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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! Labor Day 2009
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  • Inner Fairy Finder
  • Focus in a Bottle
  • FGC launch 9-17-09
  • The 100th Monkey
  • Fair-apy™ Butterfly Love
  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Greetings!

    Hope all of you are enjoying the long weekend and last official holiday of the summer! We postponed this newsletter a bit so that we could debut our long-anticipated (and much needed!) new home page for www.fairyline.com. After reviewing feedback/suggestions from our fans, we came up with a new distribution of categories, which should make it much easier to navigate the site and find your favorite products.

    Social Media Fairy Cortney has added many cool features to our new home page, including an event calendar, Youtube icons, links directly to our Facebook/MySpace/Twitter pages. She also automated the Inner Fairy Quiz (see article below), created a link for directly subscribing to our newsletter and many other "high tech" features. Talented graphic artist, Maja Galic, designed most of the home page. This is a work in progress, so please do send us your feedback and ideas for further enhancements by responding to this email and I will happily send you a discount coupon with a free gift offer, to be used either online or at our store.

    This month I included one of my favorite archived articles, The 100th Monkey - hope you enjoy the message. (and multi-talented Cortney created the Monkey Fairy icon for this article!)

    Now that school is in gear and fall is here we have an ever-growing event calendar filled with programs that we hope will bring joy and happiness to thousands of children and adults. Our company motto is "Just Do Good." To that end we dedicate 25% of our operating budget to community outreach programs designed to enchant, inspire and empower - from hospital visits (photo below) to fairy tale readings at schools, libraries and after-school programs. Contact us if you would like the Fairy Girls of Tampa Bay to come out to your event.

    Wishing you a fairy fabulous fall!

    shriner's LJ

    Inner Fairy Finder
    3fairies tag

    As a child your imagination was boundless and you believed in unlimited possibilities. Within your psyche is an inner fairy. She represents the unique and magical way you bring joy into the world. She holds the key to your innate potential for creativity. Like the Muses of ancient Greece, the Inner Fairy rekindles your sense of magic and broadens your imagination.

    By tuning into your Inner Fairy you receive her inspiration and guidance.

    For those of you who haven't taken our Inner Fairy Quiz, it should be fun and easy now with the automated app installed by Fairy Cortney. And if you have done this before, we have added 10 new fairies - now there are 24 total! Sometimes our "inner fairy" shifts and changes as we go through different phases of our life, so always a good idea to re-take the quiz from time to time. Join the discussion on our Fairy Line Naturals Fan page on Facebook and let us know - who is YOUR inner fairy?

    Focus in a Bottle
    better drama spray

    Here's a simple coping tool that can help you break the stress habit and increase your focus and concentration - Fairy Phoebe's Drama Queen Diffusing Mist. Cute name, but what happens to our minds and bodies when we stress out is anything but fun.
    Stress is a habit - a behavioral pattern that has become ingrained through repetition, making it harder for us to stop those negative mind/body reactions, once they take over. This is what Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence calls a "neural hijacking." The neural pathways in the brain tend to take us down the same path, continuously - until we break the cycle.

    Just grabbing this mist when you feel the stress response coming on and spraying a few times over your head can short circuit the neural takeover! That simple act, combined with the sophisticated blend of natural essential oils (peppermint for focus and concentration, bergamot for mood-altering and relaxation) will have a profound effect on your brain chemistry. There's also a whimsical poem on the label that, if you take a moment to read out load, will put a smile on your face and remind you not to take yourself so seriously.
    Here are a few other phenomenal uses for this Magical Natural Science product:

    • Excellent to use before studying as the peppermint makes you more alert
    • Spray before a workout to increase your focus and drive
    • Spray down after a workout to refresh yourself with the soothing witch hazel base
    • Keep one in your office to deal with the little aggravations of the day - share with co-workers!

    See our 2 for 1 special this month on this product - definitely one of my favorites!

    FGC launch 9-17-09

    We recently did a fun Fairy Tea Party event at this adorable cafe in Westchase (pictured) last month and the owner has graciously offered this space for our very first "official" meeting on Thursday, 9/17.

    Cupcakes!Cupcakes! is where we will discuss the specifics of our first FGC 10 week program. This meeting should last about 1.5 hours.

