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June 2016
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Dear South Cove Staff, Patients, Supporters and Friends:  

Eugene Welch
Another June 30, and another year-end for the health center, we are looking forward to 2017 when we will be celebrating 45 years of serving the Asian Community, and still growing!

During August and September, we will be adding four new providers to our staff: Dr. Kevin Hui, Adult Medicine/Pediatrics; Dr. Xiaojuan Zheng, Women's Health/Adult Medicine; a psychiatric nurse practitioner Danielle Joyce; and Dr. Alison Tam, psychiatry, who will do 4 sessions a week in the Behavioral Health department. We hope the additional staff will add additional depth and quality to our medical team, welcome all!

EW signature
CEO/Executive Director
South Cove Community Health Center  
New Women's Health Clinic Unveiled
Enhanced Services in the Works!
On Monday, May 9, 2016, South Cove's new Women's Health Clinic opened its doors to patients at 145 South Street.  It was more than a simple relocation of the OB/GYN department.  It was the end-result of years of meticulous planning and precise execution.  We cannot be more proud of this beautiful, open space.  And the best part?  It is full of potential and possibilities!   
Dr. Lucy Chie, South Cove's OB/GYN department head, is delighted and grateful to be in this new space that affords more patient privacy, comfort, and services.  Washington Street clinic has been bursting at the seams, and this move allows more space and calm for all South Cove patients. 
New Women's Health clinic corridor 
The quieter and more private setting helps patients feel more at ease to discuss their concerns more openly and comfortably.  For the OB/GYN department, this relocation provides space to consider new ways of delivering patient care as well as provides patients easier access to services such as Mammography, Behavioral Health, and Dentistry.  
One exciting project in the planning phase is piloting group prenatal care.  Group prenatal care aims to provide more patient-centered care by facilitating longer care visits for a group of pregnant patients with similar due dates.  Beyond delivering prenatal care and education, group prenatal care creates

Dr. Janet Chollet and Ivy Phung, nurse assistant, with a patient 
peer support where expectant mothers can build meaningful social relationships within the group and encourage one another throughout the pregnancy.  This model of care is offered at many community health centers, and studies have indicated positive medical and non-medical outcomes.  South Cove is excited to start its own program of group prenatal care, hoping to develop additional connections and community that patients might not otherwise have.

Another new and enhanced service that rolled out on June 24, 2016 is offering patients more extensive obstetric ultrasound services within the health center. An ultrasound technician on loan from BIDMC will be at the new Women's Health clinic every Monday and Friday.  The joint venture with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to offer this more robust service has been going great so far and patients have been very happy to be able to obtain such services onsite. 

At the same time, the new Women's Health Clinic eagerly awaits the arrival of a new addition to its team.  Dr. Xiaojuan Zheng is a family practice physician, who will join South Cove in late summer.  Dr. Zheng is fluent in Mandarin and is no stranger to Boston.  She earned her undergraduate degree at Harvard University, her medical degree at University of Florida, and is completing her family medicine training at University of Pennsylvania.  She will divide her time between OB/GYN and Adult Medicine, devoting 75% her time to providing the full spectrum of out-patient women's health services, including prenatal care, cervical cancer screening, colposcopy, contraceptive care and general primary care.
Winnie Hsu, RN, conducts a Family Planning session 
"The patient feedback about 145 South St. has been extremely positive", says Dr. Chie.  "We are able to enhance our own services, and because of our close proximity to Behavioral Health and Dentistry, we can explore areas of greater collaboration," added Dr. Chie, who has seen first-hand the positive impact it had on patients at 88 Holmes Street in Quincy where OB/GYN, Dentistry and Behavioral Health are all under one roof.

And finally, "the new Women's Health Clinic will allow us to provide comprehensive women's health care", Dr. Chie concluded, and she could not be more thrilled for that!
Annual Corporation Meeting
SCCHC Closes Another Storybook Year

