December 11, 2013

In addition to our lovely newsletter, we're sure that some of you are subscribed to highly successful services like Living Social and Groupon.  The concept of the short-lived but deep discount is very enticing to customers, and Kobo has jumped on board with the technique using their new Daily Deal campaign.

While the link will always remain the same every day, the URL will redirect to a new low-priced title.
This format means-- it's not a lot of work for you! 

Just create the link once, and then you're set to have a new deal, every day!  We've provided a banner ad that will fit perfectly on many templates if you'd like to use it.

Daily Deals can be found by clicking on the top banner at

Just be sure to include affiliate tracking at the end!

For example:
If your affiliate ID was ABA-12345, the link would be constructed as follows:

When constructing your link, keep ?utm_medium=web&utm_source= at the end of the URL and replace 'ABA-12345' with your store's ID.

Your affiliate ID is the same as your username for the Kobo Reporting Tool. 
If you are unsure of your log in information, please email

To help spread the word on their Kobo Kids section, Kobo has provided new kid-friendly DIY materials.

The new section of Kobo's website is playfully designed with colorful painted dots, and is sure to appeal to any youngster.

Most importantly, the new section will only display eBooks that are appropriate for kids.

The Kobo Kids imagery is now available in the Designs and Downloads section of

Revenue share for the month of September has been processed.  If your store yielded sales during these months, an ACH transfer from Booksense Inc. will appear on the account provided.  To review transactions, please visit the Kobo Reporting Tool.
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In case you missed it:
If you're looking for information on the new devices feel free to review the archived emails below:
Remember all emails can be accessed by visiting the Kobo Announcement Archive on!

If you have difficulty installing demo mode on your device, please email for assistance. Thanks for Reading!

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