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New Year's is the traditional time for resolutions and restarts, but I've always thought of September as the time to reassess. Maybe it's all those years in school (followed by even more years working for an academic organization), but the fall is when I review where I've been and where I want to go. After a summer of rest and relaxation (well, at least a week or two), it's time to rev up the engines and start moving full-steam ahead.
Our upcoming Education Day is focused on giving you the tools you need to meet your goals as you move back into a full fall schedule. Our Ask the Expert roundtables will include topics on social media, sustainable meetings, international meetings, CVBs, and identifying leaders. We have two concurrent sessions for you to choose from after the roundtables. Jessica Levin will help you create a strategy for integrating social technology into all aspects of your event, while Roger Rickard will raise your advocacy awareness and teach you how to be a successful advocate for your meetings with policy makers.
After lunch, we'll have our annual State of the Industry panel-web cast LIVE! Featuring a slate of heavy hitters, including PCMA's very own Kati Quigley and Deborah Sexton, as well as Mary MacGregor (BCD Meetings & Incentives), Gus Vonderheide (Hyatt Hotels), and Monisa Cline (Continental Airlines). Moderated by master facilitator Gregg Talley, this interactive discussion with live and virtual participation promises an opportunity for all to explore the questions we're asking as we tackle the current crop of challenges our industry faces.
Your NYPCMA board is excited about this event and we hope you'll join us on September 10th!

Help us help you - contact us at new.york.area.chapter@pcma.org with your comments, and possibly even get involved -- let us know if you can volunteer on a NYPCMA committee!
Karin Sig

Karin Bagnall
President, NYPCMA
Associate Director, MLA Convention Programs

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What the Old Spice Guy and Your Executive Presentation Have In Common
(Compare Them!)

by Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, CSPEduc Day Panel

If you haven't yet seen The Old Spice Guy commercial, do yourself a favor. Stop reading
now and watch it. It's a brilliant (brilliant!) presentation laced with benefits and emotion. It engages us not only because The Old Spice Guy is quite pleasant to look at, but because it's
engaging: clever, funny, crisp, clear and, um,
visually stimulating, too.
 Google  VIDEO
Old Spice Guy

Now compare that advertisement with the last presentation you gave, or attended.   Read More ....
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No More Excuses ...

By Emily Nichols
Account Executive
Metropolitan Exposition Services, Inc.

When my alarm sounded at 4:30 the morning of June 8th, I must admit to a certain lack of enthusiasm about attending the New York Chapter PCMA meeting that necessitated the early wake up. Nor was I any more enthusiastic at 6:30 when I departed Philadelphia for my two hour drive to Manhattan. The bold type "No More Excuses" on the cover of the handout for the morning's presentation did not convince me my sleep deprivation was going to be worth it.  I began to envision a generic professional development session long on sound bites and pithy "self help" type advice and short on actual constructive content.  Surprisingly, Sam Silverstein's No More Excuses: The Five Accountabilities for Personal and Organizational Growth proved to be entirely worth the early morning wake up!  

Find Out What Sam Had To Say ....

 Breaking Borders
Chapter President Karin Bagnall, Sam Silverstein &
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Breaking Down Borders

The topics of borders seem appropriate as we think of ways to include a higher percentage of our members in our events. 
 Breaking Borders
Our chapter includes geographic areas in upstate New York, northern New Jersey and southern Connecticut.  This geographic area looks small on a map; comparatively speaking to say the Southwest, Pacific chapter, or the Heartland chapter.
Those of us who live in these areas know better!
We're trying something new at our 2010 September Education Day; we're offering a webinar so that our members in non-Manhattan areas of our chapter can attend.  Depending on its success, the 2011 Board of Directors is investigating how to offer webinars in the future.  Stay tuned for more on this...
Now we need something from you.  We'd like to feature your stories.  What's life like in your area of our New York Chapter region? We'd like to get a sense of your region so we can continue to break down borders and become less myopic. Planner or supplier, student or emeritus, we want to hear from you ... 200 words or less. Feel free to contact Dawn D. Rockas, NYPCMA Immediate Past President with your stories: drockas@sdcvb.org.

Queen Elizabeth Fairmont Hotel2010 Educational Conference

By Stuart L. Ruff, CGMP
Senior Meetings Planner
International Trademark Association (INTA)

Working for an Association means working with lean budgets, especially in the wake of economic downturn. My employer graciously sends me to the PCMA Annual Meeting each year, but there is not money in the budget to attend additional conferences. The recipient of both PCMA and NYPCMA scholarships allowed me to attend, for the first time ever, the Education Conference.
If you haven't attended the Education Conference, take my advice and GO. It is arguably one of the best conferences I have ever attended, offering superior education and networking opportunities.
2011 PCMA

More than 3,000 meetings industry leaders will gather in Las Vegas for four days of outstanding networking opportunities, leading education and the latest innovations. In addition to 50+ sessions that address legal issues, revenue streams, attendance building, professional development and more, this conference will help you build strong relationships with other meetings, convention, and exhibition leaders.  More Information ...
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Is Social Media 2nd Nature 2 U?
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Who Defines Irreplaceable?

Education Day

8:00AM - 2:30PM


It's not too late to join us for a day of networking, knowledge and insight on social media, advocacy awareness and industry experts talking about the trends and challenges we face.
Event Registration...

If you can't attend in person in New York on September 10, please consider being a part of our virtual audience! The "State of the Industry" Panel from 1-2:30pm EST(12-1:30 CST) will be an interactive web cast where our virtual audience can participate and ask questions.