    Fairy Girl's Club is a Magical Mentoring Program for girls 8-14 years of age where they will learn to live a more meaningful, magical existence through enlightening lessons, exciting adventures, charitable missions, interactive website, and lots of Fairy Fun activities, crafts, games and good deed projects! Classes will meet once every 2 weeks and locations will vary. We will be opening more of these Clubs in a variety of locations around the Tampa Bay area and eventually around the US.

    Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED on the first class as Moms are also invited to be present -- and already filling, so PLEASE send an email or call 813 962-4901 to reserve. Cupcakes! Cupcakes! is located at 12219 W. Linebaugh Ave.Tampa, FL 33626.
    Owner Jeannie Nichols is offering a 20% discount to attendees that night to sample her fairy fantastic treats!

    The 100th Monkey

    Have you ever heard the theory of the 100th monkey?
    In the 1950's biologists and anthropologists were studying the behavior of a species of monkeys that live on some of the outlying islands around Japan. In order to gain the confidence of the monkeys and get close enough to study their behavior, the scientists would place sweet potatoes on the beach. The monkeys adored these moist potatoes (called batatas), but disliked the sand clinging to them. One day an adolescent female monkey (about eighteen months old) on the island of Koshima, solved this problem by washing her batata in fresh spring water.
    She taught the "trick" to her mother, and then to her playmates, and over a period of time most of the monkeys on the island learned to wash their batatas to get rid of the sand. At this point perhaps 99 monkeys had been trained in this behavior. One day the 100th monkey learned how to wash his batata. By the next day every single monkey on the island of Koshima was doing this - even the ones who lived a bit more isolated from the others and had never witnessed a demonstration.
    But what was particularly astonishing was that this new behavior was suddenly observed in the populations of these same species of monkeys on the other islands. Every monkey in the remote outlying islands was washing away the sand on their sweet potatoes without ever having been taught how to do it!

    Critical Mass
    The number 100 may not be exact, but the theory of critical mass evolved from this study: That once a certain number of a species learns a new behavior and that number reaches a critical mass, it can spontaneously be transmitted to all members of the species. This was very encouraging to metaphysicians and philosophers, who envisioned a time that a significant percentage of the human species, having learned to live with one another peacefully and harmoniously, would reach a critical mass and transmit this behavior to all of humanity. I first learned about this study about the time I opened my private practice in LA in the mid-80's. I so enthusiastically embodied the ideal of the 100th monkey, that whenever I treated a new patient I would think "maybe this is the 100th monkey. Maybe if he or she can learn to take responsibility for the state of the world and make the appropriate inner changes, the world will become a better place."
    One day I made an important discovery: I AM THE 100TH MONKEY!

    Taking Responsibility
    And if I am the 100th monkey, that would mean that every change I make in myself can have an impact on the world. This realization was a turning point in my own journey as I began to take more responsibility for the circumstances of my life, rather than attributing misfortunes to bad luck or someone raining on my parade. Taking responsibility isn't about being at fault or blamed. It's a conscious recognition that we had to play some role (even if only the tiniest little part!) in the circumstances that we find ourselves involved in; And not only in our personal dramas, but also in the overall condition of the planet.
    If we can't stand the hate and hostility that seem to prevail now around the world, why not examine our own petty resentments and unwillingness to bend in our beliefs. If we are bothered by growing world-wide pollution and environmental destruction, could it be a reflection of the contaminated thoughts and feelings that persist in our psyches? If terrorism is an issue, what about how we allow our own inner fears and judgments terrorize us? Do we expect things from our children that we are unwilling to change in ourselves?
    Who's the 100th monkey?
    Everyone is the 100th monkey.

    Fair-apy™ Butterfly Love
    Brenda's butterfly

    Ever have days when it's difficult to get out of bed, whether you're struggling with resistance, fatigue, or just plain not wanting to be where you have to be? I certainly know that feeling, so here's a simple technique that has helped me along on those mornings:
    With your eyes closed, breathe deeply several times, as you allow any resistance, anger, frustration, or sadness to rise to the surface, as if it were coming through the pores of your skin in an invisible layer. Now - imagine that a flock of brilliantly colored butterflies is hovering over you and gently lifting away that unwanted layer and taking it far away.
    There still may be work to do with uncovering the source of what bothers you, but this technique will get you on your way, feeling lighter and brighter, to face your day!

    Editor's Note: This lovely butterfly image compliments of Fairy Brenda Bradley, a nature lover and inspired photographer.

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