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Thank you! It's a simple phrase - just two words - but one whose importance we often forget. I recently used it when writing to a fellow NYPCMA member about his help in bringing a fellow planner to one of our events. "It's my job," he said. Yes, but that doesn't make thanking him for doing it unnecessary.


So I want to thank all of you as well, both for doing your jobs and for going beyond the requirements of those jobs. For working the many hours required by our industry and then coming out and supporting NYPCMA. For attending the programs (in person or virtually!), volunteering for committees, supporting our programs, and making a commitment to our profession by being members of PCMA and the New York Area chapter in particular. Your participation in our chapter is crucial -- without it we wouldn't exist.


Soon, the 2010 and 2011 boards of directors will meet to assess this past year and plan for next year. If you haven't already given us your feedback and ideas, please let us know what you want to see next year: what worked for you in our programs and what didn't, how we can help you carve out time for professional development, how we can help you do your job better.


My thanks to the 2010 board of directors, all our volunteers, all our sponsors, and all our members. Thank you!

Karin Sig

Karin Bagnall
President, NYPCMA
Associate Director, MLA Convention Programs

Education Day Debuts Hybrid Meeting

On Friday, September 10th, over 130 meeting professionals gathered at the Hilton New York for the Annual PCMA Education Day for the New York Area Chapter.  The day was packed with quality educational and networking opportunities. The chapter hosted its first ever hybrid meeting as they presented a "State of the Industry" panel that allowed a virtual audience to interact by posing questions to the panelists via Twitter during the discussion on the future of the meetings industry. The virtual audience consisted of 150 registered participants, including a group of PCMA members in Mexico.  Read More ...

To start the day, attendees rotated through various 'Ask The Expert' peer roundtables and shared ideas on a variety of topics such as the integration of social media into events, technology tips on a budget, and healthy and cost-conscious menu ideas. Read More ...

Two concurrent session speakers, Jessica Levin and Roger Rickard, addressed the topics of "Creating Event Engagement" and "Face Time: A Case for Face to Face Meetings," respectively.  Read More ...

There was a lot of energy among attendees as connections were made and ideas shared. 


2010 State of the Industry Panel

State of the Industry panel (L-R) led by Gregg Talley, CEO, Talley Management; panelists: PCMA president & CEO Debroah Sexton; Hyatt Hotels vice president of group sales Gus Vonderheide; Continental Airlines staff vice president of North American sales Monisa Cline; and Microsoft director of event marketing & PCMA chair Kati Quigley.


Event attendees had very positive feedback about the quality of education and the overall event experience. The program committee is already at work developing educational topics for the September 2011 Education Day. If you have ideas, please email the 2011 director of programs Stuart Ruff, at sruff@inta.org.


Social Media

Connect On NY Chapter Social Media Platforms

PCMA's New York Area Chapter keeps you connected to other meeting professionals through our events and newsletter.  Now you can strengthen those relationships and add even more connections to your personal and professional networks by joining our Facebook page and LinkedIn Group as well as follow us on Twitter.

Chapter Links:          Find us on Facebook         View our profile on LinkedIn          Follow us on Twitter

Maybe E-mail Just Isn't That Important ...
by Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, CSPEduc Day Panel

The first sentence of the The Globe and Mail article startled me: "Facebook doesn't want to simply take over the world's e-mail,

it wants to render it obsolete." 


Mark Zuckerberg's follow-up comment to reporters didn't make me feel much better: "'This is not an e-mail killer, this is a messaging system that includes e-mail as one part of it.'  After a few months of using the service, he added, Facebook users may well decide that 'maybe e-mail isn't as important a part as before.'" Read More ...

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Chapter Puts Listening Skills to the Test in New Jersey

By Lisa Boyd, CMPVisit Baltimore
Meeting & Conference Management

On Thursday, October 28, 2010, 54 attendees gathered at the Hyatt Morristown in Morristown, NJ for a "Let Your Listening Skills Do The Talking" session led by PCMA Best in Class Speaker - Al Borowski, Med, CSP, PP (Professor of Positivity). Al, who spoke at the PCMA Annual Conference in Dallas earlier this year, delivered an interactive session designed to assist chapter members in becoming more effective listeners, leaders and committed colleagues.


