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Dear Friend of The Crisis Center,

Family in Kitchen This issue is devoted to honoring our wonderful donors. Without you, the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay would not have met 186,000 needs last year. Crisis Center donors make it possible for an elderly widow to receive a daily safety and reassurance call from a caring and compassionate volunteer; a sexual assault survivor to have an advocate providing resources and reassurance at the most difficult time of their lives; a single mother working two jobs to receive financial counseling; and a desperate and depressed middle aged man to find comfort from a 2-1-1 call center specialist. 

These are just a few examples of how your contributions are helping people in our community. Please read the following articles and learn how Crisis Center donors are helping the Crisis Center make our community healthier and happier. 
The Difference You're Making
By Sandy McLaughlin, Vice President of Development

Once again this summer, we'll be enjoying our favorite superheroes on the big screen. Our society loves to see those caped and costumed characters arrive at the last minute to save the city from certain doom.

Sandy 2 Higher  Res
Sandy McLaughlin
I must admit, I'm entertained but I'm not impressed. The reason: because every day I have the privilege of interacting with real-life superheroes who help to rescue people from crisis. In this issue you'll read about one of those superheroes, Monroe Berkman. Monroe is an exceptional man who made a very generous donation to our van transportation service. He, and other donors like him, are my inspiration... (CONTINUE) 

Berkman Family Donation Helps Launch of New TransCare Service

Monroe Berkman Presents a Wheelchair Transport Vehicle to the Crisis Center
Thousands of people in the Tampa Bay area require the assistance of a wheelchair.  Many use a wheelchair transportation service to attend doctor's appointments so they can stay out of the hospital and maintain good health.
Monroe Berkman, a polio survivor who seriously injured his shoulder in a fall last year, needed a wheelchair while he underwent a slow rehabilitation process.  Even with the assistance of his family, Monroe realized that transportation was a challenge. So he and his wife Suzette invested in a specially outfitted van that met his transportation needs.
Remembering Wendy with a Legacy Society Gift

Bonnie McNatt Bush
Bonnie McNatt Bush Joined The Legacy Society after the Loss of Her Daughter.

In Bonnie's words:  


It was early December, a time when most people were shopping and planning festive events, and our family was grieving and planning a 'Celebration of Life' for my twenty-six year old daughter, Wendy. 


For eighteen long months Wendy had fought an extremely rare and deadly cancer. It was her hope that just as she was one in four million to have this rare cancer, that she would defy the odds and be a survivor. That's who Wendy was; optimistic, inspiring and always hopeful.  


At her 'Celebration of Life', collaged story-boards and 'all things Wendy' filled the room. White feathered angel wings hung over the mantle of the candlelit garden center... (CONTINUE) 

Crisis Center Donors Pave Way for Launch of "Pay It Forward"

Car Breakdown for Pay it Forward
Pay It Forward Provides Zero Interest Loans to People in Crisis

The idea of "paying it forward" has been popularized in books and movies through the years. The beneficiary of a good deed repays it to others, creating a positive domino effect that is triggered by the original good deed.

In June, the Crisis Center implemented Pay It Forward, an innovative program to provide no interest loans to working families. The program is a partnership between...(CONTINUE)

Earlier- More Good News! -

Donors Help Teresa Get Back on Her Feet

For FS Teresa Story SP

By supporting the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, you're helping people like Teresa get back on a solid financial footing. Teresa was physically assaulted by her boyfriend multiple times. The brutality of his final assault left her temporarily unable to work, on disability, with no health insurance. She contacted the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and was connected to the Family Stabilization service area...
Above & Beyond the Call of Duty
TransCare EMT's Show Special Compassion
TransCare EMT
TransCare EMT's, Josh Allen
& Gary Downs

Everyone at TransCare medical transportation strives to ensure that every patient receives exceptional care and compassion during their transport. This is an ambitious goal when you consider that last year TransCare provided medical transportation to 28,765 people and mental health transportation to 6,252 people.  
This commitment to excellence was apparent recently when a TransCare crew transported an individual to Tampa General Hospital. TransCare EMT's, Josh Allen and Gary Downs brought in a homeless male patient who was in very rough shape



Coming Up...

Together We Do Tour  

Thursday, July 25th (Noon-1pm)  

Listen to stories about the people we help. See the facilities where we offer healing to clients.  For more information visit:    


QPR Gatekeeper Suicide Intervention

Friday, July 19th (1pm-3pm)  

QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer -- 3 simple steps that anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. For more information visit:


Positively Me: Empowerment Workshop

Saturday, July 27th (4PM-6PM) 

This workshop is created for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and abuse to provide information and encouragement for developing a healthier image of our bodies. For more information visit:


From Soul to Pen: Healing through Writing Survivor Workshop   

Thursday, August 8, 2013 (6PM-8PM)

Writing can be a powerful tool, helpful coping mechanism and a method of self-empowerment. This workshop will explore various positive methods of utilizing writing to heal, cultivate gratitude and empower. For more information visit:



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