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Today's leaders are constantly being tested. They're not only expected to do more with less, but to do much, much more with much, much less. In many sectors, this also includes guiding organizations to greater relevance in an ever-changing society.


Paula was recently asked to present a webinar on this very topic to the Urban Libraries Council's membership. In Owning Leadership: It's a Practice, Paula was joined by Jackie Nytes, CEO of Indianapolis Public Library, and Danielle McDonald, CEO of Ottawa Public Library, offering real-world examples.


This month's article presents part one of the webinar, the five practices of progressive leaders, and is based on Jim Kouzes' and Barry Posner's breakthrough book, The Leadership Challenge. We'll be sharing more from Paula's Urban Libraries Council webinar in the coming months, going much deeper into the how-to of becoming a progressive leader, and we hope you'll contribute your thoughts along the way. If you missed last month's issue, click here to read about your organizational culture's impact on recruiting. 


The 5 Practices of Progressive Leaders


Today, many organizations are not only at risk financially, but are at risk of losing their relevance, of becoming the dinosaurs of our modern world.


We can talk all we want about needed change, but unless we have progressive leaders who are willing to think in new ways and venture into new territory, our organizations are likely to stay stuck in the status quo.


So, what makes an exceptional in today's organizational environment? Following are five practices for progressive leadership, each one key to moving organizations forward effectively in today's world:


... Click here to read more.

Need Resumé Help?


As part of our effort to support our clients' missions, The Singer Group is thrilled to be a sponsor of the Maryland Library Association and its stand-out program DEAL - dedicated to the Development of Emerging & Aspiring Librarians. As part of our contribution to the cause, we sponsor student MLA memberships and regularly share information to help students prepare for their careers. Don't miss our latest article Check, Check, Resumé Done!, an eight-point check list for finalizing your resume. Whether you're currently in the job market or not, everyone's résumé can benefit from a little extra polish.


Stay tuned for our next issue of REACH for more useful and timely HR and OD news.  

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To reaching success,

Paula Singer, Laura Francisco & Lorraine Kituri

Paula M. Singer, Laura Francisco & Lorraine Kituri


The Singer Group, Inc.


What's New?


We are both saddened and excited to announce that our colleague and dear friend, Laura Lockard Francisco, has departed The Singer Group for another opportunity. 


During Laura's 16 years at The Singer Group, she has excelled at every turn and we are so proud to have been part of her professional journey. 


Laura, we wish you the best of luck in your new position. You will be deeply missed! 


Of course, The Singer Group views every change as an opportunity for growth, and we're looking forward to introducing you to new team members in 2013, as well as to new programs and ways to help you reach the next level of success.


Other News:

  • We will be developing a performance management plan for a MD Library System this Spring.
  • Paula is working with an academic department in a major east coast university to conduct an organizational structure, culture and effectiveness study.

  • Paula and Lorraine are conducting Succession Planning for a Northwest Library System.
  • Laura is working with a client in the Southwest to implement pay for performance.
  • Lorraine is conducting an organizational study for a MD-based nonprofit.
  • The Singer Group recently joined the Urban Libraries Council (
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