October 23, 2013
Last week we outlined the launch terms for the latest Kobo devices: the Kobo Aura, the Kobo Arc 7, and the Kobo Arc 7 HD. This week we offer charts to aid in understanding the features of these devices, as well as two other devices that many of you have in-store, the Kobo Aura HD -
the "HD" is the earlier device, which has been in the indie market since August - and the Kobo Glo.

These charts, as well as banners, posters, and product images for the new devices, organized by model, are now in the
Kobo section of BookWeb's Design and Downloads.

Please note that accessories for these devices will not be available at launch.

Kobo Aura: Competitive eReader Comparison
Kobo E-Ink Comparison
Kobo Aura vs. Kobo Aura HD
  1. Screen
    • Size - Kobo Aura has a 6" screen. Kobo Aura HD has a 6.8" screen
    • Resolution - Kobo Aura has a high res 1014x758 screen. Kobo Aura HD is the highest resolution eReader at 1440x1080 and 265 DPI. 
    • Design - Kobo Aura is ultra thin and lightweight with a beautiful edge to edge display. Kobo Aura HD has a bezel that makes it comfortable to hold. 
    • Newest E Ink screen - Kobo Aura comes with the newest E Ink screen that doesn`t have the flashes between page turns and allows readers to pinch to zoom on fixed layout ePubs and PDF`s.
  2. Battery - Kobo Aura's battery lasts over 2 months. Kobo Aura HD's battery lasts up to 2 months.  
Kobo Aura vs. Kobo Glo 
  • Aura is latest E Ink screen with low flash waveform 
  • Aura is thinner, lighter and even more portable and easy to hold 
  • Aura has longer battery life to keep reading 
  • Aura has more on board storage to carry more eBooks 

For more questions and answers, visit DiscoverKobo.com, and create an account for access to training materials for all devices.   

And here is a neat little bit to share with your sales staff. 

Sell it in 30 Seconds:
"Kobo Aura's beautiful 6" edge-to-edge high-resolution display is the latest E Ink touchscreen and comes equipped with ComfortLight, the best, most even built- in front-light. It also comes with Kobo Reading LifeTM, an exclusive user experience designed for Readers, and easy access to over 3.5 million of the best titles available."
Of course, you would add at the end of this, "To support this store, be sure to set up your new Kobo account through the link on our website or through the new device. Let me show you how..." 

Kobo will be conducting two content sales in the next couple of weeks. They will be promoting these sales via email, to its existing customer base. That means your customers will see these offers.

Start Date: Friday, October 25th  at 12:00am EST
End Date: Monday, October 28th  at 11:59pm EST

This is limited time only price drop and multiple publishers are participating. Customers can purchase select eBooks at up to 70% off.

Price starting points: From $4.99 and up

There is NO promo code.
Link: www.kobo.com/octobersale  (customers will go to a dedicated landing page, which will become live on October 25.)

Start Date: Wednesday, October 30th  at 12:00am EST

End Date: Thursday, October 30st  at 11:59pm EST


48 hour sale offering 30% off a select group of agency and non-agency titles.  

This is an unlimited use promotion so the promo code can be used as many times as the customer wants.  


Promo code: OCT3030


Link:http://www.kobobooks.com/lists/Saveonthesetitles/CwZQFxv5XUSB-u0PQYRKPg-1.html (customers will go to a dedicated landing page, which will become live on November 1) 

Web banners and posters are now available for members only in the Kobo section pf Designs and Downloads.

Please do not post the sales and price information until November 28!!

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