South Cove's 44th Annual Corporation Meeting took place on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at the 88 Holmes Street Clinic in Quincy.  
Board President Nelson Liu opened the meeting and welcomed all to its 44th edition. The Board, he remarked, was pleased with another wonderful year as reported by Eugene Welch, Executive Director, and Eric Tiberi, COO. Under their leadership, the health center was successful in terms of its accomplishments as well as serving patients and being financially robust. The big milestone was passing the HRSA (Health Resources & Services Administration, a Division of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) review & audit and receiving their seal of approval. Even though Eugene always says that he works for the Board but in Nelson and his fellow board members' views, Eugene does not work for them, but rather, with them, and that is how it has been all these years. "The health center's success is a testament to Eugene, Eric and the entire staff... South Cove runs itself without much help from the Board," praised Nelson. He is also pleased that the health center is doing well enough to consider expansion, to "go where our patients are." He looks forward to FY 2017, and CY 2017 when South Cove will be celebrating its 45th Anniversary next September!
In the Executive Director's Annual Report, Eugene outlined the accomplishments of FY 2016.
  • Four clinical sites in Boston and Quincy, serving 31,019 patients with a staff of over 260 people.
  • Moved the health center's entire electronic medical records offsite to the Cloud, to be managed by a 3rd party agency that will be able to respond to any disaster and have the ability to have our medical records recovered and up and running in minimal time.
  • Moved the Ob/Gyn Department to the first floor at 145 South Street as part of the new Women's Health clinic, with Family Planning, Mammography and Bone Densitometry.
  • Remodeled garden level, featuring the new Behavioral Health pod, an expanded Optometry department, a new space for the Early Intervention Program, and the WIC/Nutrition Program.
Before concluding, Eugene expressed his deep appreciation for the dedication of staff and the support of the Board. SCCHC has stayed true to its mission of serving the medically underserved for 44 years; SCCHC has faced its share of challenges along the way, and stepped up to the plate each and every time, for that he is immensely proud. South Cove ended FY2016 strongly. We are looking ahead to FY 2017 and the new Call Center to be unveiled at the South Street clinic early this fall!    
SCCHC Board of Directors and Eugene Welch 

South Cove Board of Directors FY 2016-17
The Board and Corporation members fulfilled their fiscal responsibility by voting in 5 board members for a 3-year term from 2016-2019.

Officers serve a two-year term from 2015-2017 - no election of officers this year.

President: Nelson Liu
Secretary: Cindy Chen
Treasurer: April Tang

Newly elected Board Members: Mai Du, I-Min Lee, Steve Ng, Alvin Wing and Susan Chinsen.

Continuing Board Members: Thomas Birch, Herman Harry Lee, Thuy Tran Leung, Cindy Chen, Meei Li, Nelson Liu, Chi Ma, Stephen Tang, April Tang and David Yee.
Stat Dragons Impress Again
Two Medals Won!
South Cove Stat Dragons' medal winning streak continues! The team came in first in Division E and second in the Healthcare Division. Stat Dragons powered down the Charles to beat Peking U Alumni - BOYA and Charlestown High to claim gold but could not catch up to the Dragonauts of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and had to settle for Silver. 

The 37th Annual Boston Dragon Boat Festival took place on Sunday, June 12, 2016 along both sides of the Charles River in Cambridge. The ever growing festival has no problem attracting local and out-of-state teams, setting another record in the number of team participants at 69 this year! Apart from participating in the race, we are also very proud to participate as a festival sponsor to help promote and celebrate the work of Boston Dragon Boat Festival - the longest running dragon boat festival in North America and the largest Asian-American cultural event in New England!

Stat Dragons 2016! 
Stat Dragons made their 13th consecutive appearance this year with a team that is comprised of 2/3 returning paddlers and 1/3 new recruits - a healthy mixture of experience and fresh muscle! A recreational team that was only put together less than 2 months prior to the tournament and practiced only 6 times on the Charles, the results speak volume of the Stat Dragons team spirit! This also marks the 5th year in a row that the Stat Dragons have come away with at least one medal. As much as we relish in winning, at the end of the day, it is the collective fighting spirit and the camaraderie shared among all the team members that will be the lasting memory. Newcomer Rui Shao agrees when describing his experience as a first-time staff participant, "I enjoyed getting to know the different staff members of South Cove and enjoying the camaraderie of the team." Another new staff recruit, Donald Chan, echoes Rui's sentiments, sharing that "Being a part of the Stat Dragons was both fun and rewarding this year. The team members were all friendly and helpful, especially with me being brand new to dragon boat rowing."  

Post-race celebration after receiving the hard earned medals! 

ial thanks to Captain Tom, the pillar of the team for 10 years and Drummer Jacquie, for drumming the team to the finish line with poise and grace, and then of course, there is Harry Lee, our steerer-extraordinaire, who is undisputedly the heart and soul of Stat Dragons! Lastly, thank you to all the team members who committed the time and put in the hard work to make possible another year of successful showing!

