Dear Troop Leaders & Cookie Managers,


It's been a brisk and busy Cookie Season - we know you are just as excited as we are to see girls realize their goals and celebrate their success! It has come to the time in the program to prepare for handling your troop's final financial details. Here are the important steps to have a successful turn-in with your service unit's Product Sales Manager:


CASH: Cash is deposited into your troop account.


CHECKS: Checks are deposited into the council bank account. By now, you should have received your council bank deposit materials (unless you requested in the last week or so). If you do not have council bank deposit materials please ask your Service Unit Product Sales Manager now! She/he may refer you to our email for assistance but check with them as soon as possible.


Some have mentioned that they are depositing all funds collected into the council bank account. While there's no harm in that remember that we will not find out that your troop is owed proceeds until we meet with the SU PSM for your Service Unit, sometime the week of April 14. After we meet with them we'll process the requests and turn in to our accounting department and then they have to go through their processes and mail the troop leader a check. That could take four to six weeks! We'd rather you keep as much of the proceeds you've earned ($.65 per package) up front.


Once you make a deposit at the council bank, you will want to request two receipts: one for your records and one for ours. We want the original receipt. Mark your SU # and Troop # on the receipt-this is important.


If you are using a Bank of America ATM card we suggest you ask for the receipt with images. You may have a very long receipt but we'd like to have it just case.


We do not need a receipt from your deposits into your Troop bank account, nor do you enter those in Snap.

Entering Financials in SNAP


Once you have made a deposit into the Council bank account, you need to enter it into Snap. Please watch this short video on how you do enter a Troop Financial Transaction. After the video review the step-by-step directions for specifics.


The video will show a few steps (like the need to filter or review) that are available, but not needed by our council. At the end of the video there is information on how to use the "Girl Transaction" entry. While you are welcome to use the Girl Transaction fields they are optional for use by the troop. Entering Troop Financial Transactions are required.


And here are step-by-step directions to enter a Troop Financial Transaction:


  1.     Log in to Snap.
  2.     Click on the "Finances" icon. A new screen will appear.
  3.     Click "Add New Troop Transaction." A pop-up window will appear.
  4.     Your Service Unit and Troop number will auto-populate. Choose a bank from the drop down box if you have the option to; most troops will see the bank field auto-populate.)
  5.     TYPE: Select DEPOSIT from the "Type" field.
  6.     TRANSACTION DATE: Enter the date of the transaction (the date on the receipt).
  7.     AMOUNT: Enter the amount of the deposit as noted on the receipt.
  8.     REFERENCE: Leave this field blank.
  9.     NOTES: You may leave blank or you may add a note for your reference.
  10.     Click "SAVE."

If you'd like to see where your troop's financials stand we suggest you click the "Snapshot" icon and then the "Sales" tab. Give it a few seconds to populate. To see a more detailed report, run a "Troop Balance Summary Report" by clicking on the report tab. This is a great place to look for discrepancies, duplicate entries, etc. If you see something you have a question about, contact your SU PSM.


As a reminder, information on transferring cookies to girls and accounting for cookies sold for Harvesters after the initial orders were placed was in our Feb. 20 Cookiegram. Click on the link to access that issue for all steps.


Next Cookiegram: How to place a recognition order and how to wrap up your Cookie Program! 


Thanks for all your hard work!  Just a couple more weeks of the Cookie Season!!




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