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Become A Conflict Coach!  November 6-7 Training    
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#1: VIDEO - Sing Chin, Volunteer of the Quarter
#2: Conflict Coaching 101
#3: CR Tip of the Week
#4: Meet Deborah Gatiss
#5: Board President's Update
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(Advanced ADR)
From Darlene's Desk   
Dear Friend of Community Boards,

From Ferguson to the Middle East to right here in San Francisco, this summer offered plenty of conflict -- something that, as mediators and members of the CB community, touches many of us deeply. While the impasses are profound, it's part of our training to reflect on positive changes that can emerge and work to actualize them.  

I'd like to share one very bright note.  We've seen a significant increase of cases in our Neighborhood Mediation Program. In August alone, more than any other month in recent history, we opened 30 cases and held a whopping 14 mediations!

Are people feeling more inclined to proactively deal with their disputes? Is our community outreach making a difference? We think both are true. 

If you've helped get the word out about Community Boards this summer, thank you so much. It's paying off and it feels great to see our volunteer Community Mediators play an integral role in San Francisco peacemaking.


#1:  VIDEO - Sing Chin, Volunteer of the Quarter  
Sing was born in Malaysia and moved to the U.S. in 1974.  He worked hard as an entrepreneur developing several successful businesses.  He has served as a volunteer Community Mediator for over 20 years.  He was a Board  member from 2000 - 2002. 

As a Community Mediator, Sing really appreciates Community Boards' panel process, working with other dedicated volunteers to help those that need a safe and peaceful way to bring their differences to the table. 

More importantly, Sing sees volunteering as a great way to give back to his neighborhood and residence of 40 years.  He proudly serves Community Boards, honoring the principles set by its visionary founder Raymond Shonholtz.

On his days off Sing enjoys tinkering in his workshop on a variety of projects.  He is a self-taught mechanic and a self proclaimed chef.

#2: Conflict Coaching Update   
We introduced Conflict Coaching last year and it is proving to be a successful service that people appreciate and find effective. 

Here's a small sampling of recent testimonials:
  • "My coaching session was a gentle, practical, conversational exploration of what was important on all sides of my issue. Tony was able to get me to envision a different scenario that would not trigger me."
  • "I felt comfortable with my coach and she really distilled my issue into one I could better understand. My session was a nice balance of care and curiosity combined with a focus on the practical."
  • "Awesome session. Sheryl made me think of things that hadn't occurred to me. She helped me come up with actions I could take that were well within my comfort zone."
You, too, can become a conflict coach.  We're offering Conflict Coaching 101 on November 6-7.  Community Boards' training approach is an intensive two-day introduction to the principles of conflict coaching.  You'll learn how to apply your current conflict resolution and mediation skills.  Plus, you'll gain new insights to this unique approach and have opportunities to practice and apply them.  >>Learn more here.

#3:  Conflict Resolution Tip of the Week  
We're launching a new consumer education effort in late September through Facebook. We want to create an ongoing engagement with the people who contact us for mediation.

Every Tuesday a new "Conflict Resolution Tip of the Week" will be posted.  Two or three times a month, our Facebook friends will receive practical and effective conflict resolution tips.  >>>Click here to see a sample CR Tip.

Do you have a conflict resolution tip you'd like to share?  Email your suggestion to Cordell (cwesselink@communityboard.org) and we'll edit and format it, giving you a credit citation at the bottom.

And please be sure to "like" us on our Facebook company page, if you haven't already.  >>>Click here for Facebook.

#4:   Meet Deborah Gatiss, our new Community Outreach Coordinator 
In September Kyra Millich left as Community Outreach Coordinator to pursue a new career in real estate. We are sad to see her go.  We thank her for her outstanding work. All of us wish her the best in this new endeavor.

Filling this vacancy was urgent to meet our needs and service commitments to the City. Through a trusted referral, we were fortunate to find the ideal candidate:  Deborah Gatiss.

Deborah comes to us with tremendous community networking, volunteer coordination, and event production expertise. She is currently the director of communications and collaboration for ProLocal, a group of SF Merchant Associations with over 700 members. Deborah also produces the O+ Festival SF.  All of her great skills will be put to great use as she moves our community outreach projects forward. If you are interested in helping with outreach, please contact Deborah at dgatiss@communityboards.org.

#5: Board of Directors, President's Update

From Megan Oliver Thompson


Greetings from the Board of Directors!  I am thrilled to take on the role of Board President and fortunate to be surrounded by such a vibrant, thoughtful group of people dedicated to volunteering their time and energy to Community Boards.  

I am inspired by our Peacemaker Awards, motivated by our The Basics of Mediation training, and moved by the organization's abiding commitment to keeping peace in San Francisco's many communities.  

As board members and volunteers, we all share the common goal of ensuring a thriving Community Boards for years to come.  I'd like to see Community Boards achieve this goal by raising its visibility, forging strategic partnerships, and fostering sustainable growth.   I appreciate this opportunity to serve the mission of Community Boards as Board President and I look forward to seeing you at our next event!

In Peace,

Megan Oliver Thompson, Board President    


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