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September 2015

Wow, before you know it the leaves will be turning, and summer will be over! All is well here at JDS Wealth Management, and like most times we've kept busy. Matt and Kelly just got back from spending a few days down in Florida with Global Financial Private Capital. They were training on Global's updated reporting systems, catching up with all the changes going on at Global, and they got to tour Global's new office in Sarasota. It's everyone's goal to make tracking and reporting on assets easier for clients, as well as being able to integrate all assets on one report (annuities & managed money).

Now, let's get on to these crazy markets we've experienced this past month. Yikes! If you love roller coasters, then I guess you're having a grand old time. But for the more conservative people, I'm sure you've lost a little sleep. Make sure you read my October Lake Norman Magazine article titled "What's Your Stock Market Exit Strategy". It's not out yet, but we can email you an advanced copy if you let us know you're interested. I touch on how much money retirees should reasonably have in the market and why we use non-market-based strategies so in many of our plans. We firmly believe that, as a retiree, you should not have all (or a significant portion) of your money at risk. Because of this, when markets go crazy our clients don't worry much. Our plans are founded with security & income in mind, so some market volatility won't hurt the plans in the long run.

I've said this before, and I'll keep saying it: "the purpose of the money dictates where you put it"! Please don't gamble with what you can't afford to lose. I believe the stock market will continue to be extremely volatile going forward, and one must navigate these waters carefully! A good written-out "downside protection plan" can go a long ways.

Enjoy this month's articles!

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A Retirement Income Wake Up Call
Lake Norman Magazine, September 2015

It sure has been a hot summer! Good thing we have Lake Norman, right? A couple of months back, Kelly and I were fortunate enough to get invited to a national "Mastermind" event in Chicago, IL. The conference was made up of approximately 100 elite advisors from across the country that specialize in retirement planning strategies. It was extremely educational. Although I've mentioned these things before in past articles or on our radio show, I'd like to pass along a few things I believe are becoming very important for retirees to consider and for younger folks setting up retirement plans for the future to begin thinking about. 

There are two highly regarded individuals leading the way on research and study for retirement planning in the future. Their names are Wade D. Pfau and Larry Kotlicoff. Both are PhD's and professors at some pretty wellthought-of colleges. I would suggest you do a quick Google search on them for yourself to see their impressive credentials.

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Will China Become the World's Reserve Currency?
GFPC Thought for the Week (353)

* Fear mongers now claim that the U.S. will soon be replaced by China as the world's reserve currency, and investors are asking about the validity of such an assertion. 

* There is certainly a chance that China attains a "reserve" status for its currency, but hurdles remain and markets probably won't be impacted one way or the other. 

* Even if China gains this coveted status, the U.S. will not lose its place as the world's reserve currency anytime in the next several decades.

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Are 401(k) Loans a Good Idea?
GFPC Thought for the Week (354)

* Many Americans view their 401(k) retirement fund as an easy way to borrow for short-term financing needs. 

* Despite the temptation, the dangers of borrowing against a retirement fund are too great and should be avoided at all costs. 

* Instead of trading one debt with another that's far more serious, address the real problem that created the need for the loan.

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A Retirement Income Wake Up Call
Will China Become the World's Reserve Currency?
Are 401(k) Loans a Good Idea?

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