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from  Bob Hunter, FAICP, Executive Director 

 eNews Issue 2011.28   


 Planning for Dynamic & Efficient Growth 

Robert B Hunter, FAICPWith the recent changes to Growth Management legislation, local jurisdictions have been given greater control and flexibility over their Comprehensive Plans.  With the relaxed oversight from the State, streamlining and simplifying the Plans to clear the way for dynamic and efficient growth reflective of each community's priorities can be achieved more easily.


The Planning Commission, as part of the Comprehensive Plan update process over the next few years, is developing strategies to enhance the efficiency of the land use review process and the Plan's ability to allow for the seamless implementation of the priorities identified by the community.  As noted in the Issue 25 of the Weekly Planner, projects are moving forward that are intended to promote economic growth and to facilitate a more efficient development review process.  Accompanying this, proposals of a new set of Plan Amendments to the County's Comprehensive Plan and changes to the County and Cities Procedures Manuals are being developed by Planning Commission staff.


1st Cycle 2012 Plan Amendments include:

  • Elimination of policies no longer relevant or needed
  • Clarification to existing policies through text amendments
  • Consolidation to establish a single 'Definitions' section


These changes will eliminate redundancies and provide greater internal consistency throughout the Plan.  In addition, a number of Plan Elements have been revised to make them more concise and readable.


Plan Amendment Procedures Manuals -

Ways to streamline and shorten the sometimes lengthy review process is the focus of a current review of the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Procedures Manuals for Unincorporated Hillsborough County and the Cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace and Plant City.  In a collaborative effort, Planning Commission staff and local jurisdictions staff have been meeting to discuss opportunities to take advantage of the flexibility in the changed legislation with the goal of expediting the plan amendment review processes and eliminating a number of unnecessary requirements.


Maintaining sensitivity to environmental, social and public welfare issues as well as land use and economic development considerations are an important part of the plan updates and reviews - a process that will only be complemented and enhanced with greater efficiency as we continue to plan for a prosperous future.


 Keystone-Odessa Community

 Works Together on Their Plan 

Keystone-Odessa Community Plan Open HouseOn Tuesday evening, August 30th, the doors opened to the Keystone Recreation Center for the final Keystone-Odessa Community Plan Update Open House.  One hundred sixty eight people were waiting to weigh in on what is being considered for their Community Plan Update.  This interactive Open House was the culmination of an update process nearly two years in the making, which included 18 meetings and a kickoff Open House event. 


Participants representing a wide range of citizen and business stakeholders, as well as multiple interest groups within the community, had the opportunity to speak with planners to review and comment on proposed changes to their Community Plan, originally adopted into the County's Comprehensive Plan in 2001.


Keystone-Odessa Community Plan Open House

Proposed changes are generally limited to text changes reflecting strategies that have been implemented through incorporation into the County's Land Development Code since the Plan's adoption into the Comprehensive Plan.  Other minor changes to clarify language have also been made.  In addition, participants commented on transportation proposal alternatives to address roadway safety and traffic flow issues within the community plan boundary through a Visual Preference Survey.


Keystone-Odessa Community Plan Open House - Visual Preference Survey 


The final Advisory Committee meeting to discuss the results of the Visual Preference Survey will be held on September 13th.  Planning staff will then prepare a final draft of the Keystone-Odessa Community Plan Update to be included in the 1st Cycle of 2012 Plan Amendments.  Community stakeholders who were unable to attend the Open House who would like to submit their comments or take the Visual Preference Survey should click here to view the materials.  All comments and surveys must be received NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 13th AT NOON.


Email:  hemingway@plancom.org


Fax:  813.272.6258


Address:  The Planning Commission

601 East Kennedy Boulevard, 18th Floor

Tampa, FL 33602

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Planning for Dynamic & Efficient Growth
Keystone-Odessa Community Works Together on Their Plan
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Keystone-Odessa Community Plan Update Advisory Committee Meeting


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Partnering For The Future Workshop -- May 6 2011





Keystone-Odessa Community Plan Open House 

Keystone-Odessa Community Plan Open House 

In accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other nondiscrimination laws, public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability or family status.