His objective for the day was to coach us in listening skills.  I'm sure you've heard that "practice makes perfect".  Al challenged this all too familiar phrase with the counterpoint that "coached practice" makes perfect - without coaching, practice just perfects mistakes.

Read More on The 7 Laws of Effective Listening ....

San Diego Student Sponsor Representatives with speaker (L-R): 
Dawn Rockas, SDCVB; Melissa Stiltz, SD Marriott Gaslamp Quarter;
Speaker Al Borowski, Nancy Rosolino, JC Resorts/Rancho Bernardo Inn;
Will Cherashore, The Lodge at Torrey Pines; Amber Levy SDCVB.


    San Diego Orange
Meet Your 2011 Chapter Leaders

On December 2nd members of the 2011 New York Area PCMA chapter board met to begin planning chapter activities for the upcoming year.

Incoming president Amanda Ciarlone conducted a results-oriented session with an emphasis on member engagement through the development of professional resources, program content and volunteer opportunities.

2011 NYPCMA Board Members ...

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President's Volunteer of Quarter
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Is Social Media 2nd Nature 2 U?

Mark Your Calendar


Our first chapter meeting of the
new year we be held at the

Marriott Financial Center

Watch your email for more details.

Network For The Needy
Thanks You!

Your participation in our Education Day drawings
raised over $700 for
The Children's Aid Society
of New York



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Welcome to 53 new members that have joined NYPCMA in Aug/Oct/Nov 2010!

They include planners, suppliers and students. Click here to see Who's Who


NYPCMA offers opportunities for you to demonstrate your commitment to the professionalism and development of the meetings and hospitality industry, as well as access to a targeted audience, to showcase your products and/or services.
No sponsorship is considered too small and there are many ways to co-partner with other suppliers, or even planners, to make your contribution go even further.

There are new opportunities available for 2011.

For More Information Contact:

Tanya Troyer, Director
NYPCMA Sponsorship Committee
Phone: 646-502-0152
Email: ttroyer@omnihotels.com



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Upcoming Chapter Event Dates

2011 PCMA

More than 3,000 meetings industry leaders will gather in Las Vegas for four days of outstanding networking opportunities, leading education and the latest industry innovations. In addition to 50+ sessions that address legal issues, revenue streams, attendance building, professional development and more, this conference will help you build strong relationships with other meetings, convention, and exhibition leaders.  More Information ...

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Volunteers Are World Class
We are proud to acknowledge chapter members that have been selected to serve on 2011 committees and task forces at the national level of PCMA.

"...And I Have To Promote The Meeting, Too?!"
meeting promotion
Quick, and Easy Marketing Tips for the Overloaded Meeting Planner

Molly A. Martinez, Ph.D.
Executive Director,
Ticket Summit

You're swamped dealing with the hotel logistics, F&B specs, event inventory... oh, and you have to promote the event as well! Marketing is a difficult enough task when it's your only job, it may seem a bit overwhelming to brainstorm on a campaign amidst your already hectic schedule. However, there are some quick and easy ways to integrate brainstorming about marketing ideas into your workday by simply making some minor adjustments. Read More ...

4Q Visit Denver

Member Spotlight
M Martinez
Molly Martinez, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Ticket Summit

By Leslie DiLeo, CMP

Every now and then, a meeting planner is labeled a "diva."   Molly Martinez comes by the term honestly:  she made her opera debut in the lead role of Amal and the Night Visitors at age 16.  She realized that she was musical from a young age, growing up in Puerto Rico.  Though she has performed in a variety of theatre, including opera, the role of Amal remains her favorite. "It was quite a challenge to transform myself from a 16-year old girl into an 11-year old boy."  She struggled with the idea of a career in the performing arts, but followed her keen interest in what was going on in the rest of the world, getting her bachelor's degree in sociology and then following that up with a doctorate in sociology from Yale University.  While an undergraduate in Puerto Rico, she put her language fluency to use by taking on a variety of translation gigs.  (She speaks English, Spanish, French and German.)  In Zimbabwe, she served as a translator for the World Council of Churches General Assembly, and was on call during that event to translate documents as well as perform simultaneous translation where necessary.

