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Article: Madison County - "Land of Landfills!?"
Feb 21, 2010
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Last June I sent an eNews UPDATE, "Call to Action - Madison County: Garbage Capital" telling about the ongoing efforts to place another municipal solid waste landfill in southern Madison County. It is called the NCL or Bilberry Solid Waste Landfill.

This is not about NEED! How many solid waste landfills are enough?

There are 18 solid waste landfills in the entire State of Mississippi. No county has more than one, except Madison County which already has two. One on North County Line Road (Little Dixie ) with an estimated 17 years of remaining life; and one just south of Canton with an estimated 125 years of remaining life.

This proposed solid waste landfill will potentially have far reaching effect on the development of Ridgeland's newly annexed areas since it is located only one-half mile to the west of the City limits.  See article NEWS FLASH: Another Madison County Municipal Solid-Waste Landfill!

On Feb 1, 2010, the Madison County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a "Special Use Exception" moving the proposed NCL landfill another step closer to reality.  This was even after Mayor Gene McGee, City of Ridgeland, appealed to the Board to allow time for the City to study the request based on the new Ridgeland Area Master Plan.

Click here to see pictures of the area.  Click here to see map of the area.

Several years ago, the Madison County Board of Supervisors amended the County's Solid Waste Management Plan to allow a third municipal solid waste landfill. However, this decision was appealed by Hinds County.  And, the case has been in the Courts for a few years. In 2009, the judge who was handling the case died.

As a result, the Mississippi Supreme Court assigned the case to Judge Lutz and a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, Feb 22, 9AM, Hinds County Chancery Court Building, 316 S. President St., Jackson.  See article HEARING - Will Madison County become the "Land of Landfills!?"

I encourage you to PLEASE notify all your Madison County friends and neighbors of this outrageous decision by the Board of Supervisors, and show up Monday to oppose additional solid waste landfills in Madison County.
Madison County: Summary Profile and Demographic Data - 2009

Click here for the latest demographic estimates and projections for Madison County. This summary is provided by the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District (CMPDD)
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