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 Planning Commission Streamlines

 Planning Process to

 Boost Economic Opportunities    

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Planning to Reach Our Economic Potential has been our focus in recent issues of The Weekly Planner.  A series of economic development studies recently conducted by the Planning Commission has been highlighted.  We will close out the 2011 calendar year and the series next week with a look at a Strategic Plan for Economic Growth.  But effective planning is not just about conducting studies, it's about taking action through decisions made by our Planning Commissioners and our elected officials in each jurisdiction to boost our economic opportunities and improve our quality of life.Opportunity Ave & Knocking St sign


This week, the Planning Commission took clear action by streamlining the planning process to maximize and expedite local economic development opportunities.  At the December 12th meeting of the Planning Commission, a resolution to consolidate the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Procedures Manual for Unincorporated Hillsborough County and the Cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace and Plant City passed unanimously.  This monumental decision reduces the cost of plan amendments for both the taxpayers and the applicants.  The simplified Procedures Manual is far more user-friendly and reduces the length of the overall process.  To put it simply, this planning decision reinforces that Hillsborough County is open for business!

 consolidating 4 jurisdictions

Out with the old legalese and in with the new ease of use, as the consolidated Procedures Manual focuses on what the applicant needs to know.  By combining four manuals into one, those in the economic development business will be able to navigate their way around the procedures anywhere in the county with ease.  The taxpayers will enjoy the reduced costs of a streamlined process that requires the applicant to postcutting costs required signage and mail required notices.  Legal advertisement requirements have been reduced before Planning Commission public hearings to cut those costs in half.

Planning Commission planners coordinated with their counterparts and attorneys in the county and three cities to build a consensus on how to meet the needs of each jurisdiction while standardizing the format and requirements.  The new Plan Amendment Procedures Manual reflects recent state legislative changes, allowing for quarterly application submissions for each jurisdiction (rather than the just twice per year cycles available previously) and reduced state agency review times and oversight.


By simplifying the process to make it easier people to understand, businesses will recognize that they can get things done in Hillsborough County.  Speeding up the process will boost our economic opportunities that much sooner.  More efficiency in the planning process will help us keep the focus on creating great places that serve our community and support our vision and values.  The decision made this week (if approved by each government) will continue to improve our quality of life and attract economic generators to our region now and for the next generation. 


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Partnering For The Future Workshop -- May 6 2011Partnering For The Future Workshop -- May 6 2011

 What Does a Baby Alpaca have to do with Community Planning?     

Tommy the 3-day old Alpaca conferring with Tom Aderhold about the fine points of ranching in Keystone
Tommy the 3-day old Alpaca conferring with Tom Aderhold about the fine points of ranching in Keystone.

Everything... if you're from the Keystone-Odessa community.  On December 12th, the Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on the Update of the Keystone-Odessa Community Plan.  The Keystone-Odessa Community worked together on their Plan at more than 20 meetings and two Open Houses.   As a group representing diverse community interests, the citizens took great pride in a very productive process and how far they've come.  Building a consensus in many areas and recognizing differences in others, as they listened to each other and learned from one another. 


But what united the group was the passion for the 'brand' or rural lifestyle in the Keystone-Odessa community.  Pictured on the left is Tommy, the newest member of the large Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch herd, located on Tarpon Springs Road.  Beyond the alpaca ranch are stunning lakes and wellfields that serve the Tampa Bay region.  This diverse community boasts many other natural uses, including a wide variety of nurseries, tree farms, equestrian stables and large tracks of ELAPP properties.

Young scouts from the Keystone-Odessa Community attend the Community Plan Public Hearing. 

Preserving the natural assets and the character of their community was paramount to the wide variety of citizens that came to the Public Hearing... from young scouts to community elders.  A young college student home for the holidays from Gainesville was among the speakers before the Planning Commission describing how much he treasured life growing up in this community, and how his friends always wanted to come to his home to hang out.


The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the Update to the Keystone-Odessa Community Plan to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).   The next step will be to adopt the proposed changes as part of the Hillsborough County 1st Cycle of 2012 Comprehensive Plan Amendments.  In 2012, the BOCC will hold a workshop on January 11th at 1:30 p.m.  A Public Hearing will be held on February 9th at 6:00 p.m.


Keystone-Odessa Community Plan Update Public Hearing


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