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July 2015


First off, let's all welcome Matt Sabin (Kelly's husband) to our firm as our new office manager/marketing director/director of client services. As you can tell from Matt's big fancy title, he's going to be really busy! In the week Matt's been with us, he's already been a tremendous help updating the technology in our office with updated computer & archiving systems. Matt is taking over Kelly's position, and Kelly is moving towards becoming a complete financial & retirement planning advisor. Kelly will be working more closely with me in this endeavor and will be my "right hand gal" so to speak.


So, what's hot this month (other than the temperature)? Here are a few items we all need to be thinking about in these uncertain times:

A) Managing stock market risk! I know I say this a lot, but I think it's becoming more evident day by day that this stock market bull run could be coming to an end. Only time will tell, but for those of you that are not already clients, DON'T TAKE ON TOO MUCH RISK IN RETIREMENT! Pigs get fat, and hogs go to slaughter! Explore other options that can protect you in any economic environment. We can show you the proper blend of strategies that are proven to work in any economy.


B) Long Term Care Planning - This is becoming a national crisis. Long Term Care insurance premiums are going through the roof, yet 50-70% of us will need this type of care at some point. So, how do we pay for it without destroying our life's work? The answer is "ASSET BASED LONG TERM CARE"! These types of strategies are becoming the wave of the future with protection, guaranteed return of premium, and tax free death benefits all wrapped into one package. Let me be blunt folks, if you don't take some time to learn about this strategy, then SHAME ON YOU. This is one part of the insurance industry that is evolving rapidly, and we're associated with some of the best firms in the country to help you plan accordingly.


C) Our Institutional Wealth Management team at Global Financial Private Capital has now integrated various new money managers, new portfolios, and "Family Endowment" strategies. We've also had extensive discussions and training on how to properly blend these strategies together to meet client's expectations and goals. The education and learning never stops for us!


Enjoy this month's articles, and feel free to call with any questions or a free consultation.



Until next month,

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The Power of Zero &
Planning For A Tax Free Retirement
Lake Norman Magazine, July 2015


I have one simple question for all our readers. In the future, do you think tax rates will go up, go down, or stay the same? If you're one that thinks they're going down or staying as is, then what I'm going to say won't have much meaning for you. But if you're like the other 99% of us that believe taxes will likely be going up, then maybe this article will have some value and give you another perspective.


Ladies and gentleman, we are in the midst of a gathering storm! Currently tax rates are still at historic lows when looking back at the time since 1913 - when the federal income tax was first imposed. It's been as high as 94% (1943)! From 1936-1981, the top federal income tax rate never dropped below 70%! Ed Slott, CPA and one of America's retirement experts, says that taxes may double and all of us that have 401(k)s, IRAs, etc. have "The Government Plan", and not your own.  


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Stop The Madness
GFPC Thought for the Week (346)

*Financial news networks are addicted to the rising interest rate story, but the timing of the first interest rate hike since 2006 is meaningless to a long-term investor. 

*The real concern is the velocity of subsequent rate hikes, but the Fed will most likely go very slow over the coming years. 

*The reality of the current rate environment is that we will be dealing with lower rates for longer, and a single rate hike is not enough to get us back to the days of easy income.

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The Real Danger in This Market
GFPC Thought for the Week (347)

*Volatility has surged across global bond markets due to improving economic conditions and fear that the Fed will raise interest rates sooner than later. 

*The real danger that exists right now in markets is not the volatility, but rather how this volatility will cause investors to react. 

*Staying the course is the best advice during times of heightened volatility predicated upon an emotionally-driven response to short-term disruptions.

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The Power of Zero & Planning For A Tax Free Retirement
Stop The Madness
The Real Danger in This Market

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