Happy Holidays Troop Leaders and Cookie Managers!


Thanks so much for attending our training sessions over the last six weeks. We hope you learned a lot and are ready to go for the 2014 Cookie Program! We always look to improve our training opportunities and hope you will take a few minutes to answer one of our feedback surveys below:


1st Year Troop Cookie Manager          2 Years and More Troop Cookie Manager


Troop Cookie Managers Who Did Not Attend Troop Cookie Training 



 Time to Update Your Troop Information to SNAP

Reminder: We need you to log in to SNAP and update your information for your troop as soon as possible. Instructions are on page 10 of your Troop Cookie Manager Handbook. If you do not have a log in and/or password please contact your SU PSM for one. If you don't know your SU PSM please email us at cookies@gsksmo.org and we'll connect you.



Time to Add Girl T-Shirt Sizes to SNAP


1. Log into Snap.

2. Mouse over the My Troop icon. A drop down menu will appear. Click Add/Edit/Delete Troop Girls.

3. Choose a girl from your troop and double-click. A new screen will appear with that girl's information.

4. Choose a size from the drop down menu next to "Default Size."

5. Click "Edit Girl" to complete the edit.

6. Repeat until you have added a t-shirt size for all girls.


Remember: We do not want you to add missing girls from your troop. If a girl's name is missing or misspelled, or if you see a girl listed that you do not recognize email that information to cookies@gsksmo.org with your troop number. It's very important we make sure all girls are registered and registered correctly.


If you need a size larger than adult xxx-l please let us know as soon as you can so we can be prepared!


Independently Acquired Booth Sales

All troops hosting independently acquired booth sales should enter the information regarding the booth sale (location, date, time) so that it can be uploaded to the Girl Scout Cookie Booth locator. This allows customers who are interested in supporting Girl Scouts to find a booth in their area; we direct people to booths with this information as well when we get inquiries at the office. 


Click here for the directions to add independently acquired booth sales to SNAP


Booths obtained during the lottery will automatically be added.


Booth Lottery

For troops in Clay, Jackson and Platte Counties in MO and Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in KS the booth lottery will be open and ready to enter December 27. The booth lottery will run on January 13, 2014. For you to be notified of a "win" you must have your troop information updated! 


Please note that several stores asked us to call back to confirm right after January 1.

If you don't see a location you think should be there, please check back between January 2-10 as we will keep updating.


 Click here for step by step directions on using the Booth Lottery in SNAP


Instead of reading the directions, watch a video to walk you through both our booth opportunities above.


Cookie curriculum and other resources can be found on our cookie pages under volunteers and girls & parents.


Thanks for all your hard work!  If there is anything we can help you with, please contact us at cookies@gsksmo.org.


Have a great holiday season!



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