The latest news on Vasalgel development!                      December 22, 2015
2015 - Progress, and challenges
So much has happened in the last year for the Vasalgel project. We have made great progress in most areas, but also experienced a few challenges. It's been a long road, but we're pleased to report that Vasalgel is still moving forward full speed ahead towards first clinical (human) trial next year. Stay tuned throughout this coming year for announcement of location. Here's what has been accomplished this year: 
Preclinical (animal) studies: The baboon studies proved how effective Vasalgel was as a contraceptive, but were not able to show reversibility in the fragile baboon vas. After an extensive search to find a partner that would meet our animal welfare requirements, we've moved to working with dogs to refine reversal techniques. This work is ongoing, and it won't impact the timeline for clinical (human) trials.
  • Baboon studies are complete, with the final group of four males having Vasalgel implants for over 12 months with no pregnancies in their breeding groups/harems.
  • New studies are underway, designed to evaluate factors that could impact reversibility and refine techniques.
Manufacturing and testing: We made changes in the manufacturing process that had the benefit of enhancing proper scale-up of production, but the disadvantage of taking time and moving our timeline for our first clinical trial from 2015 to 2016.
  • Produced raw material that will be used to create Vasalgel for clinical trials.
  • Completed "engineering batch" (initial project to evaluate mixing and filling vials).
  • Evaluated and chose vendors for final filling and qualifying Vasalgel for clinical use (study in men).
  • Developed new material-testing methods in preparation for meeting regulatory requirements.
Interest and support grow - New foundation gifts
This past year Vasalgel has had fantastic media attention - from Medical Daily, ABC TV, and Smithsonian to US News & World Report, Vice and Priceonomics. We've heard from many people who are thrilled to learn about this revolution in male contraception and want to help get it to clinical trials! We have also begun talking to investors who are supportive of Vasalgel's social mission to provide the contraceptive around the globe at an affordable price.

The Vasalgel project recently received a $37,000 grant from an anonymous donor; $13,000 from a Woodside, California foundation; $2,000 from a family donor-advised fund; and a repeat $5,000 donation from a longtime follower in Seattle-- not to mention the countless smaller donations that keep things moving. We're thankful that so many people support the development work on Vasalgel. Contributions from men and women who want more options for male contraception and gifts from foundations allowed us to make significant progress this year.

Please consider a year-end gift to Parsemus Foundation to help prepare for next year's first clinical trial.

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with peace and joy,

The entire Vasalgel™ team
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