Dear Troop Leaders & Cookie Managers,


You're in the final stretch of the Cookie Program! Here are the last few things you need to do to complete the program.


Troop Turn In with SU PSM


Your Service Unit Product Sales Manager (SU PSM) should have contacted you with a time and place for you to meet for troop turn in. It's very important you have completed the steps necessary for a smooth meeting with her/him so you can wrap up your Cookie Program for 2014. If you do not know when your turn in meeting is, please contact your SU PSM.


1.   Complete your recognition order. If you have not done this please reference our last Cookiegram with important reminders and instructions.


2.   Complete your deposits at the bank. Guidelines are on page 13 of your TroopCookie Manager Handbook. It is imperative that you complete your deposits and have an original receipt (write your SU and Troop numbers on the receipt) to turn in. DO NOT BRING CHECKS OR CASH TO YOUR MEETING WITH YOUR SU PSM. It is your responsibility to make all deposits.


3.   Have all deposits, made into the council account, entered in Snap. Remember that you do not need to enter deposits made into your troop account.  If you need a reminder on how to do this please click here.
4.   After you've entered the deposits,run and print the Troop Balance Summary Report. You can access this under Reports/Summary Reports/Troop Balance Summary or you can access it from the Financials page for your troop. This report will show you how many packages of cookies your troop sold, how many went to Cookie Share (if you participated in the virtual program only) and if you have a balance due or owed.
In the Financials section of the Troop Balance Summary Report, you should see every entry you made when you entered your Troop Transactions. If you do not have a receipt for an entry, we will need to verify the deposit at council. Your SU PSM will fill out an Outstanding Balance Report. Proof of deposit is required.



Our Troop has a Negative Balance

If your troop has a negative balance it and all deposits are verified we owe you money back. We will request a check as quickly as we can. The check will be mailed to the troop leader's address on record and should arrive in four to six weeks.


Our Troop has a Positive Balance

If your troop has a positive balance it means you still owe the council. 


1.   You have a parent that has not paid you. Do not pay the balance owed by the parent or you will not be able to have our assistance in collecting from the parent. Bring your signed permission slip for the girl and the receipts showing transfer of cookies to your Turn In Meeting with your SU PSM, along with details on how much the parent owes. Your PSM will help you submit the parent to our collections process and we will follow up with the parent. If the girl has earned recognitions they will be provided and should not be withheld from the girl. Please remember that we never punish the girl and having an outstanding cookie balance is a private matter between the leader, the parent and the council staff. Do not discuss with other parents or the girls.


If you do not have a signed permission slip and/or receipts with the parent's signature on them, or you miss the meeting with your SU PSM parent debt becomes the responsibility of the troop.


2.   You have product left you need to sell. Please continue to sell and make deposits into the council account. Mail receipts directly to council being sure to note your SU and Troop number on them (Product Sales Dept., 8383 Blue Parkway Drive, KCMO 64133). You have until May 16 to complete sales. Cookies may not be sold after May 16, 2014.


3.   Something is missing from your entries in Snap. Review your deposit receipts with your entries and make sure all are entered.


What Should You Bring to Your Meeting


1.   Printed copy of the Troop Balance Summary Report


2.   Original copies of receipts for deposits made into the Council Bank (make sure your SU and Troop number are written on them. For example 111/12345.


3.   Any supporting paperwork needed to support that a parent has not paid.


4.   If you did not participate in our Council Virtual Cookie Share program for Harvesters be prepared to tell the SU PSM how many packages you are donating, where you are making the donation, when and how many girls in your troop earned the Cookie Share patch by selling 10 or more packages for the program. 

Final Recognition Steps


All patches, the bracelet kit, t-shirt and duffle bag - sport tumbler - beach towel combo will be sent to the PSM to hand out in early May.


Gift cards will be mailed to the SU PSM for distribution (Build-A-Bear, Claire's, Movies, WOF/OOF, Sporting KC and Starlight) in May.


Recognitions earned at the 1000+ level, other than patches, will be sent directly to the girl.

If you have a girl who earned Cookie Dough you will need to print out a certificate from our webpage to present to the girl. A spreadsheet with Cookie Dough totals will be sent to you via email the week of April 14 so you can complete the certificate. 
You will also need to print a certificate for any girl earning Coco Key and/or the Zoo Membership. Please print out the applicable certificate under the downloads section of the cookie-volunteer web page and present to the girl.



Wow-what a year! You deserve to celebrate all that you've accomplished, so make sure you have a troop meeting set up for mid to late May so you can hand out recognitions.


We're so proud of each and every girl who participated in the Cookie Program. We hope everyone had fun and that your girls learned a lot about the 5 Skills! Don't forget that if you worked on the Cookie Badges and/or Cookie Pin you'll need to purchase those at our Council Shop or online.


Troop Leaders, parents and girls should look for an end of program survey so we can learn, improve and meet your expectations. Girls should also look, later this summer, for a way to vote and suggest recognition ideas for 2015.


Thank you for all your hard work this year in supporting girls through the Cookie Program!



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