It was at Yale University that she put her natural organizational ability to use, launching an inter-Ivy sociology symposium for graduate students to present their papers.  She created the symposium for about 100 people from start to finish: the idea, the branding and the logistics.  The symposium continues to this day, now rotating among the Ivy schools.  In 2002, she also created the "Citations," the first a capella graduate school choir at Yale.

In her current role as Executive Director for Ticket Summit, Molly manages two conferences a year for attendees who include box office managers, event producers and promoters, as well as a variety of vendors on the ticket supply chain.  "The conferences are part learning and part networking, and include panels updating attendees on what's going on in the entertainment world: for example, what's new in live events like concerts and theatre. Lots of producers attend, and it's a fun event with a colorful crowd." 

One of Molly's motivations for joining PCMA is to get to know other planners to share and discuss the challenges of the conference industry.  "Sometimes you feel alone until you realize that others can share insights to help you do your job."  She would like to see members share information about events beyond big conferences in convention hotels.  "Not all meetings are large conferences that go into convention hotels.  More people are doing smaller/medium-sized meetings, and those challenges are different." 

Molly is a member of the PCMA newsletter committee.  You can read her article "Promoting Meetings" in this issue.
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Where Is The Next Meal Coming From?

Tanya Troyer, Director, Global Accounts

Omni Hotels & Resorts, New York Global Sales OfficeNFTN Logo 

Bowery Mission

This year's annual  NYPCMA 'Service N Sync' event at the Bowery Mission took place on election night, November 2nd.  With over 80 individual "students" who live there (learning to start fresh with new core skills and faith),and over 150 meals served a night, this mission heavily relies on the volunteers. That night over 100 pounds of potatoes, 150 pounds of chicken and many locally donated prepared salads, sandwiches and desserts were dished out to many appreciative men and women. 


It was a great experience, and very humbling one I might add. Our PCMA team was the best - everyone was eager to help.Members electing to donate their time to lend a warm smile and feed the homeless were: Sal Chiarelli/RIMS, Margret Victor/Rock Resorts-Vail, Mat Davis/Associated Luxury Hotels, Jhana Smalls & Nicole Ward/Sheraton NY, Kiara Caba & Asia Tanner /NY Institute of Technology and Tanya Troyer/Omni Hotels & Resorts Global Sales.


In New York City alone,throughout the five boroughs, approximately 1.4 million people rely on soup kitchens and food pantries. Approximately 3.3 million New Yorkers experience difficulty affording food for themselves and their families. And "The Hunger in America" 2010 report reveals 37 million receive emergency food assistance, which is an increase of 46% since 2006. This means that there is an increase in people wondering where their next meal is coming from.

Consider donating your time at your church or a local shelter. PCMA members, you TOO can make a difference! Time is not the only thing that is needed. Go to www.bowerymission.com to read about the blessing bags that are handed out topeople in need. We are all here to make a difference - what a great way to share your blessings this year!

 2010 Bowery Mission


NYPCMA VOLUNTEERS (Back Row L-R): Mat Davis (Associated Luxury Hotels); Sal Chiarelli (RIMS);  Margaret Victor (Rock Resorts/Vail Resorts);Asia Tanner (NYIT); Kiara Caba (NYIT);  Tanya Troyer (Omni Hotels and Resorts); (Front Row L-R): Jhana Smalls (Sheraton NY); Nicole Ward (Sheraton NY)

Metropolitan Expo

Looking for an ROI from your PCMA Membership?


Join the Membership Committee!

What better way to meet both planner and supplier members than through your volunteer efforts with the Membership committee!  We are looking for enthusiastic members like you to assist in the following ways:

  • Welcoming new members and guests to our quarterly functions.
  • Calling new members to "welcome" them to PCMA!
  • Participate in Membership call blitz's in order to grow the membership.
  •  Contact current members to ensure they are getting the most out of their PCMA membership.