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Tuesday, November 2
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Join in the annual tradition of NYPCMA's Network for the Needy®'s ongoing mission of service
within our community by volunteering to work at The Bowery Mission on Tuesday evening,
November 2nd. The Bowery Mission has been serving the homeless community since the late 1800's, and you can help by preparing and serving dinner, as well as in cleanup. We have space for up to 10 people.  You can sign-up at:  New.York.Area.Chapter@pcma.org

Service In Sync® (SIS) is a national PCMA program encouraging members to come together and give back to their local communities on behalf of the meetings industry.
Our chapter's activities & community service projects are always appreciated by the recipients and always worth the effort -- so please sign up early!



Welcome to 17 new members that have joined NYPCMA in May-July 2010!

They include planners and suppliers .... click here to see Who's Who ...


NYPCMA offers opportunities for you to demonstrate your commitment to the professionalism and development of the meetings and hospitality industry, as well as access to a targeted audience, to showcase your products and/or services.
No sponsorship is considered too small and there are many ways to co-partner with other suppliers, or even planners, to make your contribution go even further.

There are still a few opportunities available for 2010: Meeting Sponsor for October 29 'Best In Class' program in NJ.

For More Information Contact:

Rocco La Forgia
NYPCMA Sponsorship Committee Chair 
Phone: 212-820-1715




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Member Spotlight

Fun Lee
Director of Conferences
Cardiovascular Research Foundation

By Leslie DiLeo, CMP

Fun Lee was born and raised in New York City -- and is a self-confessed "foodie and wino."  When working with food and beverage, she feels very strongly that keeping sustainability in mind is a must: "go local and go green," is a motto that she likes to stick to.   As a food lover, she wants "good, tasty" options for her attendees, and stresses the value of engaging her company's leadership in the actual food tasting process.  At a recent tasting at the Washington, DC convention center, she worked with the in-house caterer to mix up the menu a little to include Asian options, tofu, lentils, eggplant and vegetarian lasagna.
In addition to green initiatives, Fun is like many experienced industry members in reminding newer members that they are entering a strongly relationship-oriented business.  "Mentors have been very important in my career.  You build relationships in this business; younger people coming in don't always understand that.  I see it sometimes in the sales forces.  It's not just about the bottom line; repeat business is very important too."
In her spare time, Fun likes to "bend her passport back," and will be headed to wine country in Chile for a relaxing and active vacation.  She's a fan of Mario Batali's restaurant LUPA, as well as the tasting menu at NOBU.
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Is Social Media 2nd Nature 2 U?

Visit Baltimore
NYPCMA is looking for a volunteer to develop our chapter's social media community and relationship marketing efforts.  This position is ideal for someone who is interested in interactive marketing - identifying opportunities to drive traffic and engagement through our social media platforms.
In this role on our marketing/communications committee you will be managing and monitoring buzz in our social media accounts - i.e. LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter - and will oversee:
  • Posting content and be highly responsive to comments and feedback;
  • Analyzing buzz to make recommendations for action;
  • Implementing chapter marketing campaigns;
  • Increasing the number of member followers/fans to our accounts through community outreach & interesting content.
  • Connecting with and engaging members to help us better understand what they want.
Experience with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in a professional capacity is required. 

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President's Volunteer of the Quarter

Rocco LaForgia, CASE
Director of Sales Worldwide Accounts
Hilton Worldwide

Some people just have all the characteristics you need in a volunteer -- personality, follow-through, contacts, sense of humor, competence, experience, honesty -- did I mention personality? When talking about Rocco La Forgia, that's always the first trait that comes up. But Rocco's more than just a gregarious guy-he's actually got the skills you want in a volunteer. Shoots straight, gets the job done -- oh, every once in a while he's got a crazy idea that you shake your head over; but then, as your head is making that side-to-side motion, you realize it's actually just what was needed and your head starts nodding up and down. The live web cast of our industry panel at education day was just such an idea. Rocco dreamed big and why not? Hunkering down and playing it safe isn't ever the way Rocco's going to go. For being willing to dream big and having the chops to go for it, Rocco La Forgia is the volunteer of the quarter.

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Showcase your company to help others in need!  During September's New York Area Chapter Event we will be drawing chances to win items by donated suppliers and vendors.  If you are interested in donating a night's stay, getaway, spa credit, travel tickets, or your company's service, please contact Michelle James, CMP at mjames@icsc.org for a commitment form.

                                        NETWORK FOR THE NEEDY VOLUNTEERS

If you are interested in joining the Network for the Needy committee, or if there is an organization close to your heart that you would like considered for future donations, please contact Michelle James, CMP at mjames@icsc.org .

Who Defines Irreplaceable?
by Leslie DiLeo, CMP
DiLeo Finish Line
Two weeks into June, my boss called me into his office. "Let's jump right into it," he said.
(After a short preface, he continued.) "As of July 1, the new fiscal year, we are eliminating the position of Director of Conferences." Oh -- the position that I had held for the the last three years. I wasn't shocked (and said so), as the plan at the American Montessori Society was to move to one conference per year in 2011. I felt sad, proud, thankfully calm, and grateful for the chance I'd had to work with a cross-departmental team to plan and execute 6 conferences. Back at my desk, I also felt a surprising sense of relief: when change is in the air but not defined, the tension is hard to take. Once the lightning strikes, you can assess the damage -- and your options.


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