February 16, 2016
The long-acting, nonhormonal contraceptive - for men.
Vasalgel: Building the right team
With a year of animal efficacy studies done on Vasalgel male contraceptive, we've demonstrated its feasibility -- and it's time to build momentum!

But it takes a strong team. First up, we have engaged a manufacturing expert who recently did good work for another contraceptive social venture. He's a down-to-earth type: no drama, just gets things done. He has already secured a manufacturer for a March start for "fill and finish" of Vasalgel for the upcoming clinical trials.

We're also talking with people who have experience guiding medical devices through this stage of regulatory interaction and clinical trials. As Vasalgel enters the big-time, it's good to have the right team. But hiring experts gets expensive.

How can you help? Spread the word to any social investors you know! Parsemus Foundation's director is out doing the same: first up is the Latin American Impact Investing Forum this week, then biotech/medical device investing conferences in Silicon Valley in March, and in London in April.

The ideal social investor is someone committed to Vasalgel's dual mission: financial sustainability, but also affordability of the final product. It's about making a return on investment while improving the world -- not making a killing. Such investors could be successful individuals who are motivated to see Vasalgel on the market for their own use, or family foundations interested in ecology, poverty alleviation, unintended pregnancy, or men's and women's reproductive health.

We've already made a couple of very interesting connections in response to the last newsletter. Thanks for spreading the word!

Parsemus Foundation's other projects
If you haven't yet seen Parsemus Foundation's new website, have a look.  The organization that's developing Vasalgel has completed other projects -- such as an alternative treatment for better quality of life post-breast cancer ; ultra-low-cost nonsurgical dog and cat contraception; and a non-invasive prostate enlargement treatment (tell the older men in your life!). We'd love it if you'd spread the word, and tell us what you think of the new look!
In next month's newsletter: Reversibility survey
The first clinical trial will be for men who are okay with the possibility of permanence, since no promises can be made about reversibility until there's human data-- but we know that for many younger men and couples, reversibility is what would make Vasalgel revolutionary. If you're waiting for Vasalgel, how important is reversibility for you? Please share your thoughts in next month's survey!
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