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 June 2013
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Dear Friend of The Crisis Center,

In this issue you'll learn ways the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay is meeting the needs of families in our community. From specialized trauma counseling to providing family financial stabilization, we're working with children, parents and grandparents to bring help, hope and healing to families.
You'll also receive an update on recent Crisis Center events including Take Back the Night and Cup of Compassion, plus you'll learn about upcoming events at the Crisis Center. 
Message from the President & CEO
When tragedy strikes one person, the whole family suffers. That's why our Crisis Center trauma response team went to Seffner the morning after that nightmarish night in February when a sinkhole swallowed up Jeffery Bush and destroyed the family's home of 30 years. The County worked on rescue and recovery, the Red Cross provided food and shelter, but it was the Crisis Center staff who cared for the family's emotional needs and trauma...(CONTINUE) 
David Braughton
Crisis Center of Tampa Bay



Families Strengthened Through Crisis Center Parenting Program

Rose is what you would call a "veteran parent". After raising two kids of her own, Rose became a parent to young children a second time when she adopted four kids between the ages of 6 and 11. Her family expanded again when Rose met Jesse, who has shared custody of his three children.


Needless to say, the house is always busy. At any given moment, there are at least 7-8 people in the home engaged in cooking, playing games, putting on concerts, and planning family outings. Even with Rose serving as a dedicated and loving mom, and being surrounded by caring older siblings; one of the children was often defiant and was having severe difficulties managing anger... (CONTINUE) 

Family Turns to Corbett Trauma Center To Heal The Hurt Of Bullying

Muria & Tinisha Nisbett

For a young person, the transition from elementary school to middle school can be a challenge in and of itself. If that same child is the victim of chronic bullying, the consequences can be devastating.


Tinisha had an outgoing personality and was drawn to a group of popular girls in her new school. Things were going well for the first half of 6th grade, but then Tinisha's mom, Muria noticed a change. Tinisha no longer talked enthusiastically and openly about school. When her mom asked about her day, she would now only answer "ok" or "fine".


Although she noticed these changes, Muria was shocked to receive a phone call from the school. Tinisha had told another student that she was going to kill herself. It turns out that the girls whom she thought were her best friends had started to pick on her. She was now excluded from the group and was experiencing daily ridicule on the bus and at school...(CONTINUE)

Crisis Center Steps in to Stabilize Recently Homeless Family

The economic instability of the past few years has been especially difficult for people in the Tampa Bay area. Thousands of families in Hillsborough County have faced severe financial struggles. Many are living paycheck to paycheck trying to provide food, clothing and shelter for their family.


Deborah's situation was just such a case. In fact, things had become so bad for Deborah and her 3 kids that they were homeless and living in their car. Finally, Deborah was able to find a 1 bedroom apartment. Thankfully, they had a roof over their heads, but space was extremely cramped and her family didn't have basic furniture. Her baby slept in a stroller and the rest of the family slept cramped on the sofa....(CONTINUE)

Earlier- Earlier This Year -

Take Back The Night 2013 Turns Downtown Tampa Teal

Take Back the Night 2013
A wave of teal descended on Curtis Hixon Park in Downtown Tampa on April 21st, with people adorned in teal shirts, ribbons, hats and jewelry to participate in Take Back the Night 2013. Take Back the Night is a powerful evening presented by The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay in collaboration with the Sexual Violence Task Force of Tampa Bay. The event creates awareness, empowers survivors, and educates the community about sexual violence...(CONTINUE)
Community Rallies Around Crisis Center
David Braughton, Juli Sparks & Tod Leiweke
The mission of the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay is to bring help, hope and healing to people facing serious life challenges or trauma resulting from sexual assault or abuse, domestic violence, financial distress, substance abuse, medical emergency, suicidal thoughts, emotional or situational problems.


It requires millions of dollars to fund Crisis Center services such as the 2-1-1 call center, trauma counseling, sexual assault services, suicide prevention, and family stabilization financial counseling. A significant portion of this revenue comes through individuals and organizations that donate their financial resources to assure that we are able to continue meeting the needs of our community.. (CONTINUE)  


Artists from Voices of Strength 2013
Survivors Express Artistry and Empowerment at Voices of Strength

On a Saturday evening in late January, The Carrollwood Cultural Center was alive with music and art as survivors of sexual assault participated in a transformative opportunity to raise their voices and express their personal journey of recovery, empowerment and strength at the 3rd annual Voices of Strength: Night of Expression.

Voices of Strength: Night of Expression is presented by the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay through Empowerment Services in conjunction with the Sexual Violence Task Force of Tampa Bay. The event provides the creative opportunity for survivors to express their resiliency and empowerment. This is a night of healing, embracing life and inspiration using artistic expression...(Continue)

Voices of Strength CD Helps Empower Survivors of Sexual Assault

The Tampa Bay area offers no shortage of parties and events to take part in throughout the year, but the celebration at The USF Embassy Suites on April 12th was something truly special. Months of planning, hard-work, and creativity were realized when the Voices of Strength survivor CD was officially released to the public.




The Voices of Strength survivor CD recording is a project of the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay's empowerment program. The CD was developed to empower survivors, giving them an outlet to carry messages of help, hope and healing and the opportunity to support the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay... (CONTINUE)


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