake Norman Magazine article in last month's newsletter. We think it's a good topic to consider as you near retirement, so we hope you'll read through and take some of it to heart. If there is anything we can help you with, any questions we can answer, or any reports or analysis that you're interested in, then just let us know and we'll be happy to do what we can. 

Enjoy this month's articles!

Until next month,
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What's Your Stock Market Exit Strategy?
Lake Norman Magazine, October 2015
How many big shot stock brokers, financial planners, investment bankers, etc. just jumped out of their seats reading that title? But Jim, don't you know that you're supposed to "stay invested" 100% of the time with 100% of your money even if you're age 100? By "invested" I mean stocks, bonds, mutual funds, variable annuities, REITs, MLPs, ETFs, etc. - market-based products and strategies. After all, we all know that you have to keep up with inflation, and the only way to do that is by "staying invested" for the "long haul", right? "Hang in there", "stay the course", "wait it out", "the market always comes back". I'm sure we've all been told these things before, right? I'm sure you've seen all those pretty charts showing you how your money grows "over the long haul" if you stay invested in the stock market, right? Oh and by the way, if there is a market crash (like 2000, 2001, 2002, or 2008); don't worry about it because you're "diversified", and we're watching out for you! I know you've heard this before. It's what we're taught to say, think, and believe by Wall Street everyday!

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Five Lessons Learned from Last Week's Volatility
GFPC Thought for the Week (358)

* Volatility surged last week, which resulted in unfortunate losses for individual investors who sold into the panic. 

* It's easy to get frustrated over succumbing to the emotional forces in financial markets, but the lessons learned from this recent volatility spike can help us all going forward. 

* Mistakes only benefit us over the long run because they are an opportunity to learn how to become stronger and more experienced investors.

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Does the U.S. Debt Situation Pose Risk to Your Portfolio?
GFPC Thought for the Week (359)

* The U.S. has accumulated over $18 trillion in debt over the last decade, which is right around what our country produces in gross domestic product (GDP) annually. 

* Despite justified concerns over this enormous amount of debt, our government debt is rather unique and plays by a different set of rules. 

* The U.S. will not see a debt crisis anytime soon, and investors should not allow their political beliefs and concerns impact their investment decisions.

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What's Your Stock Market Exit Strategy
Five Lessons Learned from Last Week's Volatility
Does the U.S. Debt Situation Pose Risk to Your Portfolio?

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