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    December 20, 2012
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The January 3 application deadline for the 2013-14 Executive Leadership in Academic Technology and Engineering program (ELATE
at Drexel®)
rapidly approaching. Please take the time now to help spread the word about this excellent opportunity to enhance the professional skills of a woman leader in engineering and the sciences.


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Here's wishing each of you happy holidays and a successful, stimulating new year!


From the ICELA and ELAM staff:

Kathleen Cooper, Cari Dam, Carol DeLoatch, Mary Anne Delaney, Olivia Lee, Aleya Lyn, Laura Lynch, Diane Magrane, Page Morahan, Brian Pelowski, Rosalyn Richman, and Kristan Stengel



If you missed our holiday letter yesterday, you can view it here to read about our highlights from the past year. 




Due to the holidays, there will be no ELAM Edge for the next two weeks. See you in the new year on January 10!



Quote of the Day

May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.

       - Mary Anne Radmacher




Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Submitted by ELUM Maria Ryan (SODM). Other ELUMs at Stony Brook are Latha Chandran and Meenakshi Singh (SOM).


Chair, Department of Surgery, Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Submitted by ELUM Maria Ryan. See above for other ELUMs at the university.


Deputy Director of Clinical Affairs for the Cancer Center, Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Submitted by ELUM Maria Ryan. See above for other ELUMs at the university.


Deputy Director of Research for the Cancer Center, Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Submitted by ELUM Maria Ryan. See above for other ELUMs at the university.


Director, Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute. Submitted by executive search firm Korn/Ferry International. ELUMs at Penn State are Kathleen Eggli, Barbara Ostrov, Ann Ouyang, Nanette Schwann, and Dani Zander (COM).


Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence (affiliated with Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University). Submitted by executive search firm Witt/Kieffer.



Please send position announcements to elamjobs@Drexelmed.edu.  



ELUM News 


AAMC CAS-Chairs, December 12, 2012:
The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) on Tuesday announced the appointment of Dr. Margaret L. Kripke (ELAM '97) to the position of chief scientific officer, where she will be responsible for overseeing the Institute's Research portfolio. Dr. Kripke retired in 2007 from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center where she was the executive vice president and chief academic officer. While there, she founded the Department of Immunology and was also a professor of immunology. Earlier this week Executive Director Bill Gimson resigned. The Texas attorney general and the Travis County (Austin) district attorney also announced this week that their offices are investigating CPRIT's approval of an award to a private firm that "bypassed review."


Susan Moffatt-Bruce, MD, PhD (a current ELAM Fellow), has been named associate dean of Clinical Affairs for Quality and Patient Safety at the Ohio State University College of Medicine.


Etta Pisano, M.D., (ELAM '04), is the recipient of the 2012 Advancement of Women Faculty Award presented by the Medical University of South Carolina's Women Scholars Initiative, for her dedicated commitment to the professional development of all women faculty at MUSC. 




If you have news about yourself, your ELAM Learning Community, or other ELUMs that you would like to share in the Edge, please send it to ELAM@Drexel.edu.




ELUM Articles


The Business Review, December 14 - 20, 2012:
A graduate class on gender discrimination in the workplace sparks a grieving process among female professionals

by Laura Schweitzer
When Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross published her work on the five stages of grief, she probably wasn't thinking it would apply to graduate students in a management course. Yet as I gear up to co-teach "Women and Management" in January, I am prepared to witness the grieving process. 



Articles of Note


Fast Company, December 13, 2012:

The Future Of Mentorship In An Age Of Entrepreneurs

If mentor-protégé relationships have gone the way of the mainframe computer, where does that leave those of us who seek guidance?


How To Hire Someone You Won't Regret In A Month

Success hinges on finding great people, but killer candidates can be nightmare employees, and duds can morph into your biggest stars. Here are the 3 biggest hiring mistakes to avoid.


Inside Higher Ed, December 13, 2012:

The Gender/Resource Gap

Even as women have narrowed or closed gaps in earning Ph.D.s in many science disciplines, their numbers have remained relatively small at the senior faculty ranks. A range of theories have been offered to explain these lingering gaps. Some see continued sexism as the culprit. Others say that women may be opting out of the demands of winning tenure in the sciences -- and still others say that women publish less than do men.


The New York Times Business Day, December 15, 2012:

How to Attack the Gender Wage Gap? Speak Up

Annie Houle of the WAGE Project uses $1 bills and play money to show men's pay advantage over different groups of women. Her program teaches women how to negotiate for better salaries.


Fast Company, December 17, 2012:

The One Conversational Tool That Will Make You Better At Absolutely Everything

Insightful answers can move your business, organization, or career forward. The problem is that most of us ask terrible questions. Learn from the pros how to do it right.


Knowledge@Wharton, December 17, 2012:

'The Corner Office': Adam Bryant on the Five Qualities of Successful Leaders
New York Times editor Adam Bryant has interviewed more than 200 CEOs for his Corner Office column. In his book, The Corner Office: Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed, Bryant shares what he has learned from Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, Ford CEO Alan R. Mulally, Yum Brands CEO David C. Novak, Teach for America CEO Wendy Kopp, Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus and other leaders. Knowledge@Wharton recently sat down with Bryant to discuss five qualities of successful leaders, the age-old question of whether leaders are born or made and how his discussions with CEOs have influenced his own approach to leadership. (Video with transcript)


American Medical Women's Association News Flash, December 19, 2012:

Science faculty's subtle gender biases favor male students
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA    
Despite efforts to recruit and retain more women, a stark gender disparity persists within academic science. Abundant research has demonstrated gender bias in many demographic groups, but has yet to experimentally investigate whether science faculty exhibit a bias against female students that could contribute to the gender disparity in academic science.


AAMC CAS-Chairs, December 19, 2012:

An article in Tuesday's New York Times discussed the recommendations of the NIH Working Group on Diversity in the Biomedical Research Workforce and NIH's initiatives related to the panel's recommendations, which are drawing strong support.


Fast Company, December 19, 2012:

Harmony At Work Can Result In Mediocrity--So Shake Things Up

Conflict resolution isn't about calming everyone down-- it's about addressing problems head on.


Calls for Applications, Nominations, Etc.


AAMC CAS-Chairs, December 19, 2012:

The AAMC Integrating Quality Meeting will be held June 6-7, 2013 at the Intercontinental Chicago O'Hare Hotel. The meeting is a highly interactive, interprofessional program that brings together health care leaders, faculty, educators, trainees and students from teaching hospitals, medical schools, health professions schools, and other health care organizations to share strategies for enhancing the culture of quality in clinical care and health professions education. Teams that lead these efforts are encouraged to attend together. The meeting organizers are seeking proposals for poster presentations, interactive workshops/sessions, and plenary presentations in the selected areas. The deadline for submitting an abstract is Friday, January 18, 2013. Registration will be available online in March.


The Last Word


Fast Company, December 14, 2012:

What "The Hobbit" Teaches Us About Finding Our Life Quests


AAMC CAS-Chairs, December 19, 2012:

And finally...The British Medical Journal's annual Christmas issue is now available on-line. Important articles in the eagerly-anticipated compilation include: "Why Rudolph's nose is red: observational study;" "Pain over speed bumps in diagnosis of acute appendicitis: diagnostic accuracy study;" "Mind wandering and driving: responsibility case-control study;" and "The tooth fairy and malpractice."


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