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As the economy begins to recover, public sector employers are still feeling some delayed pain.  Despite this, culture can be a key in allowing hard-hit organizations to continue to recruit the best and brightest.  Read below to find out how! If you missed our last issue on telecommuting and job advice for next gen workers please, click here to read it.

Job Interview

Culture plays a BIG part in recruiting!


This article, by Paula Singer and Laura Francisco, was originally published in the July 2012 edition of IPMA HR News.


As the economy ekes out a recovery, public sector employers, particularly at the state and local levels, are still feeling the brunt of the recession, experiencing historic budget shortfalls while dealing with the rising costs of benefits.  As a result, job losses are still occurring in force at all levels of public sector employment.  Over 2.5 percent of government jobs have been lost since 2009, which, according to the Roosevelt Institute makes that the "greatest reduction in history." More government jobs were lost last year (approximately 265,000) than in 2010 (approximately 221,000).


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National Mentoring Month


Our colleague, Lois Zachary, is celebrating National Mentoring Month with a short online course through the Wiley Learning Institute, January 18, 22 and 29.  Want to take your own or your organization's mentoring to a whole new level?  Click here for more information.


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To reaching success,

Paula Singer, Laura Francisco & Lorraine Kituri

Paula M. Singer, Laura Francisco & Lorraine Kituri


The Singer Group, Inc.


What's New?
  • We will be developing a performance management plan for a MD Library System this Spring.
  • Paula is working with an academic department in a major east coast university to conduct an organizational structure, culture and effectiveness study.

  • Paula and Lorraine are conducting Succession Planning for a Northwest Library System.
  • Laura is working with a client in the Southwest to implement pay for performance.
  • Lorraine is conducting an organizational study for a MD-based nonprofit.
  • The Singer Group recently joined the Urban Libraries Council (
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