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Governance Council Update 

Welcome Rachel Makohoniuk


We are proud to announce the two newest members of our Governance Council: Rachel Makohoniuk and Janet Brewster.


Rachel begins her three-year term on the GC as a Worker Representative. She comes with a background in carpentry and a passion for safety, both for herself and her co-workers. This makes her the perfect fit for the GC.


Originally from Ontario, Rachel made Yellowknife her home for the past six years and is currently the President of the Yellowknife Guild of Arts and Crafts. She looks forward to bringing a different perspective to her term on the GC.


After attending her first GC meeting in September, and being warmly welcomed, Rachel is looking forward to the next meeting when she can be a more active participant. We are happy to have Rachel and her expertise on board, and to have her valuable contributions in the coming years.


Please stay tuned for the December issue of SafetyNet for an introduction to Janet Brewster.

Rate Assessment

Employers - it's that time of year again! Your new employer assessment rate is on the way to your mailbox. Every year, the GC and an independent actuary set the provisional average assessment rate and the individual rates for each sub-class.  These are based on the last five year's claims experience.  So, the less claims cost experience an industry has, the more stable their rates. 


The GC made the formal announcement of the 2015 rates in early November. The Provisional Average Assessment Rate will be $2.00 per $100 of assessable payroll, slightly lower than 2014's average rate of $2.05.  The Year's Maximum Insurable Remuneration (YMIR), the maximum amount of earnings the WSCC uses to calculate compensation for injured workers per year, is higher for 2015 at $86,000, up from $84,200.


To view a copy of the Rate Guide, please click here.

Skills Canada - Power Up!

Young workers need to know about workplace safety, and that incidents do not just happen. They are preventable. Teaching awareness and prevention at an early age helps inform the next generation of workers and future employers about safety rights and responsibilities. 


The WSCC is participating in the two-day Power Up! conference for grade 8 students in Yellowknife. This conference is done in two parts, one for young women and the other for young men. It offers students an opportunity to learn about some of the exciting career options that are available to them. The WSCC workshops in Yellowknife highlight the importance of safety, and include hands-on learning where students can experience first-hand what being a Safety Officer is all about.

Check out Skills Canada to learn more about how to get involved in promoting careers in skilled trades and technology to Northern youth in Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

What's New


WSCC Publication Highlights 

The WSCC works hard to bring you fresh and informative content. This reoccurring section highlights recent updates and new safety tools for you to use!

Right to Refuse Cards

Did you know you have the right to refuse unsafe work? If you find yourself in a situation which poses an unusual danger to yourself or others, you have the right to refuse.  WSCC offers workers wallet cards to walk them through the steps to refuse unsafe work. Keep the card on you for a quick reference, should you find yourself in an unsafe situation. To request cards, contact They are available in English, French, Inuktitut, and Inuinnaqtun.

Geoscience Conference 2014 

November 25-27

Come visit the WSCC booth at the Annual Geoscience Forum. The forum is taking place over three days at the Ed Jeske Arena in Yellowknife. We hope to see you there.

Stay in the know 

Recent Court Cases


When corporations or businesses are found to be in violation of the Safety Acts and General Safety Regulations, they are punishable in the Territorial Courts of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Upon announcement of a verdict, the WSCC will release this information to our stakeholders, so we can all share in the valuable lessons learned, to keep Northern workplaces safe. To view the outcome of the case below, click on the link provided.


North American Construction - Bluefish Hydro 

Course Tips

Upcoming Safety Courses


WSCC, along with our partners Northern Territories Federation of Labour (NTFL) and Northern Safety Association (NSA), offer courses about workplace safety and awareness. Stay informed about upcoming courses!  


Northern Safety Association  - Contact the NSA for more information

Principles in Health and Safety Management 


November 20
Auditor Training Program
November 21-22
Leadership for Safety Excellence 
November 23-24


Northern Territories Federation of Labour - Find out more information on courses here!
Step Three: Developing Return to work Programs
November 25-27

WSCC - Find out more information here!

Supervisor Safety
November 25-27
Supervisor Safety
Hay RiverDecember 2-4


Want to know more?

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