October 30, 2013

Recently, we announced the launch terms for the new Kobo devices.  After a bit of feedback regarding our recent communications, we'd like to clarify a couple of items to our members.

1. The price of each new device is indicated as follows:  new devices


Arc 7:
Aura HD:
Arc 7 HD:

2. Please find the ordering procedure for demo units below:

If you have purchased 12 units or more, you are eligible for a free demo unit.  To request the type of unit you prefer to receive, visit the reporting tool and click on the link to report demo units.  Enter the number of requested demo units in the free column and submit. 

This unit will ship directly from Kobo, please do not purchase an additional unit from Ingram as a demo.


If you have purchased less than 12 devices and would like to request a demo unit, the demo should be purchased through Ingram.Then, visit the reporting tool, and enter the number of subsidized devices and upload a copy of your Ingram Purchase Order.  You will then receive a rebate for half the cost of the requested device.

We also ask that you please utilize the reporting tool for all rebates rather than sending documentation via email.  The reports allow us to track whom should receive funds more accurately than emails from multiple sources. Reporting will increase the efficiency of the process, so that we can get rebates back out to you sooner.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Reminder- 30% Off Sale
Start Date: Wednesday, October 30th  at 12:00am EST

End Date: Thursday, October 31st  at 11:59pm EST


48 hour sale offering 30% off a select group of agency and non-agency titles.  

This is an unlimited use promotion so the promo code can be used as many times as the customer wants.  


Promo code: OCT3030


Link: http://www.kobobooks.com/lists/Saveonthesetitles/CwZQFxv5XUSB-u0PQYRKPg-1.html   



Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 Creative (DO NOT POST UNTIL 11/28/13)   

Web banners and posters are now available for members only in the Kobo section of Designs and Downloads.  Please do not post the sales and price information until November 28!!

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