Dear Troop Leaders & Cookie Managers,


As we wrap up our last week of cookies it's time to make sure we have recognition orders placed for our girls! Some troops completed this step in January and February; as our email out via Snap said we have deleted those orders. A setting in Snap wasn't working and your girls were not getting all of the rewards they earned. ALL troops will need to complete a new recognition order by 11:59 PM, April 11, 2014.


Do not place recognition order until the three steps below are completed:


1.  Make sure you have completed all troop to girl transfers (Girl orders, booth sales and Cookie Share) see how to transfer cookie share now.


2.  Make sure you have entered t-shirt sizes for any girl who has sold 200 or more packages. Instructions for t-shirt ordering.


3.  If you have a girl who has sold 250+ and/or 1300+ packages make sure you know which recognition she wants. Refer to your Cookie Card for details.


Once you've completed these steps it's time to create your recognition order. Here's a short video on how you create a recognition order created by our friends at Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont.


Step by step for creating your recognition order:


 1.  Log in to Snap, mouse over the "Recognitions" icon and click "Create Recognition Order." A new screen will appear.


 2.  Your Service Unit and troop number will auto-populate. Under "Plan Type" choose MAIN.


 3.  Click "Create Order." A new screen should appear.


 4.  You'll see three boxes. On the left side a box listing the girls in your troop will appear. In the middle, a narrow box that includes the girl's name and her total sales. The main box will show recognitions earned. You can review each girl by clicking on her name. If the girl's name is red it means you are missing information for the order like a t-shirt size or the girl's choice at a level. In the center box the area needing review will have a red banner and you can make a choice on that screen. 


NOTE: It does not show the Cookie Share patch even if the girl has earned it. See more on Cookie Share below.

 5.  Click "Save and Exit." A new screen will appear.

 6.   If you are confident you have completed your order it's time to commit. Click the black checkmark under the "Action" column in the middle of the screen. You'll be asked to confirm the commitment. Once you commit you cannot edit your order so be sure you have completed all steps.

Cookie Share:


Troops who participated in our virtual Cookie Share program "Buy a Box for Harvesters:" should be using Snap for the Cookie Share program. When you placed your initial order you entered quantities under a girl's name for Cookie Share. After the initial order you used the instructions in the Cookiegram for continued tracking. Please make sure this is up to date. Patches for the program will be delivered with other recognitions.


Troops who participated in Cookie Share for an organization of their choice: Troops treat these Cookie Share cookies just like regular sales the girls made to customers. It was up to each troop to track this information. You'll be asked for this information by your SU PSM at turn in. We will mail patches to your SU PSM to distribute and will do our best to make sure they arrive with the other patches however it's possible there may be some delay between the two.


Recognitions that require follow up:


Some recognition will require follow up by the girl and her family like Coco Key, the Zoo membership and more. Please look for details on these later this week.


Cookie Dough:


We will send a report to all troops showing what each girl earned in Cookie Dough around April 14. You'll use this report to fill out a certificate that will communicate to the girl how much she has earned and how she can use it. 


Thank you! For additional questions, please reach out to your service unit's Product Sales Manager or email


    Email us!