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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! May 2008
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  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Greetings!

    Last summer our lovely goth fairy, Ravanna, teased us a bit by making her entrance into The Fairy Line as a popular sparking tattoo and room decal image. She hung out in the shadows for many months, reluctant to reveal her many mysteries until now, as we debut her gorgeous and exotic wings and feature her mission and unique Fairy Therapy.
    As we explore Ravanna's deep and dark realms this issue, I'd also like us all to contemplate the effects of fearful thinking on our life experience. The influence we have on our children -- and others who look to us for guidance -- is very much colored by the degree that we allow ourselves to be carried away by the negative messaging that surrounds us every day in this fast-paced and chaotic world.

    Consider this clever axiom from writer and astrologer, Caroline Casey:
    Imagination lays the tracks for the Reality Train to follow.
    Imagination that is given free reign to entertain all sorts of negative scenarios, but rarely takes a dip into the ocean of unlimited possibilities, is one that is very susceptible to fear.
    Do you remember a few years back how we were being primed for a deadly worldwide epidemic? That bird flu kind of flew past us, didn't it? All that needless fear and energy-draining adrenalin rushes, for nothing - like Y2K, another "non-event" a few years before. There will ALWAYS be something that can capture your imagination and fill you with fear, but you don't need to buy into all of the doom and gloom that is being broadcast!
    Fairy Hint: Imagination that takes frequent forays into the land of dreams and wishes lays tracks that would transport us in a far more hopeful destination. (And you will make such a marvelous role model for people who look up to you!)

    Do come and visit our Enchanted Fairy Forest , newly designed by Fairy Ashley @ International Plaza! outside of Mayor's Jewelry. This is Customer Appreciation Month so let us brighten your day with fairy whimsy and joy
    Until next month, Fairy Blessings!

    Kiosk new look 2

    Lockets collage

    Just in time for summer our first Fairy Lockets have arrived and already a sensation at our retail location. With ample double space for storing photos of your loved one, this newest creation of The Fairy Line features your favorite fairies shimmering and glimmering (the photo doesn't adequately capture the neat glitter effect!) on a heart-shaped locket that has a secure clasp on the right.
    Shiny and well-made silver-tone on brass, the locket hangs on a 19.5 inch chain. Bright logo packaging makes this a very special keepsake for the special little Fairy in your life.

    Featured Fairies - clockwise starting from the right: Sephira, the Dreamtime Fairy; Luminara, the Snow Fairy (with cool snowflakes!); Queen Isabella of the Rainbow; (2 beautiful fairies as samples of inside space); Bellafonte, the Furry Fairy; Florentina Nightingale, Fairy of Healing and Compassion; and Gabriella, the Fairy of Friendship.
    My Fairy Locket - Atttractively priced at $14.95 each

    Ravanna the Goth Fairy 2

    Fairies are nature spirits and guides to help us enrich our imagination; Ravanna is your the guide to those unknown and unexplored aspects of your subconscious beliefs and desires.
    She closely related to the "Shadow" archetype of Jungian psychology. Archetypes are universal symbols of the infinite variety of human and superhuman experience. She teaches us that when we give expression to darkness and hidden desires in a healthy way, we are less likely to be consumed by them.
    This mischievous minx dares you to walk a bit on the wild side, to take a step into the unknown and take a risk. If truth be told, some of those dares don't always turn out so well, plunging us to the depths of despair. Yet -- when we bounce back, haven't we discovered something new about ourselves? Don't we feel more empowered by having taken that risk and lived to tell the tale? Isolating a bit from the world, delving into some dark times is not a bad thing, provided we find our way back into the light.
    Ravanna is also about balance between light and dark; She is the mediator between the visible, tangible world and the invisible dimension of "faerie" where anything we imagine can be brought into being, provided we have the commitment to see it through. Watch for new Ravanna-inspired products to be introduced over the next few months.

    Ravanna wings 1

    Inspired by our sultry and mysterious Fairy of Shadows, our talented Fairy Lindsey Adams is proud to debut the first in her custom-designed wings. These are jumbo sized, measuring 30 inches long and width (side to side) over 34 inches.
    The colors of green and purple are gorgeously blended with bright jewels and black tulle. Violet and plum ribbons float down from the yellow jeweled star in the center. Those are authentic peacock feathers crowning the centerpiece!
    Our Goth Fairy wings are ideal for anyone wanting to make a fashion statement! Fairy Lindsey likes to wear them to the local goth castle. The dancers love it when she sprinkles them with our sparkling Fairy Dust.

    FAIRY ALERT: We will be featuring Luminara's Lovely wings and Fairy Bellafonte, the Furry Fairy's puppy wings next month!

    Ravanna decal2

    Ravanna is also the Diva of Desire (note her sassy red pumps peeking out!) She invites you to take a tiny step this month towards fulfilling a hidden desire, kind of like dipping your toes in the mysterious mote surrounding Ravanna's House of Shadows.
    Spend 15-20 minutes doing this exercise: Think about something you have secretly longed to explore in yourself; to write a book; go back to school, do stand-up comedy; learn salsa - think about what you would have to do realistically to accomplish this, what sacrifices you would have to make, and how it would challenge you. Most importantly contemplate how you would feel once you had fulfilled this desire. No need to go beyond this step for the time being - just keep in mind that "imagination lays the tracks for the Reality Train to follow."


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