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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! July 2009
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  • Fairy Girls Club!
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    Fairy Greetings!

    We are having a super busy summer with our Fairies appearing everywhere these days, hospitals, art shows, charity benefits, museums, summer camps, theaters (come see Peter Pan @ the Masque Theater!) We hope to get a schedule up soon so that you can come and hang out with the Fairies!

    One of our favorite activities is having a Fairy Tea Party with the kids at the local hospitals. Having run out of space in our links area below, here are 2 separate links to some local TV coverage. To view them, you can cut and paste in your browser and select your media player:



    Our first Fairy Therapy certification workshop was held here in Tampa earlier this month. They were a wonderful and inspiring group to work with! The certification program to become a Professional Spiritual Counselor is an 80 hour program, with most of the assignments being self-study. The 20-hour "hands-on" workshops are now scheduled in different cities - you can check the 2009 calendar @ www.fairytherapy.com for more information. The next one in Tampa is October 10-12. I hope you will be able to participate!

    Here are 3 of our future Fairy Therapists showing off the fairy craft we had for this workshop, decorating a frame that has a picture of their "inner fairy" From left: Fairy Catherine (the author of the article below); Fairy Daniela and Fairy Jennifer.

    Wishing you a magical summer!

    Fairy Therapy group 1

    More than "Just Wings!"
    kiosk side view

    by Fairy Catherine St. John
    Fairy Team Leader

    As people walk through the mall past the Fairy Line Naturals' kiosk, children and adults cannot help seeing the vast selection of wings and tutus on display and are often drawn into the element of play and dress-up that is apparent there. Searching for the perfect pair of wings that suit their fancy, people will frequently ask our staff Fairies, "So what is it you've got here, just wings?"

    What most do not realize at first glance is that there is a much deeper meaning and purpose -- not only to our products, but the entire mission of Fairy Line. We are here to help children and adults alike, integrate with their imaginations and overcome fears, all while having a little fun with the fairies.

    Creator of Fairy Line Naturals, Dr. LindaJoy Rose, takes a truly holistic approach to the business, which is apparent in all of our products, philosophies and services: Beginning with the fairies - there are common archetypal nuances associated with each of them; They are playful, airy, lighthearted, magical beings - and sometimes even a little mischievous! Seeing a fairy image or hearing a fairy tale makes most of us smile, and revert back to a time in childhood where we were so readily able to believe and eager to play. Furthermore, each of our fairies has a specific assignment here on Earth and lessons to teach us, and the products that they represent embody those teachings. Utilizing the concept of "Magical Natural Science," Dr. Rose integrates the power of suggestion, with all natural products, and the well-established science of aromatherapy, to help you and your loved ones live a healthier, more joyous and peaceful life.

    So the next time you come in to visit us, ask your friendly staff fair-apist to give you a guided tour of the kiosk and teach you all of the different ways that the fairies may lighten and brighten your day!

    Social Media Fairy
    Social Media Fairy

    We are delighted to introduce our multi-talented new Social Media Fairy - Cortney Rae Cameron. Cortney, a student at Duke University in NC, is contemplating a major in either visual arts or psychology, but I would venture to say that this brilliant young woman will have many doors and opportunities open, as she is extremely versatile. An accomplished artist, writer, inventor, techno savvy and creative worker, she is also a compassionate "fairy soul" who is devoted to getting the message out to the multitudes about the magic of the fairy realm.
    I became acquainted with Cortney as a fan of her website, www.fairyguide.com, an information source for "all things Fae." When asked what inspired her to to create this fabulous site, she told me about growing up in rural North Carolina and catching fireflies with her father, who told her about the Firefly Fairy. Years later she decided to paint a firefly fairy as a tribute to her father, who passed away just a few years ago. She described her process:.
    "After painting the firefly fairy, I thought, "Why stop there?" I kept creating additional fairies, so in November 2008, I decided to make an online archive of all of the different species of fairies. I started Fairy Guide with the intentions of building a premier fairy information website - an enchanted fairy realm on the internet -- complete with interviews, fairy art and artist profiles, craft tutorials, news, and hints for spotting the fae! Recently, I also added a fairy-themed URL shortener and a fairy webmail site."
    As Social Media Fairy, Cortney is building our fan presence on Facebook, Twitter, My Space, building relationships with our current customers and extending our fan base world-wide. "By spreading the word with informative articles, I want to help people see what a fantastical experience Fairy Line offers --people get wonderfully unique products and Fairy Line gets loyal customers. It's a win-win situation! "

    Baby Tutu Gift Sets!
    baby tutu set 1

    Meet our newest fairy - Baby Fairy Unomi, showing off her Fabulous Fairy Couture.

    Great gifts for baby showers or toddler birthdays, these fairy fashion items are very reasonably priced! You can mix and match a tutu with a coordinating flower or butterfly design with one of our adorable baby/toddler wings. These sets will fit kids up to 4 years of age. We also have tutus that fit girls up to 10 years of age. Your Sales Fairy will be happy to mix and match an ensemble for you. Lots of vibrant colors to choose from: Pink, Hot Pink, Lavender, White and Lime Green..

    We also have gift sets of tutu, headband and wings packaged with a matching boa dusting wand, a packet of Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams and a Magical Dream Keeper for only $39.95! (A savings of $9.00 if purchased separately) The ideal, no hassle, one-of-a-kind gift for the fairy baby in your life.

    Fairy Girls Club!
    Fairy Girls club logo

    A Magical Mentoring Program for Girls 8-14

    FAIRY GIRLS CLUB inspires participants to express their inner fairy--their unique spark of creativity-and live a more meaningful, magical existence through enlightening lessons, exciting adventures, charitable missions, interactive website (coming soon!) and lots of Fairy Fun activities, crafts, games and good deed projects!

    FAIRY GIRLS develop self-esteem and valuable life skills like teamwork, philanthropy, emotional intelligence and environmental awareness as they explore new worlds, meet like-minded friends and expand their knowledge. Participants are encouraged to cultivate their own unique gifts and talents and may earn royalties and/or scholarships for excellence.

    We are starting "officially" in the fall here in Tampa and this summer are having a few introductory meetings. Call 813 962-4901 if you'd like to enroll your daughter or reply to this email.
    FAIRY ALERT: Graduates of the Fairy Therapy Certification program can become Facilitators of Fairy Girls Clubs; You can start chapters where you live!.

    Here's an example of the cool things we do in FGC - our charter group had input as to the name of our new baby fairy (above) and they got to test market a new product line called "Glitter-on-the-Go!" along with their Moms.

    Fair-apy™ Culture Power
    Arianna with b/g

    In the Place Before Time all of the fairies were invited to choose their assignment on Earth. Fairy Arianna The Gypsy Fairy decided that she would be a carefree spirit, wandering the globe and experiencing endless variations of scenery, places and people -- always open, always learning.

    This summer why not have a Family Culture Week? Try food from different countries each night, rent some foreign films or travelogues to watch as a family, learn a few words of a new language. Have a lively discussion about what it would be like to live in a different culture/country.

    Arianna's "Glitter-on-the-Go" a roll-on "fairy-peutic" moisturizing mica shimmer perfume. This one was the favorite of the 8 varieties in our test market -- Stay tuned!

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