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August 2015
A Happy and Safe Labor Day Weekend to All!

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Dear South Cove Staff, Patients, Supporters and Friends:  

Eugene Welch Well this summer is fast coming to a close. It has been very busy but we are in the process of adding more providers and opening more newly remodeled space to see patients better. After saying this, we will have an even busier October, we all will need to learn and work with the new ICD-10 coding starting October 1, 2015. Second, we will have a 3-day visit from HRSA on October 6-8, which will involve all departments.  So as a team we will make sure we all know what is expected from us.
So welcome to fall!

EW signature
CEO/Executive Director
South Cove Community Health Center  
August Moon Festival
South Cove Sponsors Both Boston Chinatown and Quincy Celebrations

This year's August Moon Festival in Boston Chinatown took place on a mild Sunday that started with a bit of overcast but turned out to be a beautiful sunny day minus the humidity.   Entering its 46th anniversary this year, the festival was held on August 9, 2015, organized by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association.
Group photo with organizers and community representatives 
Photo courtesy of Chutze Chou 
Pamela Lee, coordinator for South Cove's participation in the festival, was on stage on behalf of the health center to read a brief welcoming remark from Executive Director Eugene Welch and wished everyone a Happy August Moon and a great time at the festival.

South Cove's booth featured informational brochures, services and plenty of giveaways: shopping bags and fans for adults and balloons for kids that were inflated on site thanks to a donated helium tank! Staff members from Adult Medicine, Ob/Gyn, WIC/Nutrition and Member Services manned the South Cove booth and answered questions for patrons. Besides promoting South Cove and community health centers in general, there was also a staff member assigned to outreach to potential voters in hope of getting them to register and vote - a cause that South Cove has taken on as its civic responsibility. We estimate that nearly 1,000 people have visited the booth by the conclusion of the festival.
Patrons lining up to visit the South Cove booth 

The Quincy August Moon Festival was the following Sunday, it was another great day but we were not able to escape the stifling heat and mugginess this time. Organized and hosted by the Quincy Asian Resources, Inc., the Quincy edition does not shy in comparison to the Chinatown one even though it is not as long-running (entering its 28th year).
South Cove Quincy staff posing with the fan 
Margaret Cheung, site manager of the 88 Holmes Street Clinic, greeted and welcomed everyone to the festival on behalf of South Cove as the Presenting Sponsor. All who visited the South Cove table had the opportunity to spin the wheel and see what prize they would get (bags, fans or pens). Staff members from Adult Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Referral and Front Desk departments were present to answer questions. The Quincy Festival also saw close to 1,000 visitors stopping by the South Cove booth, maybe to try their luck at the wheel in hope of getting a fan that would provide some relief in the sweltering heat!
Quincy August Moon Festival on Hancock Street 

Both festivals featured a packed program with performances and entertainment including lion dance, family activities, traditional folk dance, volleyball tournament (Chinatown), vendors of Chinese arts and crafts and food sampling.
The August Moon Festival in Boston and Quincy is a celebration that transcends ethnicity, it is a celebration of an Asia holiday that has consistently attracted people of all cultural backgrounds. South Cove is honored to be sponsoring the festivals that serve as a great symbol of our community's rich culture and celebrate the Asian heritage.  
National Health Center Week
South Cove Participates in Various Celebrations

