A Gift of $20 to the Crisis Center Provides: 
25 items to help restock the Crisis Center food pantry. 

A Gift of $300 to the Crisis Center Provides:
Three trauma therapy sessions for a child.

A Gift of $1,000 to the Crisis Center Provides:
Six trauma therapy sessions for a child and three for a parent. 

A Father's Day Wish  
By David Braughton, President & CEO

I wonder what happened to other men, who unlike my Dad, think so poorly of themselves that they need to prove their manhood by committing acts of indescribable violence towards a woman or child.  It truly makes me sad and, at times, even causes me to despair. And then I wonder what would happen to these women and children if the Crisis Center weren't there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with its doors wide open, ready to offer sanctuary and healing.... (READ MORE)

From Trauma to Transformation: Susan's Journey

Over the course of the next twelve weeks, Susan slowly began to open up about her abuse. Susan and her therapist discussed what had happened to her and how she was not in any way responsible for the abuse... (READ MORE)

Become a founding member of Circle of Caring

Circle of Caring donations will be particularly impactful to those in need of trauma counseling. You see, Corbett Trauma Center currently has a waiting list of people who do not have insurance
or cannot afford their deductible. Asking these families to wait for help because they don't have the resources or they can't afford their insurance deductible is something you can change by joining Circle of Caring......  (READ MORE)
KidsatTheCrisisCenter- MORE GOOD NEWS! -

Donor Profile: Tim Traud 

"It's th
e dedication and passion of everyone at the CrisisCenter.  Staff, volunteers, and donors are passionate to truly help. They're not just happy with the achievements of the past. They strive to find new ways to help people!"   (READ MORE)

Corbett Trauma Center: Where Hope Begins 

What makes Corbett Trauma Center unique and especially effective is the specific focus on trauma. Trauma can affect anyone at any time for a variety of reasons. The consequences of trauma may or may not be evident: noticeable change in mood or behavior, irritability, sleeping difficulty, isolation, sadness, or recurrent or unrelenting anxiety. Many times self-destructive behavior including drug and alcohol abuse can be rooted in the trauma the individual experienced at some point in their lives...  (READ MORE)

Coming Up...

Hope Starts With Us Tours 

Tuesday, June 24th (12pm-1pm)
Thursday, July 10th (12pm-1pm)

Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, One Crisis Center Plaza, Tampa, FL 33613


The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay offers tours for people to learn more about the services we provide to the Tampa Bay community. See firsthand the difference we are making. Join us for a one-hour lunch and tour where you will meet with our President and CEO, along with a board member, key staff and other interested community members.     


For more information and to register, click HERE  



Voices of Men

Thursday, July 17th at 7pm
At Stageworks in Channelside
1120 E. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa
(Corner of Kennedy and Meridian)


An informative and entertaining one-person play that deals with important issues such as sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and sexual harassment. Voices of Men uses humor, celebrity male voice impressions, and video clips to promote learning and understanding.

Most men do not rape and do not abuse, but they remain silent when it comes to speaking out against violence.  If you know a man (or you ARE a man) who supports the Crisis Center's goals to stop violence against women, come to this performance to learn more and get involved.

For more information, Click
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