3rd Quarter 2014

MissionOur Mission
Here at United Way of Laramie County we pride ourselves in always evolving to meet the needs of the community. Part of the work this year by our Board of Directors was to update and reaffirm our Vision and Mission for United Way of Laramie County. We are pleased to share our new vision and mission statements:

Our Vision
United Way of Laramie County envisions a community where all individuals and families have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission
To responsibly mobilize and leverage community resources to create long-term changes that produce healthy, educated and financially stable individuals and families in Laramie County.

ChairsAmazing Pacesetters

by Renee Ashworth


It's hard to believe that summer is coming to a close as well as the Pacesetter Campaign. From the beginning of the kick-off breakfast in June, the pacesetter companies have continued to amaze us with their commitment to new and creative ideas to make their United Way campaign successful, not just during the campaign period but they have made community awareness and commitment part of their company culture all year long.  


Together 58 organizations have made a difference in Laramie County as Pacesetters. We are so fortunate in our community to have the support of these companies that truly make United Way successful. Full story with photos


2014 Pacesetter List


"When I look at what influence I have had, sharing my passion and joy in this work is what goes out for people to see. I hope this is the case because I do believe in magic - the magic of all of us coming together to create this wonderful place we call Laramie County!"
~ Connie Sloan Cathcart

CITGoal and Importance of Community Investment Team (CIT)/Program Partner Visits
by Sally Meeker
You're an invested United Way Volunteer, serving on a Community Investment Team. It's time to make funding decisions - how do you decide who gets what? A few pieces of paper describe each agency's role in the community, their "performance measures", budgets and vision. But who are the people running the programs? What do they do? How is it working? What do they need to succeed? How can United Way support them?

A visit with real people in real places, in real time brings each program TO LIFE!

I recently visited four United Way funded programs and learned such things as:

Their proudest moment helping a client.

Their frustrations from inoperable equipment to existing tiny spaces, to trying to keep staff employed while fixing plumbing problems.

I also learned of their appreciation, gratitude and anxiety about their largest source of funding - United Way of Laramie County.


Most importantly, we connected as team members - United Way and community agencies working together.


I can now answer questions and offer valuable information about people and programs at funding meetings. I have new knowledge, awareness and appreciation for the incredible work going on in Laramie County.


To learn more about Community Investment Teams, our visits with program partners or United Way's role in Laramie County, contact United Way of Laramie County at 638-8904 or LiveUnited@UnitedWayofLaramieCounty.org.


Together we make a difference!

IFSSInterfaith Family Support Services and United Way Making A Difference in Laramie County

Interfaith Family Support Services (IFSS) is a program of Community Action of Laramie County that helps families get back on their feet and provide security and stability to their children. Multiple, Interfaith, faith based communities band together to provide all services necessary for a family. This includes hospitality based shelter, nutritious food, enrichment and education for both the parents and the youth, and unconditional support from as many as a few hundred volunteers. The volunteers provide the family with countless benefits including a shoulder to lean on, role models helping the parents learn how to develop a feeling of camaraderie within the family through appropriate dinner conversation and the tools to foster the child's growth and development.


The volunteers provide these services at no cost to the families or program, allowing IFSS to continue providing these necessary services to the community. The funding and donation dollars are  used to provide the direct services benefiting the homeless children and their family. Full story

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