August 9-15, 2015 was the National Health Center Week, community health centers across the country celebrated and planned events to recognize the special week. And special it was, because this year marks a very distinctive milestone: the 50th anniversary of nation's first community health center. For health centers in Boston, it is even more special and meaningful for that it was in Boston that the concept took shape and materialized (Please refer to the March 2015 issue for the story of nation's first health center). To celebrate the week with the community and the largely-Asian population that we serve, we thought it would be fitting to do it at the annual August Moon Festival in Chinatown and Quincy, which coincidentally marked the beginning and the end of the National Health Center Week respectively. Though South Cove is a constant at the festival every year, this year's participation was more momentous as we were one of the hundreds of other community health centers that were also hosting/participating in events during the week to: a) outreach and engage their respective communities and b) on a more grand level, promote the value and impact of community health centers as a whole.  
As a member of AAPCHO (Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations), South Cove also took part in an AAPCHO project funded by the Coulter Foundation to develop videos in support of its members' outreach efforts. The videos gave an overview of the vital services health centers provide and featured representatives from AACHO's member health centers including our very own Eugene Welch!  We are pleased to share these videos (please click on the images below to view) and celebrate together the journey that is the community health center movement with our readers and fellow AAPCHO members.
Later in the year, South Cove will also participate in the 50th Anniversary celebrations hosted by the Geiger Gibson Community Health Center (first health center in the nation, later rededicated to "Geiger Gibson" in honor of Dr. Geiger and Dr. Gibson) and the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, which are to be taking place in October and November respectively.
Community health centers play a pivotal role in nation's healthcare delivery system. Over the last five decades, we have demonstrated the commitment and expertise needed to improve the health of underserved families and communities, while at the same time lowering the overall cost of healthcare.  As the video message conveys: community health centers are more than clinics, they are immersed in the community, they are neighbor, friend and family to their patients.  South Cove salutes its fellow community health centers and pays tribute to the trailblazers and pioneers, without the groundwork they have laid before us, we would not be where we are today.    
South Cove Welcomes Two New Providers
Rui Shao and Donald Chan Join the Pediatrics and Adult Medicine Department Respectively
Rui "Ray" Shao and Donald Chan have many things in common: they went to the same school, share the same hobbies, live in the same city and perhaps the best part (from South Cove's perspective) is that they also work at the same place! Having joined within a week of each other in August, Rui and Donald are the newest additions to South Cove's team of quality providers. They are recent graduates of the MGH Institute of Health Professions with a Master of Science degree in Nursing and are now licensed nurse practitioners, one specializing in pediatrics and the other, family medicine.

Rui was born in Nanjing, China and later immigrated to Los Angeles. He completed his undergraduate education with a major in Human Biology
Rui Shao
at UC San Diego and graduate coursework at the MGH Institute of Health Professions.
He is interested in promoting healthy eating and quality exercise in the pediatric population. South Cove appealed to him because it provides healthcare to a population that often faces difficulty accessing healthcare services due to language barriers.

He hopes to continue to provide quality care to the pediatric population and one day gain experience in the field of pediatric oncology.

Rui is an avid snowboarder who also enjoys playing basketball and cooking in his spare time.

He looks forward to meeting more South Cove staff and becoming part of the South Cove community. 
Donald Chan 
Donald's NP path is similar to Rui's, just on the east coast. He attended Boston Universiy and also chose a major that would prepare him for an advance degree in the healthcare field: Human Physiology. But he always knew that working in the lab was not going to be the right fit. He wanted to be involved in direct patient care and felt that nursing was the perfect way to accomplish both: to apply his knowledge from the study of the human body as well as to give care to patients. He chose the family medicine track because of his love of taking care of patients of all ages! Seeing patients' families grow from one generation to the next and serving as their PCP is something that he believes is truly special.
To him, being at South Cove is a great way to give back to the Asian community, especially one that is underserved.
In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors with his girlfriend and their 1-year old puppy, Yoshi. They just moved to Quincy and are excited to explore its surrounding communities and engage in outdoor adventures such as hiking the Blue Hills. He also enjoys playing basketball, working out and snowboarding. 
South Cove is thrilled to add Rui and Donald to our medical team. With Ray and Donald, we now boast a team of six NPs with clinical experience in Adult Medicine, Women's Health, Pediatrics and Family practice.
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About South Cove Community Health Center:
Founded in 1972, South Cove is dedicated to improving the health and well being of all medically underserved in Massachusetts with a special focus on Asian Americans. This mission is accomplished by providing high quality, community-based health care and health promotion programs which are accessible, linguistically and culturally competent for these populations.

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