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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! Halloween 2009
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    Fairy Greetings!

    Fairies love this time of year, when according to many legends, the veil between the worlds of the seen and the unseen thins for about 3 days. If you can spend any time that weekend (October 30-November 2) outside in natural surroundings, you may have some very magical experiences. . .
    Seeing children and adults dressing up in costumes, visiting their neighbors, sharing sweets and having fun is comforting to the Fairy Realm as these guardian nature spirits constantly celebrate life in a light-hearted and whimsical way and want to see us just as happy.

    This is also the ideal season to feature our mysterious Fairy of Shadows, Ravanna (aka The Goth Fairy) who is unveiling some special products this month (see below.) As mediator between the light and dark aspects of our subconscious minds. Ravanna dares you to walk a bit on the wild side, to take a step into the unknown and take risks.

    Have you taken our Inner Fairy quiz yet? You may be surprised to find that this mischevious muse is your special fairy!

    This photo is from All That Glitters, a yearly fundraising event for Tampa's MacDonald Training Center. Fairies (from left) Jennifer, Kim and Alyssa were on hand to sprinkle fairy dust and share Fairy Fortunes. (Fairy Kim is wearing a new Ravanna Fairy Bodice costume!)

    All that Glitters

    Ravanna's Lip Magic
    ravanna lip balm

    Ravanna's Ravishing Lip Magic is as alluring and intriguing as the Goth Fairy who inspired this creation,

    Imagine capturing the dazzling sparkle of a million stars in a midnight sky in just a single stroke of this luminous lip gloss. Sultry brilliance is the best way to describe its effect.






    • ONLY $8.95!!!

    If you are the adventurous type or want to step outside your comfort zone a bit and "walk on the wild side," Fairy Ravanna invites you to experience something very different. You are bound to get noticed!

    Halloween bat

    Here's an eye-catching ensemble for goth girls or Ravanna's pixie helpers!

    Our hand-made tutu in lovely layers of black and peach embellished with orange gems, black and orange rosebuds. This versatile and size-adjustable tutu is tied with a black ribbon and can be worn over leggings or skirt. Featuring bat wings with silver accents and ruby red eyes and a spider web wand with silver strands. Topped off by a black and silver flower and ribbon halo.

    These are going quickly and we have a limited amount of these specially-designed sets at a great price! We also have lots of choices for any number of fairy-inspired costumes and are re-stocking every week until Halloween - stop by the store @ International Plaza (near Mayor's Jewelers) to mix and match tutus, wings, bodices, wands and fairy accessories.

    Fairy Bodices™
    4 bodices

    We just debuted our Fairy Couture last Halloween with our hand-made tutus and this line is in a major growth spurt! Our latest creation - Fairy Bodices.
    Each set (bodice and halo) is lovingly handmade and originally designed within the color scheme and personality of our exceptional Fairy archetypes. Fabrics and embellishments vary, so no two are exactly alike.
    Pictured from left to right, top to bottom: bodices/halos/wings inspired by Fairies Tamara, Esmeralda, Ravanna and Luminara According to lovely Fairy Jennifer, modeling the 4 varieties shown you can't NOT feel like a Fairy Goddess when you wear these ultra-feminine and sparkling creations!
    Note the fabulous fabrics and shimmering shades! When you visit the Fairy Couture page do click to enlarge the individual photos so you can appreciate the incredible details and craft-fairy-ship of each bodice.
    For our Halloween Special many of these original designs will be sold as full sets, including wings, halos, wands and even black leggings (Ravanna &Esmeralda styles) at prices well below their collective values!
    They will make enviable costumes, but also perfect for Renaissance Faires, Fairy Festivals, modeling at home or starting a fairy fashion trend wearing the bodice over a skirt, leggings or jeans. The stretch bodice comes in various sizes ranging from child to adult. Contact us directly if you have any questions or preferences. We will be introducing many more fairy-inspired styles in the next few weeks!

    Fairy Apprentices
    Fairy Apprentices @ Moxi

    Members of our
    FAIRY GIRLS CLUB earn pixie points and prizes, while having loads of fun participating in community and special events.
    These 6 Fairy Apprentices spent a recent Saturday afternoon entertaining, enchanting and enlightening attendees of the 1st annual Women Taking Care of the World Conference and Concert at the Progress Energy Center for the Arts Mahaffey Theater. Sponsored by The International Association of Moxy Women the October 3rd conference themes was Attracting Health, Happiness,Money, Spirituality, Creativity and Fun!

    These young ladies have only just started their fairy internship! Our next meeting is at International Plaza on Wednesday 10/14 @ 6:30 - the renowned Robb & Stuckey furniture store has graciously allowed us to use their community room for our meetings as Fairy Girls Club is part of our non-profit Fairy Line Foundation.

    Included in the curriculum of our next meeting, Fairy Apprentices will receive their fairy training to participate in HALL-O-BOO, a fun Halloween celebration held at the MOSI museum near the campus of USF October 22-24 and at Guppyween @ the Florida Aquarium October 25. Look for us there!

    Would your daughter, aged 8-14 like to be a part of our magical mentoring group and get to spread fairy cheer and "just do good" in our community?

    FEATURED FAIRY APPRENTICES : From left Fairies Kellie and Masha, Susan Collins, Business Development Fairy Godmother of Moxy Women, Fairies Lauren and Maddy and below Fairies Gina and Hailey.

    Ravanna the Goth Fairy 2

    Ravanna is also the Diva of Desire (note her sassy red pumps peeking out!) She invites you to take a tiny step this month towards fulfilling a hidden desire, kind of like dipping your toes in the mysterious mote surrounding Ravanna's House of Shadows.
    Spend 15-20 minutes doing this exercise: Think about something you have secretly longed to explore in yourself; to write a book; go back to school, do stand-up comedy; learn to dance salsa - think about what you would have to do realistically to accomplish this, what sacrifices you would have to make, and how it would challenge you. Most importantly contemplate how you would feel once you had fulfilled this desire. No need to go beyond this step for the time being - just keep in mind that according to astrologer Caroline Casey, "imagination lays the tracks for the Reality Train to follow."

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    Great time to stock up for the holidays. For ever Wizard Dragon Diffuser you buy, you get one free! These would make great stocking stuffers. Boys and girls alike are attracted to the murky mica sparkle and green color. Makes scary things disappear! Natural lemon verbena and moss essential oils transports your to a tranquil place. Great room and sheet freshener!

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    Our beautiful fairy of healing has inspired a beautifully decorated design that will charm you and your little fairy alike! With bold flourishes of magenta and teal and also features hot pink "crystals" at top and bottom. Tulle and ribbons make these very eye-catching!

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    Spend $50.00 or more @ International Plaza or online by November 2nd and we will add a 5.5 oz jar of our Magical Fairy Dew Lotion to sparkle up your life! One of Fairy Line's original products, this safe natural glitter can be used on hair, face, around eyes. It never clumps or flakes and is fragranced with essential oils. Take advantage of this offer - these make great gifts!

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