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Consultants to Organizations | April 2013



Last month, we shared part two in our series on leadership based on Paula Singer's recent webinar presentation to the Urban Libraries Council.  The webinar focused on helping leaders increase and maintain organizational relevancy.


If you missed last month's article - or, even the first installment - simply click on the links that follow:


Part One - The Five Practices of Progressive Leaders

Part Two - Self Awareness & Authenticity: The Making of a Progressive Leader


This month, we present the final installment in the series - Emotional Intelligence: The Ever-Evolving Leader. We hope you enjoy the article and, as always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts.


In addition, please see information below about Paula's upcoming work with the Florida Library Association!

Emotional Intelligence: The Ever-Evolving Leader

Emotional Intelligence: The Ever-Evolving Leader 


Everything we've covered in our first two leadership articles (five practices of progressive leadership and self awareness and authenticity), make one thing perfectly clear:


When it comes to leadership, how book smart you are doesn't determine success.


So, what does?
Research over the last decade or so has shown that while IQ is valuable to organizations in many ways, what really gets results, and what's needed far more than smarts or even genius, is EQ or Emotional Intelligence. 


... Click here to read more.

Florida Library Association 2013 Annual Conference:
New Possibilities and Partnerships


Continuing the Possibilities: Succession Planning for Library Leadership 

May 2 at 10:30 at the Hilton in Orlando


Click here for registration information.


Stay tuned for our next issue of REACH for more useful and timely HR and OD news.  

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To reaching success,

Paula Singer, Laura Francisco & Lorraine Kituri

Paula M. Singer, Laura Francisco & Lorraine Kituri


The Singer Group, Inc.


What's New?
  • Lorraine and Paula are coaching leaders to excellence.
  • We are working on culture change, organizational restructuring and enhancing effectiveness with Department in a School of Medicine.
  • Paula and Lorraine are conducting an Executive search for the Salt Lake City Public Library.
  • We are working with large organizations on the east and west coasts to develop competencies.
  • The Singer Group is developing a performance management system to align with a strategic plan for an organization in Maryland.
  • Paula and Tedd are conducting an executive compensation study and developing a performance evaluation for the CEO of a non- profit in Rhode Island.
  • Paula and Lorraine are working with organizations in Maryland and Oklahoma on employee engagement. and culture assessments  
  • We recently completed an executive compensation study for an electronics firm in Maryland. 
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