Stat Dragons 2016 by the numbers:
  • 20 Paddlers: 10 male and 10 female - first year in many years that equilibrium was achieved!
  • Youngest member: 25; oldest: 71 - proving that age is a non-issue!
  • Most experienced paddler: 13 years of paddling with the Stat Dragons!
  • The returning paddlers have a combined 50+ years of experience with dragon boating, with Captain Tom Leung and Kenny Lee accounting for almost half of that!
  • 10 of the 22 team members are current/former SCCHC staff or board members, the rest are families and/or friends of SCCHC staff or board members.
Stat Dragons 2016 team members: Adam Greenson, Alex Yoon, Alison Hui, Andrea Leung, Andrew Lee, Suk Fun Ho, Donald Chan, Gina Kwong, Herman Lee, Jacquie Kay, Jennifer Tran, Kenneth Lee, Lawrence Cheng, Matthew Kung, Pamela Lee, Peggy Leung-Strle, Rui Shao, Thomas Yee, Tiffany Hu, Tom Leung, Winnie Kwong and Zhanglin Kong.
Sponsor: Eugene Welch and South Cove Community Health Center.
South Cove Essay Contest
14 Scholarships Awarded this Year
In celebration of the health center's 40th Anniversary in 2012 and the lives of many that the health center has touched, an essay contest was announced and scholarships were awarded to 5 contestant winners. The Asian Healthcare Foundation of Massachusetts, established to support the mission of South Cove, has funded the scholarships ever since its inception in 2012, the Foundation Board of Directors also voted that same year to have the essay contest be a yearly fixture for the next 10 years through 2021.
Serving the community since 1972, South Cove has cared for many multi-generational families and played a big part in the well-being of these families. With the essay contest, we wanted to achieve two goals: 1 to hear from their perspective the impact of South Cove and 2. to give back to the community and the future generation. 
Entering its 5th year, we are pleased to see an upsurge in the number of entries received in recent two years, and we thank our staff and community partners for spreading the word. The contest saw a total of 14 entries this year. Once again, the judges were in awe of the quality of all the essays and similar to last year, voted to award scholarships to all the students as all the essays were deemed worthy and deserving of the prize.  
Congratulations to Jing Chen, Wilson Chen, Timothy Chung, James Le, Madison Su, Carita Sum, Ryan Sum, Wesley Tat, Amy Trinh, Leona Tu, Megan Wan, Fiona Yang, Lily Yuan and Jennifer Zou.
Eugene Welch, Board President Nelson Liu and Board Member April Tang pose with the Essay Contest Winners. 

The essay contest has awarded a total of 45 scholarships including this year, we hope that through this contest, the health center is making a difference, however small it may be, in the recipients' higher education endeavor.
We invite all our readers to read the published essays online. They provide a glimpse into the struggles and hardship faced by new immigrant families due to cultural and language barrier. A few of the essays were from children of South Cove staff.  It is heart-warming to know that South Cove makes a difference not only in the lives of the patients but also those of the staff and their families. We are proud and honored to be in their lives in different capacities, be it a provider of medical care, a place of refuge & safe haven or an employer providing stability and a sense of purpose for its staff.
Essay Excerpts:
Although I was not fond of the idea of talking to someone about my problems, I grew more comfortable with opening up to my psychologist by playing games together while she tried to get me to talk to her. Soon enough we became like friends. Instead of dreading our weekly meetings, I waited eagerly for them. This marked the beginning of my new and better perspective. Read more 
If it were not for South Cove's aid throughout his life, my brother would have left my family sooner and I would have spent less time with him.  Read More
My experiences volunteering at South Cove have inspired me to continue being part of the community that is dedicated to helping a diverse population.  Read more 
South Cove is also really well staffed with doctors who genuinely care about their patients and build connections with to create a trustworthy and accepting environment.  Read more 
I aspire to coalesce all the positive attributes that South Cove and its individual staff has demonstrated as I begin my path to becoming a registered nurse and eventually a nurse anesthetist.  Read more 
Science is one of my most favorite classes in school thanks to the passion and curiosity that BASE had created in me. If it was not for this program, I would not have found this part of me.  Read more 
Our generation is given the key and opportunity for unlocking the knowledge that can solve the most complex problem and inequality in this world. Thus it is our responsibility to take up this privilege wisely, be attentive to the social issue around us and leave a smile on strangers that we help along the way - a lesson learned from Dr. Tang that will make a lasting impact, one person at a time.  Read more 
As a volunteer at B.A.S.E., I have truly learned to be a responsible adult. Here I have explored new areas and ideas and they helped me in developing plenty of new social and personal skills.  Read more 
Dr. Hsu's amazing support is not just unique to him however, it applies across the board at South Cove. My pediatrician was friendly and considerate. It was easy to be open and talk to him and he explained things in a thorough but easily understandable manner.  Read more 
It was the nurse who reassured my sister and me that everything was alright while our dad was getting his check up. It was Dr. Zhang whom my mom called when I had a fever at midnight and she had no one else to turn to. It was where some of the most important people in our lives watched my sister and me grow up from goofy babies to bickering teenagers.  Read more 
The primary care I have received from my pediatrician has helped tremendously from relieving emotional instability to constantly ensuring I was physically healthy as well. Asthma and severe pollen allergies was a condition that I struggled with as child, however, I was able to overcome that with continual support and prescriptions from South Cove.  Read more  
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About South Cove Community Health Center:
Founded in 1972, South Cove is dedicated to improving the health and well being of all medically underserved in Massachusetts with a special focus on Asian Americans. This mission is accomplished by providing high quality, community-based health care and health promotion programs which are accessible, linguistically and culturally competent for these populations.

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