A Levy

If y ou would like to learn more about the Membership Committee or to join,
please contact our Membership Chair: 
Amber Levy at
 646-657-0682 or alevy@lainc.us.


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President's Volunteer of the Quarter


Lynne Nordone, CMP

Managing Partner

Lynne and I first worked together on the Newsletter several years ago. She's gone from writing articles to producing the entire publication. In case you've never put together such a publication for your peers, let me tell you a bit about what that entails. You've got to find people to write the articles, take the photos, make sure the chapter events are covered. And that's just for starters. Once the items come in (and don't discount the effort that takes-getting your Newsletter items takes a lot of nudging), you've got to see that they're edited (some of us are natural writers and some of us just aren't). Then there's the layout of the Newsletter-making sure that everything fits and flows and that you get the news you need about our chapter. And as with all we do, electronic advances don't always make our jobs easier!

Lynne's the one who makes this all happen. And what does she get in return? Well, next year she'll serve as director of marketing and communications, making sure that our chapter gets noticed and you, our members, know what's going on. Yup, she gets to do even more. But you know what? None of us have any doubt that she'll do it as wonderfully as she already puts together this Newsletter. For all her very hard work and for being such a great colleague to work with, Lynne is the volunteer of the quarter.

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Student Member News

by Karla Armstrong

Hotel and Restaurant Management major, University of New HavenUNH Logo

PCMA meetings are definitely one of the highlights of my freshman year at University of New Haven. As a Hotel and Restaurant Management major, PCMA gives me the opportunity to meet other people in the business that I otherwise would not get to meet in a standard classroom setting. I recently got to attend the Gesell Institute Event where I, along with other PCMA student members, assisted with registration, greeting guests, and just being part of the event planning process. As an aspiring wedding planner, attending PCMA events and learning first-hand from those who have been in the business for years, is an amazing experience. As I continue to grow as a meeting planner, I know that through PCMA I will learn even more skills that will help me succeed in the future.


by Zineb Chaabi

Hospitality Management major, New York Institute of Technology


The newly-formed New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) NYPCMA student chapter, comprised of 18 dedicated members, recently elected four officers: President: Kiara Caba; Vice President: Asia Tanner; Treasurer: Mady Silva and Secretary: Zineb Chaabi (chapter liaison).

The students are working together with the co-advisors Dr. Robert Koenig and Dr. James Murdy to create a
solid starting foundation of the association at NYIT. Students first attended the recent PCMA meeting in New Jersey. Also, our student chapter president and vice president volunteered, along with other members of NYPCMA, at the NYC Bowery Mission's soup kitchen Service n Sync event last month. The NYIT students consider it an honor to be part of NYPCMA, and will gladly do whatever it takes to make this year a remarkable one!

San Diego Orange



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Is Social Media 2nd Nature 2 U?

Visit Baltimore
NYPCMA is looking for volunteers to develop our chapter's social media community and relationship marketing efforts.  This is ideal for anyone who is interested in interactive marketing - identifying opportunities to drive traffic and engagement through our social media platforms.
In this role on our marketing/communications committee you will be managing and monitoring buzz in our social media accounts - i.e. LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter.

Experience with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in a professional capacity is required. 

                                      Contact:  nypcma.news@gmail.com
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PCMA New York Area Chapter's main purpose is to represent PCMA on a local level by offering quality educational seminars, along with the opportunity for members to contribute their time, knowledge, and experience through networking and committee involvement to further the professionalism of the meetings industry.
NYPCMA Communications / Newsletter Committee

Director, Marketing/Communications: Lynne Nordone, CMP, LAN/events
Production Editor:  Position Open
Copy Editors:  Leslie DiLeo, CMP
                       Molly Martinez, Ph.D.
Contributing Writers:  Stacey Courtney, Modern Language Association
     Leslie DiLeo, CMP
     Molly Martinez, Ph.D., Ticket Summit
     Emily Nichols, Metropolitan Exposition Services, Inc.
Student Correspondents: Karla Armstrong, University of New Haven
                                        Zineb Chaabi, New York Institute of Technology

Contribute an article and earn CMP application and re-certification points.
Contact Lynne Nordone at