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The economics of male contraception - an interview with the Vasalgel project's director
"Why aren't there more male contraceptives available?" is a question we frequently hear. It is a source of debate on Facebook, in blog posts and through media coverage. The Vasalgel project was highlighed in a recent feature on this very topic. The bottom line?  Blame economics, not the science.

Priceonomics investigated reasons for a lack of male contraceptive options in an article published Oct. 19, 2015. Journalist Rosie Cima interviewed Parsemus Foundation Director Elaine Lissner and used her history of advocacy for new male contraceptives to explore the varied reasons that male options lag so far behind.

While scientific breakthroughs in male contraception occur routinely, very few products ever make it to market. A lack of funding from large pharma companies puts pressure on smaller nonprofits and on governments to fund expensive development. Liability and market size issues further complicate the situation.

Through the dedication of Ms. Lissner, the Vasalgel team, and its supporters, one product - Vasalgel - may be the first to break through the obstacles with a new option for men.

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