Dear Troop Leaders & Cookie Managers,


We hope you are doing well and got a little rest between order taking and our next exciting steps of the program - delivery and booth sales! A few important topics to prepare you for the next steps below:


The Cookies Are Here!

Your troop's initial cookie order will be delivered between February 21 - March 1 to a location secured by your Service Unit Product Sales Manager (SU PSM). If you don't know when and where you are to pick up your troop's order please email your SU PSM ASAP!


Make your pick up go as smoothly as possible by:

  • arriving a few minutes before your assigned time
  • be patient
  • have your car/truck/SUV cleaned out and ready to load
  • have a helper or two with you that can assist with counting and loading


Once you have your cookies it's time to hand them out to your girls, and their parents. Remember that girls must have a signed permission slip on file with you (you'll turn them in at the end of the season so don't lose them) and be a registered Girl Scout.


It's imperative that you use your receipt booklets when you give cookies to the girl/parent. Please make sure you are filling them out completely and having them signed in the proper places by a troop representative and the parent. If you don't have receipts at the end of the program, and you have a problem with collecting proceeds from a parent, we can't help you!


What if you need more cookies?

 Your troop is welcome to continue to sell product through the month of March. You might  plan an additional booth sale or you could have a girl who's just shy of reaching her goal. We will have more cookies for you to pick up! You will use a tool called the "Planned Order Tool" on Snap to request the cookies you need. First, watch this short video to see how you place a planned order.


And here's step-by-step instructions:

 1.      Log in to Snap


 2.      Go to the "Cookies" icon and choose "Planned Order." A new screen should appear.


 3.      Choose your cupboard and the date you would like to pick up cookies from the drop down screens.


 4.      You can add a note in order reference if you'd like-this is optional; our council doesn't use this field.


5.      Enter the number of CASES that you would like to pick up and click "Submit and Save."


6.      A pop up box acknowledging the order will appear. Click "ok" to exit and a new screen will appear showing you all of the orders associated with your troop (your initial, transfers, etc.). If you'd like use the fields at the top to sort or search for any specifics.


7.      Sometime after you pick up the cookies, your Cupboard Manager will complete the "Cupboard to Troop" transaction. You should receive an email confirming the transaction.


Some things to remember:

  • Remember that our Unit of Measure is CASE.
  • Make sure you know the hours the cupboard is open.
  • Orders for the upcoming week have to be placed by Sunday night. That means if you realize on Tuesday you need cookies for the upcoming weekend and haven't placed an order it's too late to do this in Snap. You'll need to contact your SU Cupboard Manager and ask if she/he has any inventory she can transfer. If she/he can't, you'll be referred to the Product Sales Team for alternative solutions.
  • Your Cupboard Manager may call you and say that you will have to delay your pick up; if the SU Cupboard is low on a variety they will have to have some time to get restocked. Please be patient! Remember that every case of cookies we have is purchased and must be paid for. We do not want to pay for cookies that we do not need!
 Transferring Cookies to the Girls - Traditional and Booth Sales

 Troops can do Girl to Girl, Troop to Girl, Girl to Troop and Troop to Troop transfers.


Your girl's initial orders are already transferred to them. But what if you need to assign more cookies to them?


And here are step-by-step instructions for a Troop to Girl Transfer:


1.     Log in to Snap


2.      Go to the "Cookies" icon and choose "Transfer." A new screen should appear.


3.      Choose the type of transfer you'd like to complete from the drop down screens. For our example we're choosing Troop to Girl.


4.      You can add a note in order reference if you'd like-this is optional; our council does not use this field.


5.      Choose the girl from the drop down menu under "Girl."


6.      Enter the number of packages you want to transfer to the girl. You have two options: Quantity and Booth.


  • Quantity is for packages of cookies the "girl" needs to pay for. For example: the cookies you give to her and her parent; they will be returning $4 to you for every package.
  • Booth allows you to give a girl credit for a booth sale. The troop has already been paid for the package at the booth so you don't want to add the cost of those packages to her balance due.

 7.      Click "Save & Go to Manage. A new screen will appear showing all of the transactions in your troop.


Transferring Cookies to the Girls - Buy A Box for Harvesters Cookie Share

 NOTE: If your troop is collecting packages of cookies for an organization other than Harvesters, use the instructions above to assign to the girl. It's your responsibility to keep track of how many Cookie Share packages each girl sold. Do not use Snap to track Cookie Share.


For troops participating in "Buy a Box for Harvesters" Cookie Share you may use Snap to track the number of packages each girl sold. Remember that packages sold as part of their initial order are already tracked.


1.      Log in to Snap


2.      To give the girl credit for additional boxes sold go to the "Cookies" icon and choose "Reorder" from the drop down menu. A new screen will appear.


3.      Enter the number of packages you want to assign to each girl and click save.


4.      Repeat if additional cookies are sold for Cookie Share.


5.      To see a total per girl, go to "Reports" and run the "Summary Report" called "Track Cookie Share." We suggest you change the units of measure to packages before running the report.


 We are here to help - just email us at Thanks!!




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